Duraster sheets

Duraster separators are an essential product for the food industry. They are basic autoclave equipment in the sterilizing process of cans or jars.

The layer pads are produced to resist very high temperatures, and their compact design allows introduction into the sterilization chamber in boiling water. They are developed to meet strict standards. Another characteristic is their resistance to sudden temperature variations without cracking or degrading.

They are used as layers inside the container, guaranteeing correct stacking during sterilization. Due to their anti-slip characteristics and stability, they ensure safe unloading when the process ends.

These mats have smooth sides and anti-slip properties to protect the products from bumping while washing or sterilizing. They safely separate layers, limiting damages or even reducing them to zero.

The mats are produced from food-approved material with good mechanical and anti-scratch but are also resistant to chemicals. They are meant to work in wet environments and fully resist corrosion. The sheets can have different densities, tensile strengths, and hardness depending on the application.

They can be manufactured in any shape or size with no quality compromise. Precise fabrication ensures good finishing and a stable form.

As they are lighter than metal versions, they reduce the pressure exerted on the products and increase the number of products that can be sterilized in one stack or cycle. Minor optimizations with costs and energy, increased production/ productivity, better delivery schedules to the end customers, and higher sales volumes are immediate effects.

Duraster sheets have numerous perforations to allow water to drain and dry out after sterilization but also allow the hot water and air to reach all products placed inside. This leads to a controlled and thorough process.

The autoclave layer sheets are made of high-quality compound material, economical and reusable for many heavy-duty use cycles.

Duraster sheets are viable for small quantity production, according to necessities. Their characteristics can be perfectly adjusted for any application. If needed, the bottom layer pad can be thicker than the rest of the layers. Mats can also be produced with rubber protection on both sides.

They are compatible with both manual and automated handling.

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