The thermoforming procedure consists in heating a plastic foil and shaping/ molding it with the negative tridimensional image of an object.

The thermoformed packaging resulted this way, remains fix during the storage and transport, ensuring stability and optimal protection for the product.

The thermoformed trays can be returnable or one way (single use) and can be produced from many types of material, depending on the application: ABS, HIPS, ESDPS. The fabrication time is short.

The applications of the thermoformed trays are:

  • blisters (accessories, door locking, cables, etc.) – especially for the one way applications
  •  packaging trays for storage and transport (for small parts, bearings, injectors, sensors, different auto components)

For a better ratio quality/ price it is recommended the use of packaging thermoformed trays only in case of high volumes of transported pieces.

They are used in the automotive industry, pharma (thermoformed blisters) and food.

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