The thermoforming process consists in printing on hot a plastic film sheet, the three-dimensional image in negative, of an object.

Generically, this technique uses heat and pressure to shape the sheet of heated material into the shape determined by the mold, or it heats the plastic foils for their transformation into a mold by using vacuuming. Subsequently, through cutting, the resulted parts are separated from the rest of the film.

The thermoformed trays have a specific design, the compartments can be shaped to respect exactly the shape of the product down to the smallest detail, as well as the spaces for stacking or removing from each other without the “vacuum effect”, useful for an easy placement and removal from the transport boxes.

Containers resulting from thermoforming have a low tolerance to deviations, and the shapes are detailed.

They are reliable products that have resistance to breakage and heavy loads.

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  • Lithium Ion Battery Packs

    Twin sheet thermoformed battery pack cases

    The series of thermoformed special packaging for batteries and engines is mainly aimed to automotive sector but may also have applications in the heavy machinery industry.

    They can be used for standard batteries or for the ones used by hybrid vehicles.

    These solutions offered by Logimarkt have an efficient design which gives the possibility to nest them when empty, and resistance to intensive use given by the twin sheet thermoformed material and its production method.

    They are in fact complete mini containers for transport (pallet + lid or pallet + interlayer + cover), produced by thermoforming HDPE twin sheets.

    The nesting possibility increases a lot the warehouse storage capacity using a smaller space, and for the return transport the costs are visibly improved due to the maximization of the number of pieces per stack and the space optimization by reducing the number of stacks.

    Compared to other packaging solution used in automotive, these thermoformed twin sheet containers have a much lower weight relative to their resistance, which means decreased transport costs and an increased level of maneuverability by the operational workers, and their service use is very high.

    The types of packaging offered by Logimarkt and the batteries they are used for, are the following:

    • Thermoformed transport containers for lithium-ion batteries (UN certified)
    • Complete transport encapsulated packaging for batteries
    • Packaging for refurbished batteries
    • Packaging for standard car batteries – the batteries are placed on a pallet, and between the rows is placed a twin sheet thermoformed interlayer which has a special design meant to accommodate these batteries, and the one placed on top has the function of a lid/ cover

    Twin sheet thermoformed packaging for batteries and engines can be smoothly integrated in the activity flow:

    • They can be easily washed and sanitized
    • They have a high stability level when in stack
    • They are resistant to water or other weather conditions – maximum protection for products
    • They can be sealed – increased level of safety
    • They are very resistant to shocks/ vibration – increased level of safety in case of impact
    • They are recyclable at the end of their service life
    • There can be added customizations like logo or labels for a quick identification (including the one for RFID tracking)


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  • Thermoformed blisters

    Thermoformed blister trays

    Thermoformed blister trays have, as the name implies, individual cavities or capsules, in which the same type of products are usually placed.

    The blister is, actually, a thermoformed PVC alveolus, which allows the product to be viewed through the transparent surface of the package.

    They are completely customized packaging, used to transport large series of small and medium-sized parts, which need protection and cannot be packed in bulk. The cavities follow exactly the side of the parts they come in contact with, maintaining their position and protecting them from the tray on top of them.

    They can be produced from sheets made of PET, PS, HIPS, ABS, PP, etc., at the thicknesses necessary to support the total weight of the parts in the tray, but with a minimum of material consumption, thus maintaining low costs in production and delivery transport. They can also be produced from sheets with ESD properties. The trays are placed in layers inside the injected plastic boxes.

    They are mainly used in the automotive, electronics industry, when it is not possible to return the packaging completely, or when the return costs are much too high and would exceed a possible series of new trays.

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  • Standard thermoformed trays

    Reusable thermoformed trays

    Reusable thermoformed trays can be produced in any shape and for a wide variety of products, from small or light to large or heavy products.

    They are used in automotive, electronics industry for sensitive parts, aviation industry, precision equipment components, medical optics, etc.

    The parts are placed in cavities that follow their contour and shape, and are securely fastened during transport.

    Handling when loading and unloading standard thermoformed trays is done very quickly, as well as reception upon delivery.

    They can be stacked and then placed in a larger returnable package (KLT boxes, VDA, injected containers, etc.), or can be placed individually in returnable packaging, depending on the application.

