VCI film protective packaging

The VCI polyethylene anti-rust film protects the metallic components against corrosion, having a higher mechanical power, compared to the anti-rust paper.

During the fabrication process, the polyethylene molecules are mixed with the VCI anti-corrosion ones. The final product becomes impermeable. As against paper, the film doesn’t allow the moisture transfer, functioning like an umbrella. The VCI particles are gradually released, slower than for paper. The molecules reach the product’s surface in approximately 2 hours. It is recommended for applications where the parts can, or even must stay longer inside the factory, after they are produced, or the temperature changes from the storage/ loading for transportation area are not sudden.

The VCI polyethylene anti-corrosive foil is available in stripes with widths between 200 mm and 6000 mm. It is transparent, with a light-blue nuance. Can be used to protect ferrous and non ferrous products and metals, and doesn’t influence the mechanical or electric characteristics of the packed components.

It is very easy and quick to use, being available also as bags with different dimensions. Can be used in combination with the VCI anti corrosion paper for shipping with high humidity/ salinity conditions, like the sea transportation for example.


  • protection of tubes, pipes, cylinders, voluminous components
  • to pack the components for export, for protection between operations and for long term transports

The activity sectors which can benefit from these products are: automotive, mechanical, metallurgy, heavy industry, electronics, packaging industry etc.

For a complete protection against corrosion, the following conditions must be meet, during packaging stage:

  • the packed components must be cleaned by any trace of residues either chemical, metallic or of any other nature (finger marks, detergents, chlorides etc.)
  • the metallic components must be completely dried
  • the distance between the VCI foil and the product which needs protection, must be maximum 20 cm
  • the VCI packaging will be sealed
  • there will be no obstacles between the anti-rust packaging and the metallic product, so the VCI particles can reach it and form a protective layer on the surface of the metallic component
  • the pieces metallic component must be completely packed
  • desiccant can be put between the foil and the metallic piece, in order to absorb the existing humidity at the moment of packaging
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