Customized packaging

As the world got increasingly complex and industry developed, standard packaging could no longer fit all needs.

For economic reasons, many complex products are not produced from start to finish in one place, so a particular logistic need surfaced.

Sensitive components, parts not packaged for retail and everything that does not yet have a box of its own are best transported in specially designated packaging. Space and weight-efficient but foremost: 100% safe for the logistic chain lying ahead. The automotive industry and several others rely on customized packaging between production and assembly lines.

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Customized packaging revolves around these core principles:

  • It protects industrial components on their way to assembly lines. This avoids placing the parts in containers filled with dunnage.
  • It better protects against shocks, dust, liquids, scratches or temperature changes
  • It holds products securely inside a larger container. Usually achieved using thermoformed trays, mould-injected trays, foam inserts and sometimes EPP internal dunnage
  • Optimizes transport density either by allowing a higher stack or by nesting pieces tightly together
  • Has a minimum own weight
  • Good foldability or nestability saves space on return trips
  • It is ergonomic for handling and compatible with robot arms when needed
  • Is quick to operate (folding and unfolding)
  • It is sturdy and long-lasting
  • It is colour coded or labelled for smoother logistic flows and even as a branding tool

Logimarkt is a custom packaging one-stop shop: 

  • Counselling – defining priorities
  • Research – exploring all possible solutions
  • Design – taking all critical factors into consideration
  • Prototyping and testing the new packaging
  • Serial production is ensured after all preparatory steps are completed

Providing all services, from counselling to prototyping, provides an accurate and risk-free development that can go beyond the initial design brief.

Compared to one-way packaging, its customized and reusable counterpart can save a lot of money and effort by increasing uses, optimizing space and weight, better ergonomics and faster handling up to the point of automation.

Considering all of the above and the increased safety of the products, it is all optimized to cut loss. And if we add a long service life and full recyclability to the equation, we can safely conclude that customized packaging is a sustainable solution.

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