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Returnable Transit Packaging

Returnable Transit Packaging

The returnable and reusable plastic packaging containers and pallets are essential in achieving efficiency of storage, transportation and packaging costs optimization.

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Reusable Customized Packaging

Reusable Customized Packaging

Logimarkt offers a varied range of customized packaging to protect the products from deterioration.

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Protective Packaging

Protective Packaging

Logimarkt offers a wide array of solutions and products to protect the goods when shipped or stored. There is virtually no item that we can not pack safely.

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  • How we design customized packaging

    Logimarkt is a one stop shop for most industries. A highly experienced design team, controling in-house production facilities for the most important technologies - thermoforming, corrugated plastic, metallic racks, textile dunnage, EPP or technical foam dividers - leads to very quick and precise solutions for every request.

    • Handling ergonomy
    • High density of products
    • Durability
    • Mutual protection
    • Circular mindset
    • Cost efficiency

    Handling ergonomy

    All packaging is designed with a keen eye for process optimization and special care for the operators handling it.

    This helps better protect the products and the packaging, increase work speed and operators’ motivation.

    • The components (products, car parts etc.) must be easily inserted and removed from their packaging.
    • The packaging must be foldable and quickly accessible, effortlessly and intuitively.
    • The operator can easily identify the content.
    • The packaging will be tilted towards the operator and raised at the optimum height, so the body movements are as natural as possible, reducing fatigue.

    High density of products

    Transportation and storage costs usually exceed the returnable packaging costs.

    The packaging is designed to maximize density, reducing packaging size and increasing the amount of transported items.

    • The packaging is nested inside a box or container whenever possible without sacrificing ergonomics or handling speed.
    • Plastic containers are foldable in order to reduce return transportation costs and storage costs.


    Industrial packaging must be designed to resist as many work cycles as possible.

    • We design robust plastic containers and internal separators, considering long term intensive handling.
    • New pieces are tested thoroughly to ensure durability. They must endure compression, vibration and shock tests before being put into use.
    • When required, the packaged products may be monitored during transportation.

    Mutual protection

    Transported items are analyzed to understand their strengths and vulnerabilities better.

    This goes two ways: protecting the sensitive areas of the goods and making sure the items do not damage the dividing systems or containers.

    • Thorough testing makes sure that there are no collisions between the products during transportation.
    • Scratch-resistant materials are used for the painted parts, ESD materials for the pieces that contain electronic components, and foam or flexible material separators for the elements that must be protected from shocks.

    Circular mindset

    We invest in designing sustainable products and take care of the environmental footprint.

    • Optimizing density means lower transportation costs but also less pollution.
    • Packaging is designed to be reused for several applications with minimal interventions.

    Cost efficiency

    Determining the most effective packaging solution considers these factors:

    • Transportation costs
    • Return transportation cost
    • Handling time for input & output operation and for stacking
    • Amortization of packaging investment
    • Storage costs
    • Packaging adaptability factor

    Custom packaging is truly bespoke only when it takes all possible factors into consideration.

    • A 360° evaluation and a comparative analysis of existing possibilities provide the best answer to any given brief.
    • The ongoing optimization process implies keeping clients up to date with new technologies that can further enhance their processes

Why is Logimarkt different?

We have a holistic approach when choosing what packaging solution to propose to our customers.

Unfortunately, most providers specialize in a single technology and might lack the ability to deliver optimum integrated solutions or might fail to provide them as quickly and inexpensively.

Logimarkt is the only European packaging company that combines an experienced design team with in-house production for several technologies: injection moulding, thermoforming, corrugated plastic & lamination, sewing of textile dunnage, technical foam converting and EPP.

Tasks that might go beyond our production capabilities are handled with the help of our partners located in the USA or Asia. Our expertise in coordinating such processes ensures high-quality services at a controlled cost.

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Why is Logimarkt different?