Galia boxes

The Galia boxes are made of high-quality injected plastic and come in two major variations: stackable and foldable. Both options are aligned with ODETTE international standards.

This model is designed to meet the requirements of the French automotive industry.

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External dimensions
Length (0 - 1000)
Width (0 - 400)
Height (0 - 400)
ReferenceExternal dimensions (mm)Internal dimensions (mm)Units per palletWeight (kg)
Galia Odette foldable boxes, 396x297x214 mm, O4325O4325396 x 297 x 214360 x 263 x 1941701.55View product
Galia Odette boxes with smooth base manufacturer, 594x396x214 mm, O6423O6423594 x 396 x 214558 x 362 x 194852.38View product
Foldable auto Galia boxes resistant and recyclable, produced in Romania, 594x396x314 mm, O6433O6433594 x 396 x 314558 x 362 x 294853.26View product
ReferenceExternal dimensions (mm)Internal dimensions (mm)Units per palletWeight (kg)
Load carrier Galia, 297x197x114 mm, O3212O3212297 x 197 x 114263 x 163 x 943800.60View product
Space saving Galia containers, 396x297x214 mm, O4322O4322396 x 297 x 214362 x 263 x 194501.44View product
French auto standard Galia Odette automotive container, produced in Romania, 400x300x114 mm, O4312O4312400 x 300 x 114362 x 263 x 941840.93View product
HDPE Galia containers for pallets, produced in Romania, 594x396x214 mm, O6422O6422594 x 396 x 214560 x 362 x 194502.40View product
Plastic Galia container for automatic assembly lines with label holder, 594x396x314 mm, O6432O6432594 x 396 x 314560 x 362 x 294453.00View product
Solid base and walls, lightweight Galia Odette container for the automotive industry producer, 995x297x214 mm, 13221322995 x 297 x 214961 x 263 x 194402.00View product

The alignment to international standards improves collaboration between manufacturers, suppliers, and services and solutions providers in the automotive industry.

They guarantee best practices and a smooth flow between the different partners. The standards also contribute to increased efficiency and a high level of performance by eliminating time-consuming fittings of the packaging solution to specifics of each product being transported, compatibility between storage/ transport conditions, production details, inventory, distribution, or sequencing.

The standardization applies to design, sizes, weight, colors, load recommendations, palletizing details, and the specific system for identifying the boxes’ content.

They are made from high-quality materials, are reusable, light-weight but very sturdy, and are built for intensive and long-term use, even with heavy loads.

Main features:

  • Smooth base – compatible with conveyor lines
  • Reinforced walls – to accommodate heavy loads
  • Four ergonomic closed handles – easy manual or automated grip
  • Plastic or metal label holders – quick and easy identification of the content
  • Designated area for barcoding or other self-adhesive label holders

All Galia models can be mixed in stacks, as their base dimensions are modular. The goods do not need to be repacked for transport, and the different storage, handling, and transport requirements are resolved more efficiently.

They can be used from production to assembly lines, ensuring an optimized flow and less unregulated situations.

Other benefits:

  • They are adaptable to a wide variety of applications.
  • Easy handling promotes a good workflow.
  • Fewer errors caused by improper marking or labeling
  • Optimized costs for transport due to their modularity
  • Optimized costs for storage due to their resistance to high vertical stacking
  • Quick identification due to their standard colors, shorter inventory time, and faster delivery procedures


Available accessories include:

  • Lids – protection against external factors, ensuring the physical integrity of the contents
  • Internal separators and dividers made of foam, plastic, textile, and thermoformed sheets – better usage of the interior space and optimization of the number of packed products
  • Interlayers – optimizing vertical internal space

Galia reusable packaging can be combined with plastic pallets, trolleys, dollies, pallet lids, and covers etc., offering complete solutions for the supply chain.

They can be placed on superimposed plastic pallets by using a pallet lid to protect the upper layer of crates. This is very practical as it speeds up the reception procedure upon arrival. The sturdy pallet cover perfectly protects the products, and the stack doesn’t need extra strapping for stability.

They can be easily washed and sanitized using industrial washing machines.

All Galia boxes are reusable and 100% recyclable at the end of the service life.

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