Foldable Agri crates

Agriculture is the heart of every civilization. Today, storage and transportation are just as important in this industry as growing and harvesting fruits and vegetables.

Logimarkt offers different types of returnable foldable boxes that meet all needs in all stages, considering handling, loading capacity, minimum logistic costs, products’ safety and quality, optimized activity flow and waste management.

These foldable containers are helpful to all actors: farmers, retailers or hypermarket chains. At all stages, from harvesting, garden/ greenhouse storage, delivery and display in stores, small or large.

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External dimensions
Length (0 - 600)
Width (0 - 400)
Height (0 - 300)
ReferenceExternal dimensions (mm)Internal dimensions (mm)Units per palletWeight (kg)
Foldable virgin polypropylene boxes producer, compatibility with: Prelog, Ifco, Europool, Twistlock, Ortus, RPC Active Lock, 400x300x114 mm, LM FAB 43114FSC4317-5307400 x 300 x 114374 x 274 x 1066240.72View product
Multi purpose foldable container, produced in Romania, 400x300x174 mm, LM FAB 43174FSC4317-5311400 x 300 x 174374 x 274 x 1666240.88View product
Food eligible plastic container fast fold and unfold, 600x400x118 mm, LM FAB 64118FSC6412-5316600 x 400 x 118575 x 373 x 1103121.43View product
Producer plastic container with perforated walls, compatibility with: Prelog, Ifco, Europool, Twistlock, Ortus, RPC Active Lock, 600x400x173 mm, LM FAB 64173FSC6417-5303600 x 400 x 173575 x 373 x 1653121.78View product
Manufacturer collapsible plastic totes, can be made with wood look RPC, 600x400x173 mm, LM FAB 64173CFSC6417-5322600 x 400 x 173575 x 373 x 1653121.84View product
Hygienic and easy to clean plastic and foldable boxes, can be made with wood look RPC, produced in Romania, 600x400x229 mm, LM FAB 64229FSC6423-5320600 x 400 x 229572 x 372 x 2202641.91View product
ReferenceExternal dimensions (mm)Internal dimensions (mm)Weight (kg)
Virgin HD-PE perforated foldable box for mobile presentation island, 600x400x120 mm, LM FAB 6412FSC4318-9804400 x 300 x 180270 x 370 x 1601.13View product
Virgin HD-PE perforated foldable box for mobile presentation island, 600x400x120 mm, LM FAB 6412FSC6412-9803600 x 400 x 120570 x 370 x 1001.45View product
Virgin HD-PE perforated foldable box for mobile presentation island, 600x400x120 mm, LM FAB 6412FSC6418-9802600 x 400 x 180570 x 370 x 1601.83View product
Virgin HD-PE perforated foldable box for mobile presentation island, 600x400x120 mm, LM FAB 6412FSC6423-9801600 x 400 x 230570 x 370 x 2101.98View product

This category of dedicated agriculture foldable crates is produced only from high-quality impact-resistant injected plastic and designed to withstand daily intensive folding and unfolding. Transport, delivery, stacking and storage included.

These foldable crates save up to 85% of the space when not used. Their long-tested sturdy design ensures a long service life.

The foldable Agri Crates have a constant own weight to simplify weighing products to the fullest.

Suppliers favour them for:

  • Higher sales turnover, as retailers prefer this solution
  • Optimized costs in the long term by replacing the disposable packaging
  • The ability to keep delivered products in good shape, thanks to the ventilated walls (no mould or fungi develop)
  • The modularity (Euro standard) of the crates allows combining different sizes on a pallet or given surface

They are highly convenient for retailers, as they can immediately display the products in their transport crates:

  • Products maintain integrity as they are not moved to a different container for display. Most fruits and vegetables degrade easily when bumped, e.g., pears, apples, plums, grapes, cherries, sour cherries, tomatoes, bell peppers, cucumbers etc.
  • Reduced time from reception to display, meaning fresh and healthy products and less waste. This also means fewer human resources and an improved workflow.
  • Less or no intermediary storage space is needed
  • They are compatible with existing display systems, and no adjustments required
  • Cleaner and better-organized space as empty folded packaging replaces disposable one-way packaging

Various agriculture foldable crates are available:

  • Premium Foldable Agri Crates: fold/ unfold with a single move, with the ‘fast-fold and unfold’ innovative locking system (the red stripe above the handles on the short sides)
  • Classic Foldable Agri Crates: fold/ unfold by clipping and unclipping the corners

Advantages of this crate category:

  • Ensures the integrity of merchandise: smooth interior, no stripes or bumps damage sensitive fruits or vegetables.
  • Low logistic costs:
    • High foldable ratio – less space on their return trip
    • Many crates can be stored on one pallet to save space in the warehouse and allow quick manipulation
    • The crates are stackable
  • Optimal ventilation for merchandise: perforated walls and base ensure fruits and vegetables with ideal storage conditions, allowing proper ventilation.
  • Hygienic, as the boxes are made from virgin material to meet food standards. Certificates can be released on request; information is also embedded in the plastic crates.
  • Clean and sanitized packaging: easy to clean as they do not retain water.
  • Compared to one-way packaging made from wood, these crates never produce wooden splinters when handled or moved. Safe for customers and operators handling it.
  • Ergonomic and sturdy design: they are handled effortlessly, easily folded and unfolded, and resist intensive use.
  • Strong packaging compared to cardboard. Plastic crates have higher loading capacity, are more robust, and do not tear on transport or in stacks.
  • Safe storage. Logimarkt’s Foldable Agri Crates are a good way of reducing risks associated with cardboard boxes. This includes mould, tearing, deterioration of packages by humidity, mechanical shocks and more.

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