Our Vision

Logimarkt: Enhancing Supply Chains through Better Packaging

Our vision is clear: we aim to achieve the utmost efficiency for your circular logistic cycles. With a team of experienced and innovative industrial packaging designers utilizing in-house production technologies, we deliver swift, cost-effective solutions that save you time and money throughout the supply chain.

Insight, Experience, Analysis, Consultancy, Partnership

We understand the need for flexible, sustainable packaging solutions that are easy to handle and foldable for return trips. Drawing on our extensive experience in producing industrial packaging and our knowledge of logistics in various industries, we analyze product specifications, protection requirements, nesting capabilities, and ergonomics. We also consider the financial efficiency of the entire logistics circuit and Total Cost of Ownership.

Core Values

Our core values guide our every action:

  • Design innovation
  • First-class customer service
  • Cost-effective production
  • Prompt processes
  • Comprehensive quality management