Corrugated plastic dividers and internal separators

Tailored to fit any container, the corrugated plastic separators are suitable for both large, sensitive items and smaller parts that must avoid bulk packing.

Despite being lightweight, corrugated plastic boasts robust resistance to impact and deformation. It effectively manages humidity, while also offering thermal and sound insulation properties. Not only is it easy to handle, clean, and maintain, but it also stays free from dust and lint. This material ensures your goods remain visually appealing and internally protected.

Available in different thicknesses, densities, and colors, corrugated plastic can be laminated with technical foams like XPE, XLPE, EVA, EPE, and PU, or with textiles such as Tyvek, Evolon, Royal, and Soft Fabric, PVC, safeguarding your package contents from scratches.

Corrugated plastic might be encountered under various names, such as Cartonplast, Duraflex, and Triplex, and it will always be a sturdy material, ideal for creating dividers and internal separators of all shapes and sizes.

Logimarkt expertly accommodates to the distinct requirements of each industry and project. Recognizing the unique needs, the specific challenges and nuances of each industry is key to our product creation. We also focus on cost-saving and efficiency – thus our custom packaging solutions give a competitive edge and contributes to the success of any business.

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  • cellular polypropylene dividers for sensitive goods with anti-shock protection

    Laminated cellular plastic dividers

    Plastic dividers and separators are versatile tools used across various industries to ensure the safe transit and storage of valuable items, including:

    Glass and ceramics: Robust corrugated separators provide a secure fit, safeguarding goods during production, storage, and transport.

    Beverages: Though beverages differ, the need for protection is universal. These compartments shield bottles, labels, and other contents within cardboard boxes.

    Food industry: For food items, safety is crucial. Dividers optimize storage, maximizing space adjustment and ensuring transport packaging stability. These stackable, cost-effective dividers are odorless and tasteless, ensuring product integrity.

    Automotive: With modern vehicles comprising numerous parts, dedicated packaging for each component ensures their safe storage and transport.

    Pharma: These dividers allow for efficient stacking and storage, maximizing space utility while ensuring stability.

    Electronics: Dividers enhance storage efficiency and cost-effectiveness, especially for electronics with space constraints.


    Using laminated separators is the essential choice for packing sensitive items, ensuring they’re shielded from scratches and shocks.

    Laminated separators are the go-to choice for packing sensitive items, offering protection against scratches and shocks. Lamination can incorporate various materials like foams (e.g., PU, XLPE, EPE, PE, XPE) and non-woven anti-scratch fabrics (e.g., Tyvek, Evolon, Royal, Soft Fabric). Padding can be affixed on either or both sides through adhesives or sewing. Notably, non-woven fabrics are particularly apt for delicate items.

    Foam inserts in these separators significantly reduce the potential for damage from impacts during transit or handling, tailored to specific packaging needs. These foam protections are versatile, suitable for both manual and automated production processes.

    Laminating alveolar plastic separators not only ensures product safety during storage or transit but also reduces waste resulting from inadequate packaging. Cellular polypropylene laminated separators, in particular, are highly valued in the automotive sector, especially for components demanding flawless surfaces.

    These dividers are suitable for both one-way and reusable systems. They are available in varying sizes, colors, weights, and dimensions to meet individual client requirements.

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  • lightweight corrugated plastic cabinets for transport and storage of long products and hot pieces

    Corrugated plastic racks

    Corrugated plastic racks, partitioned for convenience, are versatile storage solutions. They can stand alone or serve as dividers within various containers like metal platforms, trolleys, Flatpac, or injected containers, and can accommodate injected or twin-sheet lids and pallets. Available in any size, these racks can be customized to fit your needs.

    Personalization options include product codes, logos, and other vital information. To safeguard contents during transport or storage, front access can be shielded for additional protection.

    Predominantly, these racks are utilized to store and transport long items ergonomically and efficiently. They also find use with items requiring cooling post-hot-injection machine processing.

    When placed on a trolley, this system proves highly efficient for storing injected components before transferring them to another assembly department. Utilizing this rack saves operators valuable time when compared to the alternative of handling individual boxes that must be retrieved and stacked on top of one another on a pallet.

