Bio-based Packaging

Bio-based packaging is about embracing sustainability. At the forefront of sustainable packaging, our bio-based materials, made from renewable resources, are an important testimony to our commitment to eco-friendly practices. These innovative packaging solutions are essential in addressing the major problem of plastic waste accumulation in landfills.

Our range of eco packaging materials includes paper from wood fibers, cellulose fibers, and a variety of bioplastics like bio-PE, derived from sugarcane, corn starch, cellophane, bio-PET, PBA, and natural rubber, making them ideal for creating recyclable packaging and recycled packaging solutions.

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  • Bio packaging for transporting beverages


    Logimarkt’s Biopack offers a plant-based protective packaging alternative to expanded polystyrene. Similar in appearance and performance, our Biopack is a clear choice from a sustainability perspective, thanks to its use of bio-based materials.

    This eco-friendly packaging is made from maize residual waste, a byproduct of corn processing not suitable for food production. Enhanced with natural binders, Biopack can be tailored to meet individual client specifications, offering custom dimensions for diverse packaging needs such as bottle boxes and biodegradable boxes.

    The standout feature of Biopack is its biodegradable nature, ensuring it decomposes swiftly after use. This environmentally friendly packaging solution, suitable for a sustainable package, can be composted or simply disposed of in home organic waste bins. In doing so, it only releases the CO2 previously absorbed during the maize plant’s growth cycle. Significantly more sustainable than traditional polystyrene, Biopack exhibits a substantially reduced CO2 footprint, emitting 51% less CO2 throughout its lifecycle. This makes Biopack not just an environmentally conscious choice, but a versatile and sustainable packaging solution for a range of applications.

    Versatile Applications of Biopack

    1. Protective Packaging: Biopack’s durability and impact resistance make it ideal for transporting furniture and electronic devices, ensuring your products reach their destination safely.
    2. Inlay Packaging: Customizable to your needs, Biopack is perfect for securing small or delicate items during transport and storage. A few such examples are electronics, glass products, or beverages.
    3. Delivery Packaging: Leveraging its heat-insulating properties, our biodegradable boxes are suitable for food transportation. They mirror the effectiveness of expanded polystyrene.
    4. Pharmaceutical Packaging: Biopack’s thermal insulation makes it a reliable choice for the pharmaceutical industry. It provides safe and sustainable packaging for temperature-sensitive products.

    Key Benefits of Biopack

    • Environmentally Friendly: Biopack is an eco packaging solution that safely transports temperature-sensitive goods with minimal environmental impact.
    • Durable and Insulating: With properties akin to Styrofoam or Airpop, Biopack offers excellent impact resistance and insulation, along with a similar feel and structure.
    • Antistatic: Ensures safe transportation of sensitive electronic items.
    • 100% Biodegradable: Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in Biopack’s fully compostable nature.
    • Economical: Compared to expanded polystyrene (EPS) packaging, Biopack is more economical, reducing purchase, disposal, and licensing costs.
    • Insulation Performance: Offering similar insulation to EPS, Biopack is made of 100% biodegradable materials, making it safe for transporting food or pharmaceutical products.
    • Lightweight: Its EPS-like consistency and structure make Biopack an ideal, lightweight packaging solution.
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  • Durable and protective biofilm cushioning for safe transports of furniture items

    Eco-Friendly Protective Foam – Buffer Cushioning for Packaging

    The Bio-blocks represent a solution for securing items during transit or storage. They ensure the safety and integrity of products, especially fragile and delicate ones. These eco-friendly packaging blocks are protective, user-friendly, and reusable. Their adaptable design allows for molding into any desired shape. This way, they provide a long-lasting and cost-effective solution that reduces inventory expenses and saves time.

    Bio-blocks, standing 3 cm tall and featuring a perforated design attached to a sheet, offer a sustainable cushioning method for packing items. They further align with the principles of environmentally friendly packaging. The environmental impact and safety of goods are no longer concerns with these blocks.

