Isothermal textile covers

Thermal protections are helpful in various industries like transport, pharma, agriculture, chemical, electronics, automotive, aeronautics, civil or industrial constructions and wooden material industries.

The insulating layers are proven to be highly efficient in keeping a constant temperature even when encountering difficult conditions or thermic shocks (critical for perishable products).

The materials used for the insulation can be closed or open cell foams (PE, PPE/ EPP, XPS, etc.), aluminum reflective foil (metalized PET), films with air bubbles, PVC, etc.

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  • insulating pallet cover with anti-bacterial properties

    Thermal covers for pallets and trolleys

    Pallet and trolley thermal covers’ characteristics:

    • Ensure protection against external temperature fluctuations
    • Pallet and metal cart insulating covers are efficient against both low and high temperatures
    • Insulating covers also protect against dust or wind
    • The materials can have anti-bacterial properties
    • Tarpaulins/ covers are easy to clean after every use
    • Can be water resistant or vapour permeable to eliminate any inside moisture
    • Thermal covers can be used for up to 5 years in optimal conditions
    • Easy to handle
    • Low weight and easily foldable for transport and storage
    • Pallet and trolley thermal covers are ideal for bakeries, pastry producers, industrial kitchens, canteens, and pharmacies but also have applications in the automotive industry
    • Can be produced according to the client’s needs
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  • flexible isotherm door for distribution vans, can have 2 openings, produced in Romania

    Thermal partition walls for trucks

    Thermal partition walls for lorry allow dividing the trucks’ interior into multiple zones with different temperatures. This way, goods with various transportation and storage requirements can travel together in groupage. These partitions can also separate a cold area (for dairy, frozen products, fruits and more) from an area of normal temperature.

    Thermal partition walls (thermal insulation panels) for trucks and lorries are low-weight and can be easily installed/removed. They take little storage space, staying folded until their subsequent use.

    Thermal insulation panels are suited to transport any of the following sensitive goods:

    • Frozen food
    • Fresh fruits and vegetables
    • Medicines
    • Chemicals


    • Decrease transportation costs in particular situations
    • Efficient use of the transport fleet
    • The isolation room’s size and position inside the lorry are flexible with every trip
    • Low energy consumption to maintain a constant temperature

    Easy to handle as their density revolves around only 580-760 g/m2.

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  • producer of thermo-isolation asphalt duvets, resistant and foldable

    Thermal asphalt duvets

    Thermal asphalt duvets are produced according to the dimensions indicated by the clients and can be adapted to many applications. Their composition contains Polywool insulating material, laminated with an exterior textile material that resists temperatures up to 220°C.


    • Maintain optimal temperature during asphalt processing
    • Protect the truck cover against high temperatures
    • Easy to handle due to its low weight
    • Resistant and durable
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  • Reusable isotherm covers

    Concrete duvet covers

    Concrete insulation duvets protect the cement from fast hardening during low-temperature seasons, avoiding cracks or other damages caused by the freeze.

    The concrete isolation duvets have the following benefits:

    • They extend the period of the year in which cement works can be done
    • High level of thermal isolation
    • Highly resistant and reusable over a long period
    • Flexible and easily adaptable to different applications
    • Easy to repair in case of a tear
    • Can be stored in rolls when not in use
    • They don’t contain dangerous chemicals; can be handled without protective equipment
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  • Resistant roll cage cover for delicate and expensive goods in manufacturing and engineering sectors

    Trolley covers

    It is crucial in the manufacturing and engineering sector to protect delicate and expensive components from damage and corrosion while transported and stored. The covers required to keep all of a company’s items safe can be obtained at Logimarkt. Flexible inserts for stillage frames are designed and produced by Logimarkt to retain components and safeguard them throughout the supply chain.

    To lessen the usage of single-use, disposable plastic, we can develop and construct a solution to cover or wrap roll cage trolleys based on exact specifications.

    For quick and straightforward access to the roll cage contents, the conventional roll cage covers from Logimarkt have an access opening on the front. Still, they can also be delivered as a drop-over cover.

    The roll cage coverings can also include branding to promote a business and weatherproof document pockets to save paperwork.

    The reusable roll cage covers from Logimarkt are an excellent option for wrapping roll cages in stretch film because they can be used numerous times. They also cut down on the amount of disposable plastic that a company requires.

