Duraster sheets

Duraster sheets, often referred to as Duraster autoclave separators, have become an essential equipment for food processing. Used as layer pads for sterilization of cans and jars, these sheets are a core component in the autoclave process.

Key Features:

  • Temperature Resilience: Duraster sheets can endure high temperatures, making them perfect for insertion into a sterilization chamber filled with boiling water. They showcase exceptional resistance to sudden temperature variations, ensuring no cracks or degradation.
  • Stacking & Stability: As essential autoclave layer sheets, Duraster separators guarantee correct stacking during sterilization. Their anti-slip characteristics and stability provide safe unloading post-process.
  • Protective Design: With smooth sides and anti-slip properties, these spacer mats shield products from potential damages during washing or sterilization phases. They act as spacer sheets, minimizing damages efficiently.
  • Material & Resistance: Manufactured from food-approved materials, Duraster sheets are not only mechanically robust and anti-scratch but also display resistance to chemicals. Designed to function in wet environments, they are corrosion-resistant.
  • Customization: Duraster sheets can be tailored in terms of densities, tensile strengths, and hardness based on the application. They can be fabricated in any shape or size, ensuring quality remains uncompromised.
  • Efficiency & Perforation: Lighter than metal alternatives, these autoclave layer sheets allow more products in one sterilization cycle. Their perforated design ensures water drains post sterilization, while also enabling hot water and air to permeate every product, ensuring comprehensive sterilization.
  • Material Quality: These layer pads for sterilization are composed of a superior compound material, making them economical while being reusable across many cycles.
  • Flexibility in Production: Duraster sheets are adaptable for batch production, suiting various requirements. Whether you need the bottom layer pad thicker or rubber protection on both sides, these sheets can be adjusted accordingly.
  • Handling Compatibility: These perforated spacer mats for autoclave are compatible with both manual and automated handling, enhancing their utility in the food processing equipment realm.

Considering food processing equipment, Duraster sheets or Duraster separators, stand out as a versatile and efficient solution. Whether you're looking at their role as autoclave layer sheets, their function as layer pads for sterilization, or their utility as spacer mats, their benefits in ensuring efficient and safe food processing are undeniable.

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