Attached Lid Containers

The stackable nestable crates with attached lid are also known as ALC boxes or totes. They can be stacked when they are full and the lid is closed, and nested when they are empty and the lid is open. Lidded crates and totes have two longitudinal hinged lids with a linear joint in between or interlocking fingers (also called ‘crocodile’ or ‘zipper’).

They usually have closed walls and bottom.

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ReferenceExternal dimensions (mm)Internal dimensions (mm)Weight (kg)Units per palletPallets per truck
Stackable plastic crate, produced in Romania, 400x300x222 mm, SNL4322-1301SNL4322-1301400 x 300 x 222345 x 270 x 1851.3518940HC containerView product
Stackable nestable attached lid plastic container with solid walls and base, 400x300x264 mm, SNL4326-1302SNL4326-1302400 x 300 x 264345 x 270 x 2321.6318040HC containerView product
HDPE plastic container with lateral arms for stacking, 400x300x306 mm, SNL4331-1303SNL4331-1303400 x 300 x 306345 x 270 x 3501.7018040HC containerView product
Nestable plastic boxes similar with Euro-Fix-Boxes, 400x300x356 mm, SNL4336-1304SNL4336-1304400 x 300 x 356345 x 270 x 3501.8018040HC containerView product
Stackable containers with hinged lid and linear closing, 590x400x365 mm, SNL5437-4906SNL5437-4906590 x 400 x 365500 x 320 x 3473.557633View product
Safe and hygienic space saving plastic box, 600x400x250 mm, SNL6425-4905SNL6425-4905600 x 400 x 250510 x 340 x 2322.6512033View product
Multiway containers for distribution, 600x400x250 mm, SNL6425-1305SNL6425-1305600 x 400 x 250510 x 340 x 2302.6512033View product
ALC containers for distribution, produced in Romania, 600x400x320 mm, SNL6432-1306SNL6432-1306600 x 400 x 320510 x 340 x 3002.908033View product
ALC stackable and nestable plastic containers with crocodile lids, 600x400x365 mm, SNL6437-1307SNL6437-1307600 x 400 x 365510 x 340 x 3453.557633View product
Sealable boxes with crocodile lids similar to Integra, Kaiman, Nesco, Poolbox, 600x400x410 mm, SNL6441-1508SNL6441-1508600 x 400 x 410492/540 x 321/370 x 3953.759626View product
ALC recommended for integral delivery of goods, 600x400x416 mm, SNL6442-4907SNL6442-4907600 x 400 x 416510 x 340 x 3983.908033View product
Boxes with hinges and lids similar to Integra, Kaiman, Nesco, Poolbox, 809x399x357 mm, SNL8436-5401SNL8436-5401809 x 399 x 357700/705 x 330/335 x 3114.275033View product
Stackable nestable plastic container SNL1006-1916SNL1006-19161000 x 575 x 540900 x 500 x 40012.002426View product

Advantages in using ALC boxes:

  • The sealable lids prevent products from getting lost, spilled or stolen from the boxes
  • The lids can not be lost as they are firmly attached to the box edge
  • They reduce freight costs for return transport, especially as there is no need for additional space for the lids – they are attached to the box’s upper rim
  • Optimized storage spaces
  • Better-organized working areas for improved productivity and a better work environment
  • They can be sealed with various types of seals for increased security
  • They can have label holders or special surfaces for self-adhesive labels


  • They are both very robust and light-weight; ergonomic in handling
  • The lid closing-system does not interfere with the nesting ability of the boxes
  • Optional clips or pins are available in various colors for coding/marking/control/quick identification of the content

A safe and hygienic packaging solution with a wide range of accessories available (for example internal insulation, ice packs, cooling packs etc.), these tote boxes can be used in pharma, retail, or home deliveries.

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