Duraster sheets

Duraster separators are a fundamental product for the food industry. These are used as basic autoclave equipment in the sterilizing process of cans or jars.

The layer pads are produced to resist really high temperatures and due to their compact design can be introduced inside the sterilization chamber, in very hot water, being developed to be used in conditions of maximum rigor. Also, they resist many and repeated temperature changes, without the danger of cracking during the process or after it.

They are placed as layers inside the recipient, between the rows with tins, guarantying a correct stacking during the sterilization, and due to the anti-slip characteristics and stability, they ensure a safe unload of the products when the process ends.

These mats have smooth sides and together with the mentioned anti-slip properties, protect the products from getting bumped during the process, safely separating the layers, and limiting the damages or even reducing them to zero.

They are produced from food-approved material with good mechanical and anti-scratch characteristics and are resistant to chemicals. As they are meant to function in environments with a high degree of moisture, it is important to know that they are resistant to corrosion. The sheets they are produced from, can have different densities, tensile strengths, and hardness, depending on the application.

They also have a high elasticity and flexibility grade in manufacturing any shape or size, without minimizing the quality, and the fabrication process guarantees a good finishing without deformities.

As they are lighter than the metal versions, they limit the pressure exerted on the products and increase this way the number of products that can be sterilized in one cycle. This means of course optimized costs with energy, increased production/ productivity, better delivery schedule to the end customers, and higher sales volumes.

The Duraster sheets have numerous perforations which allow the water to drain and dry out after the sterilization process ends but also allow for the hot water and high temperature to reach all the products placed inside, correctly carrying on the process.

The autoclave layer sheets are high-quality and economical reusable equipment which can be used for many life cycles, as due to their design and robust compound material they are produced from, they resist intensive and heavy-duty use.

A big plus is the fact that the technology also allows the production of Duraster sheets in small numbers, depending on the necessities, and they can be customized and produced exactly after the drawing provided by the customer, perfectly adjusting this way to each individual request. If needed, the bottom layer pad can be thicker than the rest of the layers, or the mats can be produced with rubber protection on both sides.

They are compatible with both manual and automated handling.

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