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Galia stackable and foldable boxes from injected plastic are produced according to ODETTE standards and comply with the requirements of the French automotive industry.

In general, this specific industry (automotive) has special requirements, a little more sophisticated, when it comes to supply chain management.


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    Foldable plastic boxes

    Foldable plastic Galia boxes

    The foldable Galia crates from injected plastic are also Odette standard and represent the solution for clients who want to reduce the storage spaces and decrease the return transportation costs.

    When the containers are empty and folded, they have the huge advantage to reduce their own volume by up to 80%, providing excellent space management and being cost-effective from this point of view.

    They have a sturdy structure, resistant to multiple folding and unfolding.

    They have also the specific design, colors, and recognizable accessories like plastic or metal label holders.

    Foldable Galia containers have a smooth base, and the dimensions are compatible for mixing and inter-stacking on the same pallet.

    They can be used with internal dunnage which can be removed when are not required for the application, extending this way the range of use possibilities.

    Also, for the return transport, the internal dividers can be stored in a couple of boxes, taking as little space as possible, and keeping this way the costs under control.

    The collapsible Galia boxes can be covered and sealed with lids.

    ReferenceExternal dimensions (mm)Internal dimensions (mm)Units per palletWeight (kg)
    Galia plastic box or bin O4325 / BAC-O-4325
    O4325396 x 297 x 214360 x 263 x 1941701.55View product
    Galia plastic box or bin O6433 / BAC-O6433
    O6433594 x 396 x 314558 x 362 x 294853.26View product
    Galia plastic box or bin O6423 / BAC-O-6423
    O6423594 x 396 x 214558 x 362 x 194852.38View product
    Rigid boxes

    Rigid boxes

    The rigid walls Galia containers and stackable boxes are produced under the Odette standards.

    They have various dimensions from small load carriers to long containers and are suited for the packaging of car parts and pieces to be transported to the assembly line, especially in the automotive industry.

    They are designed to resist intense use, heavy loads, and have a long service use.

    The available base dimensions can be mixed between them and interlocked in a stack by placing smaller bins on top of the bigger ones, or vice versa, by placing the bigger base boxes on top of combined smaller ones.

    They can be stacked on industrial pallets and covered with pallet lids.

    They have closed lateral handles for an ergonomic grip, free space for various markings/ labels/ barcodes, plastic or metal label holders, and available covers for protection against external factors, contaminants, or quantity securing.

    Galia Odette stackable boxes can be used with internal separators, modular boxes, trays, and interlayers for better use of the internal space, leading to optimized costs per delivered piece.

    The stackable Galia bins and totes are environment friendly by their returnability and reusability characteristics and 100% recyclable at the end of the use life.

    ReferenceExternal dimensions (mm)Internal dimensions (mm)Units per palletWeight (kg)
    Galia plastic box or bin O4322 / BAC-O-4322
    O4322396 x 297 x 214362 x 263 x 194501.44View product
    Galia plastic box or bin O6432 / BAC-O-6432
    O6432594 x 396 x 314560 x 362 x 294453.00View product
    Galia plastic box or bin O4312 / BAC-O-4312
    O4312400 x 300 x 114362 x 263 x 941840.93View product
    Galia plastic box or bin 1322 / BAC-O-1322
    1322995 x 297 x 214961 x 263 x 194402.00View product
    Galia plastic box or bin O6422 / BAC-O-6422
    O6422594 x 396 x 214560 x 362 x 194502.40View product
    Galia plastic box or bin O3212 / BAC-O-3212
    O3212297 x 197 x 114263 x 163 x 943800.60View product

These standards are useful for manufacturers, suppliers, service and solution providers, other participants who are carrying on their activities within this industry.

They guarantee the use of best practices and a smooth operability flow between the different partners. The standards are also contributing to increased efficiency and a high level of performance, by eliminating the time-consuming correspondence and procedures regarding the compatibilities between the packaging solutions and the products, warehouse, storage/ transport conditions, production details, inventory, distribution, or sequencing.

Galia Odette containers are homologated and respect the same characteristics in terms of design, dimensions, weight, colors, load recommendations, palletizing details, or the way of identifying the boxes’ content.

They are made from high-quality materials, are reusable packaging, light-weighted but very sturdy, and are meant to resist intensive and long-term use for heavy loads.


  • smooth base – compatible with conveyor lines
  • reinforced walls – for resistance to heavier loads
  • 4 ergonomic closed handles – easy manual or automated grip
  • plastic or metal label holders – quick and easy identification of the content
  • special area for barcoding or other self-adhesive label holders

All Galia models can be mixed in the stacks, as their base dimensions are compatible and fit, preventing like this the repacking of the goods, and covering the different needs in storage, handling, and transport for pieces and auto parts, and components.

They can be used from production to assembly lines, bringing optimized flow as shorter times are needed for the activity segments, better delivery scheduling, and complying with deadlines.

Other benefits:

  • can be used for a wide variety of applications
  • great work satisfaction
  • fewer errors caused by improper marking or labeling
  • optimized costs with transport due to their inter-stackability
  • optimized costs with storage due to their robustness which helps the boxes to be placed in high and stable stacks
  • quick id due to their standard colors, shorter inventory time, and delivery procedures

Other available accessories with which they are used are:

  • lids – protection against external factors, ensure the physical integrity
  • internal separators and dividers from foam, plastic, textile, thermoformed sheets – better use of the internal space, optimized number of packed products, possibility to deliver a higher quantity of goods with a much better price per piece
  • interlayers – to optimize the vertical internal space

Galia reusable packaging can be used together with plastic pallets, trolleys, dollies, pallet lids and covers, etc., offering complete solutions for the supply chain.

If needed, they can be placed on a plastic pallet from 1 layer to more, and use a pallet lid on top to protect the upper layer. This is a very practical solution, speeds up the reception procedure at delivery, the products are perfectly protected by the sturdy pallet cover, and the stack doesn’t need extra strapping for stability.

For cleaning and sanitizing, they can be perfectly washed in industrial washing machines.

All Galia boxes are reusable packaging and 100% recyclable at the end of their service life, being sustainable and environmental friendly.

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