Thermal partition walls for trucks

Thermal partition walls for lorry offer the possibility to divide the trucks’ interior in multiple zones with different temperatures. This way, goods with various transportation and storage requirements can be transported together, in groupage. One area can be set to respect the temperature for dairy, frozen products, fruits, and the rest of the space can be allocated for goods that don’t require special transportation temperatures.

The thermal partition walls (thermal insulation panels)  for trucks and lorries are low weighted and they can be easily installed/removed. They take little storage space, staying folded until their next use.

The thermal insulation panels are suited to transport the following sensitive goods:

  • frozen food
  • fresh fruits and vegetables
  • medicines
  • chemicals


  • decrease the transportation costs
  • efficient use of the transport fleet
  • the isolation room’s positioning is flexible, depending on the total volume of the transported goods
  • low energy consume to maintain a constant temperature
  • very easy to handle – 580-760 g/m3

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