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Our production facilities include nearly all technologies used for logistic packaging.


SC Logimarkt SRL meets the ISO 9000 and ISO 14000 standard series for quality assurance and environmental management.

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ISO 9001-2015 Certification

ISO 9001-2015 Certification

ISO 14001–2015 Certification

ISO 14001–2015 Certification

  • Injection moulding
  • Mirror welding
  • High Frequency welding
  • Thermoforming
  • EPP molding
  • Technical foam conversion
  • Foam moulding
  • Lamination of corrugated boards
  • Textile sewing
  • Metal welding

Thus, our design process does not have a single technology at its core but the clients’ brief. Long experience with this array of technologies is the key to successfully navigating the various possibilities.

We constantly aim to improve circular supply chains, using ingenuity, deep analysis and top-quality production. Containers with 10% more transport volume or 25% less return transport will undoubtedly impact highly competitive markets.

Professionalism and sustainability are core. We maintain a high interest in our clients’ development, from brief to the products’ end of service-life, always seeking to improve along the way. We invest time to stay up to date with technologies and struggle to cut costs and protect nature as much as possible.


The only way to achieve ambitious goals is by working closely with colleagues, customers, suppliers, and stakeholders. For this, we must preserve a high level of trust and ensure reciprocal confidence.

Loyalty is a key value for our team and we show enthusiasm in our work.


Each assignment is unique, as is every solution. Through our years of experience in many industries across Europe, we understand the hurdles and challenges of our customers. We are prepared to ingeniously translate our insight and knowledge of the logistic process into new and viable solutions that match your needs.

The Logimarkt team continues learning and expanding their logistics and packaging know-how. We are always aware of the latest discoveries that produce better and more reliable products. We incorporate innovations in our products as soon as they become available in our industry. We are always ready to advise our clients to make the best choice for their business.


We do not just sell products; we provide a complete service from producing a brief up to post-sale assistance in implementing our products in your logistic flow.

We know that excellent internal and external cooperation is the first step towards meeting the challenges of tomorrow. We build solid partnerships and act as team members for our clients, to help them accomplish their goals.


We are passionate and committed to doing a good job. We lead by example.

Tenacious and forward-thinking, always trying to tackle any possible issue upfront or without delay. That is the key to a long-term win-win partnership.


We care for the environmental carbon footprint of both our activity and our customers’.

We care for the environmental carbon footprint of both our activity and our customers’.

Made of recyclable and recycled materials and designed for a long life, returnable packaging helps achieve the total ROI for each item and tips the balance in favour of sustainability.



Success is never achieved in solitude. Therefore, we regard every encounter as a chance to partner for long-term success.