Protective Packaging Solutions

Logimarkt understands the significance of product safety and cost-efficient logistics. Our complete range of protective packaging solutions is designed to prioritize your product’s security while minimizing logistics expenses, reducing downtime, and enhancing overall productivity.

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Tailored Protection for All Your Products

At Logimarkt, we excel in providing comprehensive load protection solutions for a diverse range of products. Whether it’s small spare parts, tools, accessories, cosmetics, jewelry, toys, large components, profiles, home appliances, furniture, electronics, or even construction materials, we have you covered.

Innovation at the Core

Our Research & Development team stays at the forefront of industry innovations, ensuring that we can offer you the most up-to-date and effective solutions for your unique requirements.

Mitigating Risks, Maximizing Protection

Good protection is paramount in safeguarding your products against various potential sources of damage or accidents, including:

  • Non-mechanical hazards such as dust, dirt, microorganisms, extreme weather, UV rays, moisture, mold, rust, or corrosion.
  • Mechanical risks during handling.
  • Risks like slipping and tipping.
  • Empty spaces between items in a stack.
  • Shock and vibrations during transport.
  • Utilization of third-party logistics chains, often beyond your direct control or regulated oversight (e.g., delivery companies).

Diverse Materials for Flexible Protection

Our flexible protective packaging solutions are crafted from a wide array of materials, including:

  • Corrugated cardboard for internal separators and non-slip sheets.
  • Non-slip paper for separators or stack bases.
  • Perforated cardboard (web or net).
  • Rigid plastic for separators and interlayers.
  • Textile materials for interior partitions and anti-scratch packaging.
  • Corrugated Polypropylene (PP) for internal separators.
  • Polyurethane foam (PU – expandable/modular/instant) that can be injected on-site.
  • Kraft or crumpled protection paper, serving as both a packaging layer and dunnage.
  • Corrosion-inhibiting paper (VCI properties).
  • Corrosion-preventing film.
  • Plastic film or foil for non-slip sheets.
  • Bubble wrap, cushion film, and inflated air packaging.
  • Dehydrators or desiccants to guard against humidity.
  • Accessories for cardboard boxes, such as plastic packaging corners, wall extensions, handles for heavy boxes, clips, and profiles.

Optimized Packaging Solutions

For superior protection, our packaging solutions are often combined for optimal results. These combinations include:

  • Corrugated plastic + foam.
  • Cardboard + plastic film with air cushions (ideal for sensitive parts).
  • Kraft paper + bubble film.
  • Rigid plastic + foam or textile.
  • Cardboard + foam.
  • Protective or kraft paper + buffer film with foam pads, and more.

Personalized and Sustainable

Our flexible protective packaging for storage and transport can be personalized in terms of printing, custom dimensions, material thickness, color, and protection level.

Benefits Beyond Safety

While our priority is safety, our protective packaging offers a host of additional advantages, including:

  • Exceptional resistance to repeated shocks.
  • Minimal logistic costs.
  • Low overall weight.
  • Reduced return transport expenses and fewer product returns due to transport-related damages.
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction upon receiving well-packaged, damage-free products.
  • Ergonomic designs.
  • Eco-friendly and recyclable materials.
  • Versatility for products of all sizes and types, making efficient use of storage space.
  • Compatibility with conveyor systems.
  • ESD (antistatic) options when necessary.
  • The ability to enhance aesthetics, which is crucial in sectors like e-commerce and luxury products.

Versatile Load Protection

Our load protection solutions are invaluable for short and long-term storage, inter-industrial transport, and distribution across various sectors, including automotive, aerospace, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, logistics, e-commerce, cosmetics, furniture, and more. Trust Logimarkt for comprehensive protective packaging solutions that prioritize safety, efficiency, and productivity.

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