Our vision

The business environment is changing fast.

We live in exciting and demanding times and must adapt to unexpected shifts.

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Insight. Supply chains have to be more flexible and future-proof. There is a growing need for sustainable packaging solutions, which must be reusable, easy to handle and foldable on their way back.

Experience. Logimarkt has a deep knowledge of producing packaging and typical issues in logistic chains across various business segments.

Analysis. Everything is built around the product. Its specifications, the required protection degree, and its natural nesting capacity. The next layer considers the human factor – ergonomics is critical. Last but not least, by looking at the entire logistic loop and costs associated with TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).

Consultancy. Usually, a few different solutions stand out, and their specific features make it hard to pick the single best option. Customers learn the pros and cons of every design and prioritize criteria according to their business. If a further comparison is needed, designs are prototyped and tested: drop test, collision test, loading test, vibration test for simulation of transport or climatic room tests.

Partnership. Long-term relationships with our clients help us understand their needs and keep adding value.

Core values. Design innovation, first-class customer service, cost-effective production, agile processes, 360 degrees quality management.