Logimarkt offers logistic solutions such as customized packaging, equipment and machines or storage systems for all industries.

    • Handling ergonomy
    • High density of products
    • Durability
    • Protection of transported products
    • Circular mindset

    How we design customized packaging

    We adapt the packaging to the operators, the products and the processes they must go through.

    The components (products, car pieces, etc.) must be easily inserted and removed at the destination without any effort.

    The packaging must be able to be folded and opened quickly, effortlessly and in an intuitive way, so the operator can easily identify the content. The packaging will be tilted towards the operator and raised at the optimum height, so the body movements are as natural as possible, and the level of effort is reduced.

    This helps to better protect the products and the packaging, increase the work speed and the operators’ motivation.

    Transportation and storage costs usually exceed the returnable packaging costs. Therefore, we design industrial packaging, so the density of the products placed inside them, as well as the number of packaging per truck, increase.

    Where possible, we try to perform a ‘nesting’ of the pieces inside the box or the container. We do this without affecting the ergonomics and work speed.

    When returning, we fold the plastic containers in order to reduce the transportation and storage costs.

    From the outset, industrial packaging must be designed to resist to as many work cycles as possible.

    We design the plastic containers and internal separators in a robust way, so they can resist the intensive handling on a long term.

    To accomplish this, we run compression, vibration and shock tests for the packaging we develop, and we monitor the safety of the products and the packaging during transportation.

    We analyze the products and understand which are the sensitive parts, and which are the strong ones. This way we protect the sensitive areas and make sure there are no components which might hook or cut the dividing systems placed inside the boxes or plastic containers.

    Through the tests we run, we check that there are no collisions between the products during transportation.

    We use scratch-resistant materials for the painted parts, ESD materials for the pieces that contain electronic components, and foam or flexible material separators for the pieces that must be protected from shocks.

    We invest our efforts into designing sustainable products and take care of the environmental footprint. One of our main concerns is the density of products per cubic meter and how we can optimize transportation costs. Our packaging is thought to be reused for several applications with minimal interventions.

    • Handling Ergonomy
    • Industrial revolution 4.0
    • Products and operators protection
    • Tailormade – executed according to the client's need

    How we choose the adequate equipment

    We adapt the equipment in order to help the operators to maintain a correct posture during their work activity, and the necessary body movements to be as natural as possible.

    This way, the workplace concentration and motivation are increased, and the absenteeism is reduced.

    We take into consideration both the present and future requirements.

    In order to meet future needs that may not be visible in the present, we are trying to design the systems to be future-proof and as flexible as possible.

    We automate the information transfer between the equipment and the production reports, so there is a real-time control over the factory processes.

    Safety comes first, of the people and the products being handled.

    We anticipate the problems that may arise, and think of systems able to reduce their consequences when these occur.

    We build ‘safety nets’ in order to reduce the frequency of incidents.

    We document each project thoroughly, to facilitate the operating process of the installed equipment.

    We begin any process with an analyze that helps us understand which are our clients’ aspirations and obstacles.

    We are trying to prioritize the needs, so we can fit the established budgets.

    We point out the additional value that certain accessories or optional features can deliver to our customers, to their particular case.

    We make sure that the specifications of the project are aligned with the needs of our clients, and that together, we have a clear picture on the whole project and on the benefits obtained from its implementation.

Logistic projects – key solutions

Together with partner companies, we also develop logistic projects:

  • Conveyors for pallets and boxes
  • Automatic and semi-automatic pallet wrapping machines, strapping machines, stretch hood pallets wrappers
  • Customized protective packaging: air cushions or air bubble wrap foils inflatable on the spot – depending on the clients’ needs, paper cushioning in various shapes for heavy components, expandable/ instant foam that molds into the contours of the product being transported to protect it against the possible shocks and vibrations or different transit damages, suspension and retention packaging, cardboard perforators and shredders that turn the bulky cardboard sheets into protective packaging material, VCI (anti rust) coating, anti-slip packaging, Big Bags type containers, wooden containers, metallic containers (wire mesh, pallet cages/ boxes), thermo protections for different loads
  • Storage bin cabinets, smart individually configured inventory control systems

We make continuous efforts to discover and assimilate technological innovations or the best practices, so we can identify and recommend solutions with a strong economic impact for your business.

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