From protective foam are produced packaging and inserts/dunnage which are used to transport various products, to fix the items inside presentation cases for samples (cosmetics, medicines, boxes with different sets of instruments, from medical to fine instruments for industrial use) or to produce presentation/display packaging in luxury stores (writing instruments, watches, jewelry, fine alcoholic drinks, phones or various electronic gadgets, etc.).

There can be used multiple foam types, depending on the solicitations and the compatibility with the application they are needed for. The most used types of technical foam are polyurethane (PU), polyethylene (XPE) and expanded polyethylene (EPE), and they can be produced in various colors, or with ESD properties.

Regardless the type, the foams are offering superior protection due to their shock absorption capacity  and the property to quickly return to their initial shape. They also have the advantage to be cut exactly on the shape of the product, like a mold, the items being firmly fixed in the packaging without the possibility to move during transport. In the case of the displays, the external presentation box can be leaned (if necessary), without the risk of the product to fall because of the position.

The main advantages of the foam packaging and dunnage/inserts are:

  • Very good protection against shocks and scratches for the transported goods
  • Low packaging weight, which leads to small environmental tax
  • Customization possibilities at a very good price, even for small production series
  • Thermo isolation properties, resistance to humidity (prevents the molds from forming or the spread of bacteria), resistance to tear
  • Attractive aspect and presentation
  • XLPE foam packaging and interior dunnage inserts FIEP8755

    XLPE foam packaging and interior dunnage inserts

    XLPE is a type of very smooth PE crosslink foam (the cells are closely tied together for an increased resistance), which offers an excellent protection to impact and vibrations, and absorbs the shocks. The cell structure is compact, evenly (the density of closed cells is high), has a nice touch, is a good thermo isolator, is resistant to humidity, oils or solvents, to molds or bacteria, and protects against scratches.

    It can be produced also as version with permanent or antistatic (limited time) ESD properties.

    It is suited to pack and protect the products which are very sensitive to scratches or just fragile in general, like the auto components, military range equipment, medical items, components for high precision devices.

    There can be produced separators, protections for the walls of various packaging, buffer protections, corners, inserts for sample and presentation boxes.

    Due to its high resistance, XLPE foam is mostly suited for applications where the thickness of the separators or protections needs to be a little bit higher, but in these situations the light weight property helps also, so the transport costs can be maintained at advantageous levels, or even decreased.

    XLPE separators can be used as single material for multilayer inserts in boxes, or they can be sticked on cellular polypropylene sheets to fix the pieces.

    The insert zones can be cut or cropped straight or in angle, which increases a lot the internal space use ratios, of the boxes or containers.

    The products can be placed in a single row if the application does not allow it, but due to the resistance to vibrations and the high level of shock absorption, XLPE foam helps in placing multiple layers of products in one single packaging, without compromising them.

  • PE polyethylene foam packaging and interior dunnage inserts

    PE (polyethylene) foam packaging and interior dunnage inserts

    The PE (polyethylene) adhesive foam packaging and internal dunnage are very light weighted and efficient in protecting the pieces with small and medium dimensions (measuring instruments, precision tooling, auto components) during transportation and storage.

    When designing the PE closed cell foam packaging, the aesthetics is taken into consideration, being preferred for the display of jewelry, expensive watches or exclusive writing instruments promoted by famous brands.

    The polyethylene internal dunnage are placed inside the boxes shaped as simple or layered inserts, precisely adapting to the shape of the packed product, protecting it from shocks, vibrations and dust.

    This foam packaging type is able to neutralize an electric charge, maintaining in the same time a high and constant mechanical protection.

  • ESD PU foam internal separators for PCB

    PU (polyurethane) foam packaging and interior dunnage inserts

    The PU (polyurethane) adhesive foam packaging are perfect to protect the sensitive goods during their transport.

    The PU foam internal separators or dividers offer protection against shocks and dust for measuring devices, IT-hardware, medical equipment, auto components and other devices in any form or dimension.

    Logimarkt produces many shapes of polyurethane closed cell foam inserts, like:

    • internal dunnage for PU boxes
    • trays for tooling boxes
    • cutouts for fixing the objects during transportation
    • boxes
    • polyurethane foam profiles

    PU foams can be found also in the version with ESD properties.

  • EPE foam protective corners for packaging in cardboard boxes

    EPE (expanded polyethylene) foam packaging and interior dunnage inserts

    The EPE (expanded polyethylene) adhesive foam is a technical foam obtained by expanding the low density polyethylene granules in the presence of expansion blowing agents. This closed cell foam is used as packaging solution within the glass industry sector, ceramics and electronics. It has a high resistance to aging and excellent thermo and phonic properties. From expanded polyethylene foam it can be obtained:

    • inserts for inside the boxes
    • profiles for furniture or glass products protection
    • brackets for fixing the products inside the boxes
    • packaging which adapts to the shape of the products
    • fireproof foam

    The EPE (expanded polyethylene) foam packaging and sponge or foam internal dunnage protect the products against shocks, vibrations or dust during transportation and storage.