    Application Methods:

    Bio-blocks, combined with a biofilm, create a patented, protective sheet that delivers exceptional shock absorption. The sheets, comprising five pads in width, can be extended to any preferred length. The design facilitates ease of use, with simple application and removal processes for efficient packaging. Whether used with a packing machine or manually, these blocks provide versatile and effective protection. They can be folded for diverse uses, such as:

    1. Surrounding each item or lining package walls for optimal product protection.
    2. Folding or wrapping the sheet for versatile applications.
    3. Custom shaping for specific package requirements, like corner placement or as dividers.

    Suitable for a variety of shapes, sizes, and weights due to their flexibility, Bio-blocks ensure an efficient fit for products like electronics, furniture, tools, decorations, small parts, and fragile items. This adaptable solution reduces the need for specific design, machinery, and inventory, saving time and money.

    Reusable and Environmentally Conscious:

    The patented bio-block sheets can be reused, thanks to their universal design and non-product specific nature. This leads to more efficient packing routines, lower material consumption, and reduced production costs for packaging components. Their 100% biodegradable certification according to EN13432 ensures that they decompose into environmentally harmless substances. This ensures a minimal ecological footprint.

    Bio-blocks represent a sustainable, efficient, and cost-effective packaging solution, aligning with eco-conscious values and practices.

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  • Safe transport of electronics with protective cellulose trays

    Cellulose Pulp Trays

    Over the past decade, dissolving pulps have seen significant advancements. This is due to the growing demand for regenerated cellulose, especially in the form of viscose fibre. Cellulose, a crucial component in the pulp and paper industry, is produced in large quantities. It is integral in creating sustainable packaging solutions. Cellulose pulp, used in packaging, primarily consists of water and recycled paper. To increase its properties, additives are mixed in. They give cellulose qualities such as moisture resistance, colour and shock resistance.

    Eco-Friendly Impact: Molded cellulose originates from 100% natural fibers or biomass, making it an environmentally friendly choice. Its production process minimizes the use of natural resources and emphasizes the utilization of recycled fibers. Throughout its lifecycle, it contributes positively to the environment by eliminating non-polluting discharges.

    Versatility in Applications: Molded cellulose can be transformed into a diverse range of products. They are suitable for various applications, such as food containers, industrial inserts, cup holders, and trays.

    Advantages of Cellulose Pulp Trays:

    • Sustainable: These trays are a viable alternative to single-use plastics.
    • Economical: They offer a cost-effective solution compared to plastic packaging.
    • Wide Industry Applications: Ideal for sectors like chemicals, pharmaceuticals, automotive, electronics, food and beverages, health, and beauty.
    • Environmentally Friendly: They conserve water, save energy, achieve high material efficiency, and significantly reduce CO2 emissions.
    • Recyclable, Biodegradable, and Compostable: Their eco-friendly nature extends to easy disposal and minimal environmental impact.
    • Customizable: Tailored to meet specific requirements and applications.

    Cellulose pulp trays provide excellent protection and are adaptable to various needs, including size and specific requirements for transported or stored goods. They represent an eco-conscious alternative to synthetic resin plastics used in conventional injection molding. Suitable for items with complex shapes, these trays are versatile for a wide range of products in many industries. This highlights their effectiveness as a sustainable packaging solution.

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  • The packaging industry, traditionally reliant on petroleum-based polymers for producing films, rigid containers, foamed containers, and various components for food, medical, and other uses, is now facing a key change. Delicate environmental concerns, a deeper understanding of greenhouse gas emissions and their harmful effects, challenges associated with disposal and landfills, and rising oil prices are driving the industry towards sustainable packaging solutions. In this context, bio-based materials, derived from biological sources rather than petroleum, are emerging as the ideal materials to meet these new sustainability criteria. While paper and other bio-based materials have long been used in the packaging sector, there’s an increasing need for more effective and innovative solutions.

    To truly realize sustainable packaging, the development of new bio-based materials, including biopolymers, is crucial. This will complement and enhance the existing bio-based packaging options.

    The key advantage of bio-based packaging lies in its lifecycle: these materials serve as viable alternatives to conventional packaging during their use. They can be recycled at the end of their service life without leaving a significant environmental footprint. This approach not only addresses current environmental challenges but also paves the way for a more sustainable future in packaging.

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