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Our reusable plastic containers and pallets are essential for efficient storage, transport, and cost-effective packaging. They are eco-friendly and cost-effective, aligning with business sustainability goals.

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Environmentally friendly and cost-effective, our reusable packaging is a perfect illustration of both. Our in-house technologies offer virtually limitless options for tailored packaging solutions.

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Logimarkt offers a wide array of solutions for safely shipping and storing goods. We excel in providing secure packaging for a wide range of items.

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  • Customized Packaging Expertise

    Our highly experienced design team delivers quick, customized solutions for all requests. In-house production utilizing various technologies makes Logimarkt a one-stop shop for most industries. Anything technical solution, from thermoforming, or corrugated plastic, to metallic racks, textile dunnage, EPP, or technical foam dividers, is available and can be assorted into the perfect combo for your business. Discover the key principles that guide us in proposing and formulating packaging solutions.

    • Ergonomic Handling
    • Easy Bundling
    • Durability
    • Customized Protection
    • Sustainability
    • Cost Efficiency

    Ergonomic Handling

    Our packaging systems are tailored to the specifics of your goods and transport processes, but also to be used in a seamless way, providing an effortless handling experience.

    Specific features include or provide:

      • easy access,
      • intuitive folding,
      • clear content identification,
      • and ergonomic design to reduce physical strain.

    Easy Bundling

    Maximizing space during transportation and storage is capital to cost efficiency.

    And for that, bundling is the key.

    • Our industrial packaging is designed to maximize space usage, focusing on easy bundling and nesting of the units, both when full and empty.
    • Furthermore, foldable plastic containers save even more space (and money!) when they are not in use.
    • Nesting packaging is ideal for saving space and money and offers superior protection for its content.


    Likewise, durability and a high usage cycle are capital in financial efficiency – the more transport cycles per unit, the more money saved.


    We manufacture robust plastic containers and internal separators for long-term intensive handling.

    • Quality materials make sturdy products.
    • We conduct thorough testing on our products, to ensure durability.
    • They undergo compression, vibration, and shock tests before being put into use.

    Customized Protection

    We meticulously analyze the specifics of the transported goods when designing customized packaging.


    Our goal is to create the ideal system – where products are kept safe from any external occurrences, from uncontrolled movement and collisions inside the containers, while also safeguarding the internal structure of the packaging from potential damage.

    • We run thorough analysis, focusing on the vulnerabilities of the items and materials.
    • Further testing makes sure that there are no collisions between the products during transportation.
    • Scratch-resistant materials are used for the painted parts, ESD materials for the pieces that contain electronic components, and foam or flexible material separators for the elements that require protection against shocks.


    We took a commitment to sustainability: we invest in sustainable products and technologies, with a focus on reducing our environmental footprint.

    Our packaging is designed for reuse with minimal intervention, leading to fewer transport cycles, reduced costs, and less pollution.

    In addition to creating reusable packaging, we encourage and conducting recycling at the end of the usage cycles. Processing recycled packaging results in a new product, usable once more for multiple cycles of transport.

    The development of recyclable and recycled packaging optimizes both our customers’ costs and the utilization of the planet’s resources.

    Cost Efficiency

    Creating the most effective packaging system has manyfold benefits, one of which is optimizing cost efficiency.

    In order to achieve these goals, we consider various aspects, from counting transportation costs, handling time, and storage costs.

    Our mission is to design fully personalized packaging systems, conducting a comprehensive analysis of each request and taking into account multiple potential solutions for each order.

What Sets Logimarkt Apart?

Logimarkt stands out with its unique blend of diverse technological capabilities and extensive industry experience. In the packaging industry, many providers limit themselves to a single technology, and this tunnel vision greatly reduces optimization, innovation and integrated solutions.

Our vision is to seamlessly integrate the core elements of industrial packaging. We excel in delivering comprehensive and customized solutions to meet various packaging needs.

The Logimarkt 360° integrated approach includes a skilled design team and in-house production across multiple technologies, such as injection molding, thermoforming, metal working, corrugated plastic, lamination, textile dunnage sewing, technical foam conversion, and EPP, inventively combining and implementing any of them.

We start from a brief and analyze what’s best for the product from all existing packaging technologies by looking at all essential aspects of the logistic chain: protection, storage, handling and transport. This enables us to choose a mix of technologies optimal for every specific project.

We start from a brief and analyze what’s best for the product from all existing packaging technologies by looking at all essential aspects of the logistic chain: protection, storage, handling and transport. This enables us to choose a mix of technologies optimal for every specific project.

The team is up to date with all innovations and able to quickly implement and adapt whenever a better solution arises. Sometimes, an innovation in one technology may change the hierarchy of the optimal solutions and we are fast in assimilating innovations and using them for a competitive advantage.

Logimarkt is highly experienced in managing and executing large-scale projects, supported by a global network of experienced professionals. Through long standing cooperation with partners in Europe, USA, and Asia, we ensure top-quality services while maintaining cost control.

Explore Logimarkt for diverse, integrated packaging solutions that cater to your unique requirements!

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