Air Cushions

Safe transport is of utmost importance in the of logistics and e-commerce sectors. One of the most handy solutions for safeguarding packages is the air cushion or air pillow. This versatile packaging solution caters to various protection needs, from packaging to delivery.

We produce the air pillow options on-site using specialized machines; therefore, we can custom-make any order, from air pillow film to various air cushion units. They adapt to different product sizes and shapes. Whether for a movable workstation, a winding machine, or a light container, air cushion products are always a good option. Their versatility makes them a widespread solution, boosting productivity, saving time, and reducing transit risks.

Just to name a few features of the air cushions: they secure packaging, protect against impacts and optimize space. The easy tear perforations make them easy to adjust. The multi-use packing stations, designed with adjustable height and various practical features, ensure the packaging process is efficient and organized.

We offer biodegradable options in addition to traditional air pillow, bubble, or cushion films. These eco-friendly solutions not only provide the same level of protection but also contribute to sustainable packaging practices. The biodegradable air cushions are widely used in the automotive, electronics, and distribution industries. They align with our commitment to environmentally conscious packaging solutions.

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  • Movable workstation with resistant wheels, for warehouses and deposits

    Movable Workstation with Fixed Height

    This practical metallic grey table offers mobility with sturdy wheels. Its height is fixed, not adjustable.

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  • Metallic grey work station with adjustable height

    Movable Workstation with Adjustable Height

    This flexible workstation features adjustable height, up to 130 cm. This way, it allows variable and comfortable working conditions.

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  • Air cushion unit on wheels, for increased productivity

    Movable Unit for Air Cushions Rolls

    This model connects to air cushioning machines and integrates a sensor to stop at any desired roll size. The metallic grey unit accommodates 420 or 600 mm width rolls. This efficient machine helps enhance productivity and time-saving.

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  • Safe and flexible winding machine, saves time and space

    Winding Machine for Air Cushion Units

    This machine works in conjunction with a frame featuring an integrated sensor for processing air mats. It handles wider rolls (420, 600, or 840 mm).

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  • Space saving and efficient winding machine with air cushions storage space

    Winding Station

    For quick and efficient filling, this mobile machine is equipped with an integrated wheeling system. It stores air pillow buffers and stops when the container is full, restarting when material is removed.

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  • Air cushion small unit, can be attached to a working table for increased productivity

    Air Cushion Small Unit

    An overhead space-saving unit designed for simplicity. It stores air cushion rolls and can be attached to a working table.

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  • Overhead height-adjustable unit with optical sensor, for storing air cushion rolls

    Air Cushion Flexible Unit

    This adjustable overhead unit includes a sensor control for added safety and space optimization.

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  • Movable container with sensors for improved ergonomics

    Movable Container with Sensors

    If mobility and specific height requirements are essential, this container is ideal. It simplifies access to air cushion rolls.

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  • Flexible and safe accommodable trolley that saves time and space

    Easy Accommodable Trolley

    Designed for both tall and small workstations, this movable trolley conveniently stores air cushion rolls.

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  • Lightweight container on wheels, for storing air pillows

    Light Container

    This roll container offers ample storage for air cushion rolls while remaining lightweight. It’s easy to move with built-in wheels and comes in blue.

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  • Packing station with adjustable height and incorporated mouse and keyboard tray

    Multi-Use Packing Station

    A practical packing station designed for increased productivity. It features adjustable height, a signal lamp, overhead unit light, lifting axis, mouse and keyboard tray, and a trash can holder.

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  • Air cushions offer numerous advantages. The air pillows fix goods inside boxes, prevent damage from impacts, maximize internal box space due to their small volume, and own easy tear perforation for operator convenience.

    They suit various packaging needs, reduce transportation costs due to their lightweight nature, and minimize storage space by producing films on-site using special machines. These protective films are widely used in the automotive, electronics, and distribution industries.

    In addition to traditional air pillow, bubble, or cushion films, we offer one-piece inflatable air packaging systems. These are tailor-made to the shape of transported goods. These customized solutions are shock-resistant and require no additional elements to secure goods. They are suitable for products up to 5 kg and can be reused.

    Furthermore, these inflatable air systems can be produced from biodegradable materials, aligning with eco-friendly packaging practices.

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