Bio-based packaging

Bio-based materials can be used as alternatives when fighting the heavy plastic waste disposed into landfills. They are made from renewable materials that have their origins in nature. Such materials can be paper (obtained from wood fibres), cellulose fibres or various plastics, such as bio-PE (made from sugar cane), corn starch, cellophane, bio-PET, PBA or natural rubber.

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  • Bio packaging for transporting beverages


    Logimarkt’s Biopack plant-based protective packaging is similar to expanded polystyrene and uses bio-based raw materials. It is made from residual waste from the maize, which is unsuitable for food production and heavily generated when corn is processed. To the composition, a natural binding agent is added. Thus the final product can have customized dimensions according to each client’s preferences.

    Biopack is biodegradable and breaks down quickly once it has been used. The environmentally friendly packaging can be composted or disposed of entirely in an organic waste bin (at home). Only the CO2 that the maize plant has accumulated throughout growth is released. Unlike polystyrene, Logimarkt’s plant-based packaging has a significantly lower overall CO2 footprint. Throughout its entire existence, it emits 51% less CO2. Therefore, it is a versatile packaging option that is sustainable and good for the environment.

    Application methods


    • Protective packaging during transports: Biopack is incredibly durable and impact-resistant, making it ideal for use as furniture or electronic device shipping packing. Products such as hand blenders, cabinets, or ovens are well-protected when transported from the producer to the retailer to the consumer.
    • Inlay packaging: due to the customizable property of the plant-based packaging, it can be used as an inlay for the transport or storage of small or sensitive goods, such as electronics, glass products or beverages.
    • Delivery packaging: Logimarkt’s biodegradable packaging can also be used for food transports due to its heat-insulating properties, similar to expanded polystyrene.
    • Safe to use packaging for the pharmaceutical industry: the Biopack solution from Logimarkt is a high-performance substitute for insulated packaging for pharmaceutical products due to its thermal insulating qualities. It performs insulation similarly to expanded polystyrene.

    More advantages of the Biopack customizable packaging:


    • Safe transport for temperature-sensitive goods is possible with environmentally friendly packaging.
    • It has the impact resistance and insulation capacities of similar materials, such as Styrofoam or Airpop. The structure and the touch are also similar.
    • It has antistatic properties.
    • 100% biodegradable.
    • Economical: compared to expanded polystyrene (EPS) packaging, Logimarkt’s plant-based protective packaging saves purchasing costs, disposal costs and licensing expenses for the packaging. Because it is completely made from natural, compostable ingredients, Biopack requires only 10% of EPS fees, a conventional plastic similar to the plant-based material.
    • Insulation performance: although its insulation properties are similar to the ones of expanded polystyrene, the Biopack solution is made of 100% biodegradable materials. Thus, it is entirely safe for transporting products for the food or pharmaceutical industries.
    • Resistant: it is safe and suitable for transport protection while delivering furniture or electric appliances.
    • Lightweight: similar to EPS due to its consistency and structure.
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  • Durable and protective biofilm cushioning for safe transports of furniture items

    Protective foam – buffer cushioning layers for packaging

    If you are looking for a way to pack your belongings without having to worry about the conditions of transport, which may alter your products, with our Bio-blocks you won’t have to think about it anymore!

    Our high-quality protection solutions guarantee the fact that your products will be transported (or stored) in the most efficient way, with no chance of damaging that can be done even when we think about the most fragile/delicate ones!

    Our product is user-friendly and reusable, which means that you can shape it in any form in order to suit your needs and you can have it for a longer period of time because of its flexible design, which allows you to save inventory costs and time too.

    The bio-blocks are a 3 cm high packing solution, perforated all around and attached to a sheet, which represents a green cushioning method for you to pack your belongings without having to worry about the environment, the safety of your goods and the eventual usage of the packing blocks.

    Application method

    Many of our bio-blocks are being attached to a biofilm, thus creating a protective and safe patented sheet that guarantees a high-quality shock absorption. The sheets are five pads wide and their lenght can extend to any dimension prefered by you.

