Air cushions

Air cushions are the perfect solution to protect the sensitive products during transportation. They can have different dimensions and shapes, adaptable to the various protections needs, from goods packaging to their delivery.

The air pillow film is produced directly at the packaging place using a special machine that is in our custody.

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  • Movable workstation with resistant wheels, for warehouses and deposits

    Movable workstation with fixed height

    If you’re looking for a practical workstation, our movable table is the solution for you! It comes in this metallic grey color and its wheels are resistant to carry your work items. The height is not adjustable.

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  • Metallic grey work station with adjustable height

    Movable workstation with adjustable height

    Practical workstation, its wheels help the workstation move wherever you might want it to fit. It comes in the color metallic grey and its height is adjustable, so that you can have your items up to 130 cm height.

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  • Air cushion unit on wheels, for increased productivity

    Movable unit for air cushions rolls

    This practical machine is the best solution to have around when you need to save time and to increase productivity. It connects to the air cushioning machines and has a sensor integrated that stops at your desired size. You can move the entire roll from the machine to each working desk. The machine will start to create another roll until it reaches the chosen diameter. It comes in a metallic grey color and can handle 420 or 600 mm width rolls.

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  • Safe and flexible winding machine, saves time and space

    Winding machine for air cushion units

    The winding machine is used alongside with a frame which has a sensor integrated in order to process the air mats. It can handle wider rolls (420, 600 or 840 mm).

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  • Space saving and efficient winding machine with air cushions storage space

    Winding station

    This machine can be used whenever you want a fast and efficient filling. The machine is mobile due to its integrated wheeling system, and it is the most practical and safe solution to use in a hurry. The container allows the storage of air pillow buffer. The optical sensor detects when the container is full and stops the machine. When the material is taken out, the sensor starts the machine to produce filled cushion film until it refills the container

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  • Air cushion small unit, can be attached to a working table for increased productivity

    Air cushion small unit

    Overhead unit, it saves space with the design it comes in. The air cushion rolls are stored in the unit, it can be attached to a working table, pushed from the back, it comed fully assembled and is only available in one dimension.

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  • Overhead height-adjustable unit with optical sensor, for storing air cushion rolls

    Air cushion flexible unit

    Overhead unit, its height is adjustable, it also comes in with a sensor control, ensuring a safe space at the working station. The air cushion rolls are stored in the flexible unit as well as in the small unit.

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  • Movable container with sensors for improved ergonomics

    Movable container, sensors included

    If you are looking for a movable container that also brings your cushions to a specific height, the movable container with sensors is the best product for you! The air cushion rolls are easy to pull of and the machine’s design allows them to be stocked until you will need to use them.

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  • Flexible and safe accommodable trolley that saves time and space

    Easy accomodable troley

    Our flexible unit is perfect to use not only for taller working stations, but for the smallest ones too! We came forward with this design for you to use in the safest and easiest manner, as the trolley is also movable and has a desing that allows it to even stock air cushion rolls in order to save both time and space while working.

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  • Lightweight container on wheels, for storing air pillows

    Light container

    This roll container allows you to stock even more air cushion rolls than the other models, perfect to use for when you might need a space saving sollution that also keeps in one place a high quantity of air cushions. Its weight is much lighter than the other machines’, it has wheels incorporated and comes in the color blue.

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  • Packing station with adjustable height and incorporated mouse and keyboard tray

    Multi use packing station

    This practical packing station will guarantee an increase in your productivity for it comes in a design that allows your equipment to be placed all together. Its height is adjustable, it has an incorporated a signal lamp, an overhead unit light, a lifting axis so that you can easily change the roller on the overhead unit, mouse and keyboard tray and a holder for trash cans.

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  • Air cushions have the following benefits:

    • they fix the goods inside the box by filling in the voids
    • they prevent the deterioration caused by different impacts
    • due to the small volume of the protective packaging air bubbles, the internal space of the box is used at its maximum
    • to ease the operators’ work and to increase the productivity, the film is pre-cut (perforated) at optimal dimensions for easy tear
    • due to the big variety of air pillows or bubbles, they suit any packaging needs
    • its final lightweight considerably reduces the transportation costs
    • reduced storage space due to the possibility to produce the pillow, bubble or cushions films on the spot using the special machine

    The equipment is easy to use and store, and it can be easily moved in any space where the packaging is done. The pillow, bubble or cushions protection films are mainly used by companies in automotive, electronic or distribution fields.

    Besides the pillow, bubble or cushions films there are the one-piece inflatable air packaging systems for serial products. This comes in customized sizes and dimensions, depending on the shape of the transported goods. The pillows are simply filled-in with compressed air, by a hand mini-gun.

    The one-piece inflatable air systems for individual packaging are extremely resistant to shocks and they don’t need supplementary elements to fix the goods inside. They are suited for products up to 5 kg and they can be reused.

    The one-piece inflatable air systems for individual packaging can be produced out of biodegradable foil as well.

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