    Despite their lightness, corrugated plastic racks assure robustness, thanks to their characteristic alveolar structure.

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  • durable and stable plastic dividers for transport and storage of automotive components

    Custom-Made Compact Plastic Dividers

    Tailored-made compact plastic dividers are manufactured to meet the unique requirements of your project.

    Designed for heavy-weight products, they prevent damage that could be caused to softer inserts or separators.

    Compact plastic, while slightly weightier than corrugated plastic, offers enhanced rigidity, durability, and stability.

    Welding is utilized to create three-dimensional structures.

    Ideal for greasy products, these dividers are easy to clean and wash without sustaining damage.

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  • protective and easy to clean dividers dunnage

    Foldable Dividers

    Alveolar plastic foldable dividers optimize return transport and storage space by easily removing and folding them away from their primary packaging, thus creating distinct cells within a larger container.

    These dividers work seamlessly with various containers, whether rigid or foldable, such as injected or alveolar plastic boxes, large containers, containers crafted from modular stacking frames, Flatpac containers, or metal racks. Notably, when utilized with foldable boxes, the dividers can be folded alongside the box, saving significant time and effort.

    Integrating containers with detachable, foldable dividers enables the straightforward repurposing of crates by simply introducing new partitions.

    Operators find folding and unfolding the separators straightforward, enhancing productivity and work satisfaction.

    Precisely engineered to stay flat when folded, these foldable dividers bridge the gap between a truly efficient logistic solution and mediocre options that cause more complications than solutions.

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  • rigid dividers with different heights

    Rigid Dividers with Integrated Bases

    These sturdy dividers are crafted from cellular polypropylene and come with built-in bases, forming small, customizable boxes. They can be further adapted with the use of internal separators, tailored for specific applications.

    A generous array of designs is available, including boxes of varied heights, trays, options with or without handles, and with or without lids, among others. They can securely nest products with irregular shapes, optimizing internal space.

    Compatible with injected or Flatpac containers, these dividers can be utilized with various medium to large packaging systems.

    Easy to handle and transfer between different workstations within the logistic flow, they can be quickly removed from their containers.

    Their rigidity means they maintain their shape without requiring a surrounding box.

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  • Alveolar plastic separators showcase a range of designs – some feature parallel rows of cells while others, often made with Duraflex or Triplex, are engineered for structural rigidity against bending in both directions.

    Standard sheets have a maximum thickness of 11 mm, but for enhanced rigidity and thicker options, multi-layered sheets can be custom-produced.

    These separators can be integrated into any packaging type: Flatpac containers, alveolar plastic boxes, injected plastic packaging (like boxes, trays, and containers), or metal trolleys.

    Their primary functions include protecting contents from scratches, abrasion, and deformation, and effectively organizing the interior space of boxes, shuttles, and containers. Not only does optimizing space equate to cost efficiency in transport and storage when safely and properly executed, but also nesting products can maximize the internal space usage. This approach to reducing processes, weight, and space has a substantial impact in large industries, where minor savings are multiplied exponentially.

    An example of nested items is shown in the image below:


    Nested packaging


    Internal separators notably enhance operator ergonomics, handling efficiency in production, and operational speed and productivity.

    Alveolar plastic stands out as an economical and versatile material, thus reducing packaging-related costs. It can be printed using various techniques like screen printing, hot printing, and flexo-printing, and in multiple colors.

    Utilizing internal separators leverages the advantages of the material by:

    • Lowering shipping costs due to their lightweight nature
    • Reducing overall packaging costs owing to their durability
    • Allowing for ESD antistatic or VCI anti-corrosive properties
    • Being recyclable at the end of their lifecycle

    Cellular polypropylene separators are moisture-resistant and withstand acids and oils. They protect contents against mechanical shocks, are anti-corrosive, and highly resistant to bleaching.

    Logimarkt’s expert design team is always ready to create tailor-made solutions to meet any specific requirements, across a complete range of materials and calibrated characteristics.

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