Protective Packaging Solutions

Logimarkt is a leading packaging company that understands the critical importance of both product safety and cost-effective logistics. We offer an extensive array of packaging products, each designed to ensure the utmost security of your products while simultaneously minimizing logistics costs, reducing downtime, and boosting overall productivity.

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Customized Packing Solutions for Diverse Needs

Specializing in a range of protective products, Logimarkt is your go-to source for tailored protection packages, catering to a wide variety of items. From delicate cosmetics and jewelry to bulky furniture and electronics, and even robust construction materials, our packing solutions are versatile enough to secure them all.

Innovative Protective Packaging Solutions

Innovation lies at the heart of our approach. Our dedicated Research & Development team continuously leads the way in industry advancements, ensuring that our protective packaging solutions are always cutting-edge and perfectly suited to your unique needs.

Comprehensive Protection Against All Risks

Ensuring top-tier protection, our packaging solutions safeguard against:

  • Environmental hazards like dust, moisture, and extreme temperatures.
  • Mechanical damages during handling.
  • Risks of slipping, tipping, or movement within packaging.
  • Shock and vibrations during transit.
  • The possible complications of using third-party logistics.

Varied Materials for Enhanced Protection Package

Our protective products feature a diverse range of materials, each chosen for its specific protective qualities and effectiveness:

  • Corrugated and perforated cardboard, along with rigid plastics and textiles, provide sturdy separators and layers.
  • Non-slip paper ensures stability and grip for separators or as bases for stacking.
  • Rigid plastic offers durable separation and interlayering capabilities.
  • Textiles are selected for internal partitions, offering soft, anti-scratch properties.
  • Corrugated Polypropylene (PP) is ideal for internal separators due to its lightweight yet strong nature.
  • Polyurethane foam (PU), available in expandable, modular, or instant forms, offers versatile, on-site protective cushioning.
  • Kraft or crumpled protection paper serves dual purposes as a protective layer and dunnage, offering cushioning and fill.
  • Corrosion-inhibiting paper, equipped with VCI properties, actively prevents material degradation.
  • Corrosion-preventing films are utilized to shield products from environmental damage.
  • Plastic film or foil is used to create non-slip surfaces, enhancing the safety and stability of packaged items.
  • Bubble wrap, cushion films, and inflated air packaging provide superior cushioning and shock absorption.
  • Dehydrators or desiccants are included to actively combat moisture and humidity, safeguarding against dampness.
  • Accessories for cardboard boxes, such as plastic packaging corners, wall extensions, and handles, enhance the structural integrity and functionality of the packaging.

Optimized Combination of Packaging Products

For supreme protection, we often combine multiple packaging solutions for the best results, like corrugated plastic with foam, cardboard with air cushions, and more, ensuring each product receives the most suitable protective packaging.

Customizable and Eco-Conscious Packaging Solutions

Tailor our packaging products to fit your specific requirements, from printing to material thickness. Plus, we prioritize eco-friendliness in our packaging solutions, contributing to sustainable practices.

Advantages Beyond Safety

The protective packaging we offer brings a multitude of additional benefits, besides its functional role:

  • It demonstrates remarkable resilience against repeated impacts, ensuring long-term durability.
  • The designs are focused on minimizing logistics costs, making them economically efficient.
  • These packaging solutions are characterized by their low overall weight, contributing to ease in handling and transport.
  • They significantly reduce the expenses associated with return transportation and lower the frequency of product returns due to transport-related damages.
  • Customers consistently express higher satisfaction with products that arrive well-packaged and undamaged.
  • Ergonomic designs are a standard feature, enhancing user comfort and ease of handling.
  • The materials used are eco-friendly and recyclable, supporting sustainable practices.
  • Versatility is a key aspect, with these packaging solutions being suitable for products of various sizes and types, optimizing storage space utilization.
  • These solutions are designed to be compatible with conveyor systems, facilitating smooth integration into existing logistics operations.
  • ESD (antistatic) options are available for sensitive electronic components, offering necessary protection against static discharge.
  • The packaging also contributes to enhancing the aesthetics of the product, an essential factor in sectors like e-commerce and luxury goods, where presentation is crucial.

All-Encompassing Load Protection

Rely on Logimarkt for comprehensive packaging solutions that focus on safety, efficiency, and productivity, suitable for industries ranging from automotive to e-commerce. Trust us to be your partner in securing your products with top-quality protective packaging.

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