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  • Trolley flexible wraps for safely transporting goods in the retail sector

    Trolley pallet wrap

    Advantages of the reusable trolley pallet wrap:

    • If the correct wrapping procedure is applied, the usual pallet wrap is used to hold goods in place, but the possibility of wrapping with insufficient tension must be considered. Reusable trolley pallet wraps can have such problems. Although, with the help of the adjustable buckles, they can be tightened until reaching a very high level of tension. Moreover, unlike stretch film, a visual inspection can spot any weak points quickly. The client can choose the buckles to fit each application to guarantee that the proper tension is produced.
    • Because single-use plastic shrink wrap is intended for one use, it is low-priced and widely available might give the impression that it is inexpensive. Pallets wrapped for short periods—less than an hour— to be moved to another area of the warehouse make their single usage exceedingly expensive because much material is utilized quickly and then thrown away. Reusable pallet wraps first look to be costly. Still, after being used hundreds of times throughout their lives, they quickly recover their costs and continue saving them with everyday use.
    • Because the shrink wrap can only be used once, there isn’t any product damage. Instead, the equipment and vehicles necessary to remove and dump it once it has been used up can get damaged. Reusable trolley pallet wraps can get damaged over time, depending on several factors, such as: the distance travelled, the kind of goods being transported, the load’s weight and height, the storing procedure of the wraps when not in use, the frequency of their use, and if they are used improperly by all staff. If broken, reusable trolley pallet wraps can be mended to increase their useful life.
    • The use of shrink wrap, a one-time plastic packaging solution, is being pushed out to promote more environmentally friendly alternatives. Since it produces so little waste compared to the other two options, reusable trolley pallet wraps represent an excellent approach to achieving sustainability goals. Reusable trolley pallet wraps must still be discarded. Still, after their useful lives are up, the wraps can be recycled in various ways. For example, they can be ground into small granules and used to produce the basis for temporary fences, road cones, and other solid plastic items.
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  • IBC cover, protective against UV rays, dirt and moisture

    IBC covers

    The IBCs need protection against damaging factors, such as UV rays, dirt, moisture and water.

    The security required by these conditions that might alter the contents can be offered by using protective IBC covers.

    Logimarkt’s covers for IBCs are environmentally friendly because they are reusable.

    The IBC covers are a resistant solution that protects the products during transport and storage and can be made by following exact specifications.

    Because this reusable solution is also lightweight, it takes little storage space and can be installed quickly, which saves both time and space.

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  • Thermal protection can be used to shield works against thermic shocks during different stages of the project or outside working hours (during night-time or days with very low temperatures). They also protect items when stored, provide protection during long-distance transports, and protect goods that are transferred on short distances with significant temperature differences (e.g., from a refrigerated or frozen food area to the transport loading area or vice versa).

    Textile covers

    All products destined for thermic protection are designed and produced individually, respecting every customization request.

    The Logimarkt team analyzes several aspects of the protective covers and duvets to find the optimal solution with and for the clients.

    These need to be easy to handle, quickly applicable and removable. This increases operators’ efficiency, optimizing time and reducing fatigue by eliminating physically demanding operations. This aspect is essential if automatized equipment is not available, not possible or not justifiable.

    They take up very little storage space when they are not in use. Space efficiency is produced through careful folding or by hooking them on available wall space. Optimizing space use and avoiding messy or cluttered areas makes covers easy to find and identify any required model or size. Proper storage also reduces risks of deterioration.

    Protection covers and industrial duvets can be produced either for intensive or long-term use or just a few cycles. The long-term use comes with the benefit of having low acquisition costs over time but also protects the environment by decreasing waste. At the end of their service life, they are recyclable.

    Long service products must be easy to clean, wash or sanitize without affecting performance or service life.

    Usage determines the suitable access opening type:

    • No opening – when no access to products is needed, and the stacks are not very high so that the operator can remove the cover them without problems),
    • With a zipper or Velcro

    The access can be in the middle or in two areas on the side.

    An insulation sheet at the base of the trolley or pallet is recommendable for improved protection.

    Thermo covers and industrial protection solutions can have label holders for quick identification, ensuring a high work speed and no temperature loss inside.

    Upon request, they can be personalized with logos/ acronyms and may come in various colors – usually for quantities of over 500-1000 pieces depending on the project. Custom prints add significant marketing value.

    They can be produced in standard dimensions or customized according to the specific applications and the standards in force.

    All solutions are tailored to the project’s needs and ensure maximum added value and long-term cost optimization.

    Textile covers

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