Corrugated plastic dividers and internal separators

Cellular polypropylene (alveolar/corrugated plastic, Cartonplast, Duraflex, and Triplex) is a resistant material suitable for assembling internal separators of various shapes and sizes to fit any container. These dividers can be produced for large, sensitive parts and small parts that cannot be packed in bulk.

Although light in weight, corrugated plastic is resistant to impact and deformation, handles humidity well and adds thermal and anti-noise properties. It is easy to handle, clean and maintain, and does not generate dust or lint. Corrugated plastic maintains a pleasant exterior appearance and crucial interior protection for the goods.

Corrugated plastic may come in various thicknesses, densities and colors. It can be laminated with technical foam (XPE, XLPE, EVA, EPE, PU) or with textile materials that protect the content of the packaging from scratching (Tyvek, Evolon, Royal Fabric, Softforce fabric and others).

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