Protective packaging

Product safety first. Minimum logistic costs.
Minimum downtime. Enhanced flow & maximum productivity.

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Logimarkt offers complete solutions for load protection during storage and transport. This core layer of protection can pack and protect any type of product: small spare parts, tools, accessories, cosmetics, jewelry, toys and games, large parts, profiles, home appliances, furniture, electronics or even construction materials.

The R&D team is always up to date and ready to provide the best available solutions for any product that needs protection along its path.

Protection reduces the risk of damage or accidents: 

  • Non-mechanical hazards – dust, dirt, microorganisms, extreme weather, UV rays, moisture, mould, rust or corrosion
  • Mechanical risks during the handling
  • Slipping and tipping possibilities
  • Space between items in a stack
  • Shock and vibrations caused by transport
  • Using third-party logistic chains that cannot be controlled (i.e. delivery companies)

Flexible protective packaging for load safety during transport can be produced from a wide range of materials:

  • Corrugated cardboard: internal separators, non-slip sheets
  • Non-slip paper: separators or stack base
  • Perforated cardboard (web or net)
  • Rigid plastic: separators, interlayers
  • Textile materials: interior partitions, anti-scratch packaging
  • Corrugated Polypropylene (PP): internal separators
  • Polyurethane foam (PU – expandable/modular/instant): can be injected on the spot
  • Kraft or crumpled protection paper: both as packaging layer or as dunnage
  • Corrosion-inhibiting paper (VCI properties)
  • Corrosion inhibiting film
  • Plastic film or foil: non-slip sheets
  • Bubble wrap, cushion film, inflated air packaging
  • Dehydrators or desiccants to protect against humidity
  • Accessories for cardboard boxes: plastic packaging corners, wall extensions, handles for heavy boxes, clips, profiles

These packaging solutions are usually combined for the best results:

  • Corrugated plastic + foam
  • Cardboard + plastic film with air cushions – for very sensitive parts
  • Kraft paper + bubble film
  • Rigid plastic + foam or textile
  • Cardboard + foam
  • Protective or kraft paper + buffer film with foam pads etc.

Flexible protective packaging for storage and transport can be personalized – using print, custom dimensions or material thickness, color or protection level.


Safety first, but other advantages come along with flexible protective packaging:

  • High resistance to repeated shocks
  • Minimal logistic costs
  • Low own weight
  • Low return transport costs and fewer product returns caused by damage during transport
  • Create confidence with the customer receiving well-packed and damage-free products
  • Ergonomic
  • Recyclable
  • Versatile – can be used and reused for all sorts of products, light or heavy small or big, sharp or fragile
  • Usually, take up little space, i.e. films may be inflated on the spot according to the needs
  • Compatible with conveyor lines
  • ESD (antistatic) when needed
  • Good looking if needed, e.g., luxury items require top to bottom aesthetic solutions


Load protection is helpful for short and long-term storage, transport between industrial points and distribution to final customers: automotive, aerospace industry, pharma, biotechnology, logistics, e-commerce, cosmetics, furniture etc.

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