UN Big Bags

UN Big Bags represent the only safe way to transport dangerous materials that might affect the people’s health and safety and the environment. Such hazardous goods can be transported, though, only if the package that is used meets all the mandatory UN regulations.

Our company is happy to help you on this matter by providing you with safe UN Big Bags that meet your requests on their working capacities, dimensions and more. They will each come with an assigned code, as the following example: 13H3/Z/10.16/A/PA-03/LOGIMARKT 418442/1900/1015.

UN code explained:

  • before anything is written down, there will be the UN symbol;
  • the next 4 characters represent the type of construction of the bag (13H1 is for uncoated fabric with no liner, 13H2 is for coated fabric with no liner, 13H3 is for uncoated fabric with liner and 13H4 is for coated fabric with liner);
  • the following letter will indicate the packaging group (Y is designated for packaging groups II and III, while X is designated only for group III);
  • the 4 digits separated by a full stop represent the production date;
  • “A” stands for the code of country;
  • the next part of the code that consists of 4 characters separated by a hyphen stand for the certifying body;
  • following we have the code of the producer and the specific FIBC;
  • the next 4 digits represent the stacking test weight (in kg);
  • the last 4 digits stand for the maximum gross weight of safe working load (in kg).

Alongside the process of coding the Big Bags with an UN code, they have to pass 6 tests, which are the following:

  • Top lift test
  • Stacking test
  • Drop test
  • Topple test
  • Righting test
  • Tear test