Cellular polypropylene or corrugated plastic is a very resistant material from which can be made packaging on any dimensions. It is a material resistant to impact, to various chemicals and humidity, light-weighted, easy to use and maintain.

Corrugated plastic resistance is given by the  thickness and density of the material.

The boxes produced from cellular polypropylene (known also as Akylux, Cartonplast, Alveoplast, Duraflex, Triplex, corrugated plastic) can be reused many times and are light weighted compared to their strength.

Corrugated plastic is a solution 100% recyclable. Its durable structure makes it suitable for use in most of the industries, from automotive or agriculture, to distribution and retail.

Corrugated plastic is the alternative to packaging intended to light weighted products with atypical shapes or oversized dimensions.

The boxes can have the following options :

  • foldable
  • stackable
  • to respect a certain FEFCO code
  • with plastic or aluminum frames
  • with ‘U’ frames and stacking corners or ‘h’ frames
  • with internal separators and dunnage, custom made
  • with ESD or VCI properties
  • laminate inside with non-woven anti-scratch material (Tyvek, Evolon, Royal Fabric, Softforce fabric, etc.)
  • with various accessories like plastic handles, label holders, stacking corners, lids or covers, internal separators and dunnage
  • with welded edges to prevent the water from infiltrating
  • The Corrugated Plastic Stackable Trays A7131

    The Corrugated Plastic Stackable Trays A7131

    The Corrugated Plastic Stackable Trays are designed to combine the need for a high-quality, reusable, economical product that can be stored in a small storage unit; with the need for a job done well. The material from which the corrugated plastic stackable trays are made of has a superior quality and it is prepared to fit your needs. The technology from which our product is made allows the tray to be easily compacted and at the instalation, the need to use glue or other parts that require time to be connected is avoided. With this product, stacking corners can be added at the top of the boxes to allow more corrugated cardboard packaging to be placed on top of each other, thus saving space in the warehouses.

  • Clear stackable trays A7261

    Clear stackable trays A7261

    Clear stackable trays are made of PET plastic, specially designed to make it easier to verify their contents. They are used in the food industry, where supervision of easily alterable foods is required during transport. When storing, they take up little space and allow them to be reused. They have a simple assembly system, being easy to install by anyone. The transparent boxes, which can be used both for storing food and during the transportation, are designed to allow the attachment of corners that makes them stackable. The stacking corners are attached to the top of the boxes, over which another one can be placed. The boxes have incorporated, in their composition, handles that allow them to be better held during the trasnportation by commercial workers.

  • Boxes with stacking corners and U frame

    Boxes with stacking corners and U frame

    These packaging are suited for application where is needed a superior resistance of the boxes and also the possibility to be stacked.

    Handling can be done using the open handles.

    Corrugated plastic boxes with stacking corners and ‘U’ frame can be produced on any dimensions.

  • Plastic walls alveolar thickness 10 mm density 3000 g-m2

    Foldable boxes

    Foldable boxes from corrugated plastic are ideal to store and transport products with large dimensions and atypical shapes, when the client intends to decrease the costs with return transport.

    The folding can be done either by using the special foldable corners which are mobile, or by folding the walls against the box base.

    These boxes also can have handles for a better handling.

    They can be used with fix of foldable internal separators and dunnage from various materials, compatible with the products placed inside the boxes.

    They are recommended for light weight pieced from plastic or foam.

  • Cellular polypropylene box with plastic stacking corners and doubled edges for operator protection

    Boxes with plastic corners

    Corrugated plastic boxes with stacking corners can be used to store the products with medium and light weights, and for which there is no need for protection lids or covers, or for special reinforcement with frames.

    This way, this solution with stacking corners offer the possibility to safely stack the boxes, but at a low price.

    They can be used together with a wide range of internal separators and dunnage from foams, corrugated plastic, compact plastic custom made, foldable, etc.

    They can have handles or not.

  • Akylux box with aluminum frame and stacking corners

    Boxes with aluminum frame

    The purpose of the frame mounted on the edge of the box is to give rigidity to this one, add resistance and safety when this one is stacked .

    It is recommended for medium or heavy loads.

  • Corrugated plastic box with h plastic frame

    Boxes with plastic frame

    If the target is to optimize the box weight, the plastic frame is the solution.

    Even if it is a light weight material, it’s robust and also offers the box an increased resistance, and even if the stacking is needed, this can be done using the ‘h’ profile with external safety edge.

    There can be placed internal separators and dunnage, they can have handles on the short sides, the long sides, and, in case of long boxes, even on both long and short sides.

  • Cellular polypropylene FEFCO box

    FEFCO boxes

    FEFCO represents the standard of the European federation of cardboard boxes producers.

    FEFCO boxes form corrugated plastic are the superior alternative to these cardboard boxes.

    The advantage of this standard is that all the boxes are delivered in single sheets with markings which help the customers to easy build them. In general, FEFCO boxes do not need lids or covers, these being constitutive parts of the respective boxes.

    Basically, with FEFCO corrugated plastic boxes produced by Logimarkt, you can have all the advantages of the FEFCO standard, to which are added the ones of the corrugated plastic:

    • higher resistance to impact than the cardboard models
    • resistance to humidity
    • they can be used for a wider range of products than the cardboard version which can be inaesthetic or not enough resistant in certain situations
    • they ca be reused for a long term, they have a longer service life
    • being returnable, the costs with packaging are decreasing
    • They have a more attractive aspect: they can be personalized, they can be produced on different colors, there can be printed various information, they become a valuable marketing tool
    • they can be used with separators or internal protection