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Logimarkt offers multiple, various and complete solutions for load protection during storage and transport. These can pack and protect, at the same time, any type of products, from small spare parts, tools, accessories, cosmetics, jewelry, toys and games, to large auto parts, profiles, home appliances on any dimensions, electronics, furniture pieces and parts, construction materials, etc.

Our research and development team is constantly informed on the latest solutions for flexible protective packaging, so that, when our clients need these services, we have the technical know-how to easily and quickly offer a wide range of options, taking into consideration all the aspects of the application for the products in question.

The protection level of the offered equipment covers:

  • non mechanical factors: contamination with dust, dirt or microorganisms, extreme weather conditions, UV rays, moisture-rust-corrosion
  • mechanical factors which can normally appear:
    • during handling packs with products between different points
    • in case the stack needs to be tilted and the angles are big, and can endanger the stability of the stack in question
    • if the external pack is oversized and there is too much empty space left inside
    • when the products are in stack and there is no protection cover between the layers
  • mechanical factors which can appear accidentally:
    • shocks or vibrations caused by the difficult transport conditions
    • various unforeseen accidents during handling
    • the physical impact in case of high transport volumes or fast pace of deliveries (like it happens, for example, with courier companies, which daily, have a big volume of packs in transit), etc.

From the technical point of view, flexible protective packaging for load safety during transport can be produced from a wide range of materials:

  • corrugated cardboard: internal separators, anti-slip / nonslip sheets at the stack base or between the layers
  • nonslip paper: sheets / separators between the layers with goods or at the base of the stack
  • perforated cardboard – web or net type: packing, fill-in the internal free space
  • rigid plastic: separators, interlayers
  • textile materials: internal separators for transport protection, packaging with anti-scratch properties
  • corrugated polypropylene (PP): internal separators, interlayers
  • polyurethane foam PU (expandable/ modular/ instant): fill-in the empty space (for example by injection), fix the sensitive products, antishock
  • kraft or crumpled paper for protection: products’ packaging, void fill inside the pack
  • corrosion inhibitor paper with VCI properties: anti rust protection
  • plastic film and foil for anti-slip applications: sheets / separators between the layers with goods or at the base of the stack
  • bubble film, cushion film, inflated air packaging: products’ pack, void fill, antishock, protection against vibrations
  • dehydrators or desiccants for protection against humidity, bags with silica gel
  • anti-rust VCI film: corrosion inhibitor
  • packing accessories for cardboard boxes: plastic stacking corners, systems to increase the walls height, additional handles for maneuvering the boxes with heavy loads, clips, profiles

They can be used individually as they are, or combined, for a superior protection level (for example corrugated plastic + foam, cardboard + plastic film with air cushions for sensitive load, kraft paper + bubble film, rigid plastic + foam, rigid plastic + textile, cardboard + foam, protective or kraft paper + buffer film with foam pads, etc.

These combinations are flexible and can be customized in many versions, depending on the specifications of each separate application.

Flexible protective packaging for storage and transport can be personalized (depending on the ordered quantity) with logo / company signs, are various in dimensions, thicknesses, design, color, protection level, depending on the application they are requested for.

Load securing products and systems can be combined when used:

  • as main element: they pack separately each individual product
  • as secondary product:
    • they fill in the voids inside the package and protect during transport or storage the goods packed individually which have a high degree of sensitiveness, are expensive, or are usually offered as presents and therefore is very important for the packaging to arrive intact (glass or ceramic crafts, electronics, house appliances, perfumes, cosmetics, toys)
    • they fill in the empty spaces between the stacks inside the cargo transports in case of loads with low stability or if the road segments have improper traffic conditions – asphalt pits, steep slopes, tight and multiple curves, etc.
    • as separators between the stack’s layers or on the floor
    • to separate of fix internally the items which are not packed individually, have a low level of fragility, but which can lose the balance during transport and can affect other loads from the cargo (large pieces, components, machinery or equipment with small dimensions, technical molds/tooling, products with sharp shapes or edges, books, games, sportswear, footwear, etc.)

No matter the application they are used for, all the versions for load fastening for are produced for the same purpose, this being the guarantee that the products are delivered intact and in an impeccable condition, without deteriorated surfaces or other associated problems.

Beside the safety, flexible protective packaging for storage and transport have also other very important advantages:

  • high resistance to repeated shocks
  • minimal logistic costs
  • they are specially designed, have a low own weight, so that the transport costs will not increase in case is needed for a high volume of protective material to be used
  • much lower losses with waste resulting from products damage caused by improper packaging
  • lower expenses with return transport of partially or completely damaged products from the clients
  • increased number of clients as result of the confidence in the delivery of compliant, intact products
  • they are ergonomic, very easy to use, the operators don’t get tired even in the case of a high packing rhythm
  • maximum productivity of the operators, with minimum breaks or interruptions
  • the company’s productivity increases due to the fast and constant packing flow, and, implicitly, the increase of delivery volume
  • they are sustainable, can be recycled, and in correct conditions of waste pick up and storage there are minimal chances for them to be thrown in nature and pollute the environment
  • the products they are used for, are extremely varied and completely different as resistance, from the most fragile ones to the leavy loads and products with atypical shapes, oversized or with sharp edges, after-market type products, spare parts
  • they take little storage space (the versions of film which must be inflated with air are prepared on the spot, and only on the necessary quantity)
  • they can be easily integrated on conveyor lines
  • they can be produced also from material with ESD or antistatic properties for the transport and protection of electronic components and products
  • they have a pleasant aspect, aesthetic, being appreciated by the final consumers, this aspect being essential in certain sectors, like, for example, in e-commerce or luxury products and cosmetics

The industry sectors to which the solutions for load protection solutions are addressing, are various: storage for short or long term, transport from production to assembly lines/ distribution/ retail, distribution to final customers in industries like automotive, aero-spatial, pharma, biotechnology, logistics, on-line commerce (sector with continuous development), cosmetics, furniture factories, different service units, etc.

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