    The product is easy to stick and to tear so that you will get maximum efficiency while working with our packing sollution. The bio-blocks can be folded and can be used in a combination with a packing machine.



    • in order to get the best protection for your goods, you can place it around each product or attached to the inside walls of the package;
    • the protection sheet can be folded or wrapped for an universal usage;
    • you can reshape it however you want to, by sticking it only to the corners of your products inside the package or using it as a divider between your belongings.

    The product is efficient for a lot of shapes, sizes and weights due to its flexibility and the endless ways to use it in order to obtain the most efficient installment to suit your needs. It can be placed around products such as electronics, furniture, tools, decorations, small parts, fragile items and more.  By using our bio-blocks, you will keep on being flexible and save a lot of time and money spent on the design, machinery and inventory.

    A reusable, eco-friendly solution

    Our patented sheet of bio-blocks can be reused due to its universal applicability and the quality of not being product specific. Because it is a product that does not encourage a single use, you will immediately start to witness a change in your packing routine once you start using our bio-blocks. You will consume less material while saving excessive costs of production for the packaging components.

    100% biodegradable

    The patented sheet of bio-blocks is certified according to EN13432, which implies that multiple tests have been done in order to ensure the biodegradable quality of our bio-blocks. Because they are biobased and 100% biodegradable, certain micro-organisms can break it down to water, carbon dioxide and biomass within five weeks by just using oxygen and moisture.

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  • Safe transport of electronics with protective cellulose trays

    Cellulose pulp trays

    Dissolving pulps have significantly evolved during the past ten years due to the rising consumption of regenerated cellulose, particularly viscose fibre. Cellulose, also known as dissolving pulp, is a crucial component of the pulp and paper industry and is produced in vast quantities.

    The main ingredients in pulp cellulose, used as a material from which packaging is made, are water and recycled paper. Some additives are added to the paste to provide moulded cellulose with specific properties like moisture resistance, colour, and exceptional shock resistance.

    Low impact on the environment – Molded cellulose is a material that has its origins in biomass (100% natural fibres). This material is highly eco-friendly during its production process (low use of natural resources and utilization of recycled fibres instead) and during its service life (non-polluting discharges are eliminated in nature).

    Wide range of applications: from moulded cellulose, many products can be manufactured to suit various applications, such as food containers, industrial inserts, cup holders, trays, etc.

    Logimarkt’s cellulose pulp trays are a packaging solution with numerous advantages:


    • Sustainable: pulp cellulose trays can replace most single-use plastics
    • Economical: has low costs compared to plastic packaging
    • Many applications in various industries: chemical and pharma, automotive, electronics, food and beverages, health and beauty, etc.
    • Environmentally friendly: doesn’t waste precious water resources, conserves energy, allows up to 99% material efficiency, and results in up to 90% fewer CO2 emissions
    • Recyclable, biodegradable and compostable, even in cases where they might accidentally end up in nature
    • Customizable

    Moreover, the cellulose pulp trays from Logimarkt offer unrivalled protection. They are specially designed to suit a company’s needs concerning the sizes and special requirements for the transported or stored goods. It can be used as a replacement for synthetic resin plastics, which are used during the conventional injection moulding process and has a damaging effect on the environment. The packaging proposed by Logimarkt allows storage even for items with complex shapes. It can be used for many products from various industries.

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  • Films, rigid containers, foamed containers, and various food, medical, and other packaging components have all been made using petroleum-based polymers. The packaging industry is compelled to create sustainable packaging due to rising environmental concerns, improved knowledge of greenhouse gas emissions and their harmful impacts, disposal and landfill challenges, and increased oil prices. The best materials that meet these new sustainability standards are bio-based or generated from biological sources rather than petroleum. Although paper and other bio-based materials have been used extensively in the packaging segment, more effective solutions are required.

    To achieve sustainable packaging, new bio-based materials, including biopolymers, will be developed in addition to upgrading existing bio-based packaging.

    The advantages of bio-based packaging are that they can be used as an alternative to packaging made from raw materials and, at the end of their service life, they can be recycled without having to worry about the impact left on the environment.

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