Water repellent packaging from bitumen paper

Bitumen Kraft Paper represents an efficient and economical way to protect the products against humidity. It is used most often for the transportation with shipping containers, to avoid the deterioration of the goods caused by humidity, especially for the ones in automotive industry, constructions, metallurgy, etc.

Beside the coating, some of the models can be reinforced, for a superior resistance to tear and high durability. The reinforcements are applied vertically or horizontally.

The bitumen paper is an efficient moisture barrier, having a superior resistance against water or simple vapors, and it can be produced in a couple of models:

  • with a bitumen layer inside and two layers of Kraft paper on the exterior (sandwich type)
  • with two flexible sheets of Kraft paper and film on the exterior and a special grade reinforced bitumen layer inside (also sandwich type)

The bitumen (also known as asphalt) used as a core, inside, is high grade, able to provide an outstanding barrier.

This type of protective packaging is suited for applications during storage or transport of car parts in general, oily parts, engines, industrial machine parts, but also in building construction, as a membrane for vapor checking or temporary waterproofing for roofs, and can be used as lining for boxes, containers (especially for the wooden maritime crates) and pallets, or it just can simply wrap the parts due to the high level of pliability, for export packaging.

The water repellent bituminous paper is available in a variety of dimensions and models:

  • in rolls with 1000 mm, 1200 mm, 1400 mm widths
  • in standard cut-sheets dimensions
  • in customized sheets dimensions

Their thickness may also vary, depending on the model.

All the versions can be handled quickly by the operators and are easy to use.

Upon request, the kraft paper can be imprinted outside with company logo (for brand awareness) or various instructions.

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