VCI paper protective packaging

VCI anti-rust packaging guarantees optimal protection against corrosion for metallic components. These products are treated with anti-corrosion molecules to offer protection for ferrous and non-ferrous items. The paper is not bleached with chlorine, being safe for use in different applications. The anti-rust properties are active for one year. The paper has the highest quantity of molecules per cm².

It is recommended for applications where the temperature differences between fabrication and packing, and transportation moment, are high. For example, if the pieces need to exit the factory immediately after production, and outside is very cold, they have no time for cooling down. The water condense will be formed on their surface. By default, the corrosion phenomenon is favored.

Due to the fact that for paper, in 30 minutes after packing, the molecules are already on the product, this one is recommended in case the time between packing and transportation is short and the products need immediate protection.

Because the anti-rust paper allows the humidity transfer, for sea shipping is recommended for this one to be used together with the VCI corrosion inhibiting polyethylene film. The packaging where the products wrapped in paper are placed, have the exterior protected with foil.

The VCI anti-corrosion paper can be used for:

  • packing components of small dimensions
  • protect the small and medium dimension products, in areas with high humidity risk
  • heavy weight products, for protection against shocks, as well as for wrapping cable reels or laminated stripes
  • to protect voluminous products or with atypical shapes

To benefit at maximum from the anti-rust characteristics, the following conditions must be meet:

  • the distance between the VCI corrosion inhibiting paper and the product which needs protection, must be of maximum 25-30 cm
  • contact between metal and cardboard will be avoided (there’s the risk of moisture entering), as well as metal and wood (the wood absorbs humidity and acidity)
  • the packaging must be hermetically closed
  • there will be no obstacles between the VCI anti corrosion packaging and the metal which needs protection (the mechanical absorbent materials, plates placed between the layers of products)
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