    Standard thermoformed packaging can be made of PET, PET-G, ABS, HIPS, or conductive or dissipative ESD material.

    They can be disposable or returnable. There are reusable options, depending on the model of the parts, to be able to stack in the nest by rotating 180 ° for return transport, which means low costs for transport and storage.

    Optionally, cutouts or TPU coatings can be made to protect very sensitive parts from scratches caused by moving parts during transport.

    They can be cleaned in washing machines.

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  • Heavy duty thermoformed trays for intensive use

    Heavy duty thermoformed trays for intensive use

    This line of trays is specially designed to be returnable and stackable packaging on pallets, without the help of plastic boxes or pallet boxes.

    Heavy duty trays are designed to be efficient and safe on transport, especially for large or heavy parts (conveyor parts, high pressure pumps, fuel pumps, piping, housings, etc.). They are often used in conjunction with robotic arms (Kuka, Fanuc, Yaskawa) because they provide the precision they need to function.

    On the inside, the design follows the concept of having a high-density rate of products, but also the individual packaging of products.

    They are production costs-effective, robust, and withstand repeated use.

    They have double frames to cope with the weight of the stack and the pressure of heavier products, but also to ensure the stability of the stacks. If the application requires it, they can also be produced with frames to accommodate lids or various other protections.

    Even if the materials are of superior quality to withstand an intensive flow of use, the trays are light weighted and thus, the transport costs are made more efficient.

    They can be separated from the container in which they are placed, and they can be washed in order to remove the residues as efficiently as possible and not to contaminate the parts from the next transport. After washing and drying, the container and heavy-duty tray are reassembled for the next use.

    They can also be placed on wooden or plastic pallets, and the top row is covered with a lid. For increased stability, there can be choose the placement of a non-slip protective sheet on the pallet. It’s suitable for washing in plastic shuttle washing machines.

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  • The manufacturing time is short, which leads to an increase in the delivery rate and, implicitly, of productivity.

    The cavities have a high degree of resistance against strong shocks, the products being protected during storage and transport.

    The material sheets can be embossed to allow an easy and safe identification of the type of products for which the trays are intended, as well as the points from where operators can handle them.

    They are used in the automotive, pharmaceutical (thermoformed blisters) or food industries. They are suitable for storing and transporting small products, those which cannot be packed in bulk, painted products or with sensitive surfaces, electronics with ESD properties, sharp edged or heavy objects, etc. Metal compartments for very large presses can be also manufactured.

    For a good quality / price ratio, it is recommended to use thermoformed trays for packaging, only in case of large volumes of transported parts.

    These packages are an efficient way to reduce the costs associated with resources, due to the small amount of material used in their production.

    They have an ergonomic design which makes them easy to handle by operators or automated equipment, they make the storage space more efficient due to the fast possibility of “nesting” stacking.

    It does not require special storage conditions and the workspace is kept clean.

    They can be arranged in boxes or containers, and remain fixed inside during storage and transport, ensuring the stability and optimal protection of products, or they can be loaded directly on the pallet, and the products will be safe throughout handling.

    Due to their low own weight, these materials help reduce the weight of the custom packaging in which they are placed.

    Depending on the application, they can be returnable or disposable (one-way) and can be made from several materials depending on the desired application: ABS, HIPS, ESDPS, PVC, PET, PETG, RPET, PP, HDPE, PLA, polyurethane.

    One-way trays are made on automatic machines, and the film roll used to obtain them usually does not exceed 1 mm in thickness.

    They are useful in situations where their recovery after delivery of the products is difficult or the costs for the return of empty packaging are high, if the delivery is singular, or in the case of limited production series.

    Even if they are non-returnable, the trays are durable, their main purpose being product protection, so the type of material used in production by Logimarkt is always appropriate to the requirements of the application. They are recyclable, which ultimately eliminates the problem of waste.

    The reusable trays are made on semi-automatic machines, and the film roll used to produce them can be between 2 and 6 or 7 mm thick. They are returned with the packaging in which they were placed for transport.

    The materials used ensure resistance to intensive use and a long service life of these packages.

    The applications of thermoformed trays for industry are:

    • blisters (accessories, locks, cables, etc.) – especially for one-way applications
    • packaging trays for transport and storage (for small parts, bearings, injectors, sensors, various car components, etc.)

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