Vacuum bags

Nowadays, consumers have increased their expectations upon the food they consume and for most of them it is important that certain products are fresh and little to no additives or preservatives are added to them. Therefore, companies have to find a solution to not process the food and still be able to maintain a long shelf life and the product’s most valuable qualities, such as aroma, texture and taste. In this industry, vacuum packaging is essential in order to protect the food and to ensure the consumers that they will receive the best products that they most want to consume.

The vacuum packaging technique is so beneficial for the food items that are being transported or stored because we are able to modify the atmosphere inside the packaging, using natural gasses found in the atmosphere.

For example, if you are struggling with an insect or microorganisms problem, you can opt for CO2 modified vacuum package, which will eradicate all the pests.

If you worry about the oxygen inside the package, nitrogen is the best solution for you! It is a neutral gas that does no harm to your goods. By pumping it in the package, the oxygen is significantly reduced, thus providing a safe and protected atmosphere for your goods.

Lastly we have oxygen vacuuming, which is a gas used to preserve the colour red of fresh meat. Otherwise, it will harm certain products such as fresh fruit, making them turn brown and allowing aerobic bacteria to grow.