Label holders

The labels are indispensable in identification of the content of various containers.

A correct and quick identification increases the work productivity, streamlines the activity, eliminates the accidents and the mix-up of the products.

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  • Kanban rigid label holders

    Kanban rigid label holders

    • models available for different box types
    • the stackability of the boxes is not affected when the label holders are placed on the edge, but they can also be inserted in special slots due to the 90° tongue model
    • available in many dimensions: 105×74 mm, 148×105 mm, 210×148 mm, ¼ DIN(VDA), DIN A5, DIN A6, DIN A7, 215x80x17 mm
    • produced from transparent plastic and are compatible with barcode reading
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  • Kanban flexible label holders

    Kanban flexible label holders

    • available in standard dimensions 200×67 mm,1/4 DIN (VDA), 1/3 DIN, DIN A5
    • they can be produced in different colors
    • compatible with barcodes scanning
    • they can be placed on boxes but also on Kanban boards
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  • Auto-adhesive label holder with V shaped edge

    Auto-adhesive label holder with V shaped edge

    • they can be produced in any dimension
    • easy access for inserting/replacing the label, due to the V shaped edge
    • easy to apply due to the auto-adhesive stripes
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  • Plastic label holders click type

    Plastic label holders click type

    • they are fixed on the box with the help of special small feet
    • they can be produced in any dimensions
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  • Magnetic label holder

    Magnetic label holders

    • easy applicable due to the magnetic straps on the back of the holder
    • compatible only with metallic surfaces
    • resistant even in moist conditions, protect the writings on the labels
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  • Permanent self-adhesive label holders for self-adhesive labels

    Permanent self-adhesive label holders for self-adhesive labels

    • the Placard label holders are permanently fixed with self adhesive to the box or container, and on their surface will be applied the self-adhesive labels
    • the special material offers complete adherence at application, and in the same time, easy removal and without residues when the labels need to be replaced or completely removed
    • they eliminate the risk of confusions that may arise when incompletely removed or accidentally detached
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  • Metallic Galia label holder

    Galia label holders

    • especially created for Galia/Odette standard boxes and containers, but they can be adapted for any box type
    • they are made from plastic or metal
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  • Welded Transparent Label holder for boxes and containers

    Transparent label holders welded on the boxes or containers

    • the holder is fixed on the box in a couple of lateral welding points and can cover completely or incompletely the label with a transparent surface
    • they can be produced in any desired dimensions
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  • Self-adhesive label holders

    Self-adhesive label holders

    • the plastic pockets are protecting the text printed on the inserted label
    • available on different dimensions: A6, A5, A4, 230×90 mm
    • they can be produced also on special dimensions or for surfaces with adherence difficulties like EPP
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  • Metallic clip for labels

    Metallic clips for labels

    • they immediately fix the label and firmly maintain it on the box
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  • Colorful wire pocket label holder for boxes and containers

    Label holders with perforations for wires and clips

    • the holders have perforations on the upper part, for wires, clips or other hanging systems
    • they are suited for boxes with walls up to 4 cm thickness which don’t have other areas to apply the labels
    • the material is very resistant and there is no risk of damage in the hanging area where the perforation holes area
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  • Label holders for pallets

    Label holders for pallets

    • they are robust, they are easily applied on the foot, at the pallet base, with a single move
    • the clamping system is secure, there is no risk of detaching during pallet handling
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  • PETG 01 transparent label holders

    PETG 01 transparent label holders

    • impact, ambient and weather conditions resistant (they don’t turn yellow, they can be treated against UV radiations to protect the inserted label)
    • the high level of transparency ensures complete visibility of the label texts
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  • Magnetic Pockets

    Magnetic Pockets

    Magnetic pockets are a useful accessory for displaying instructions of use, safety information and product data sheets outdoors or in challenging environments. Each pocket is provided with a magnetic strip on the back, thus it cannot be blown away by wind or fall off by accident. Standard sizes for this product are DIN A4, DIN A5 and DIN A6.

    We understand that you have specific branding needs and applications and this is why we offer the magnetic pouches in four colors (blue, red, yellow and green) and 20 types.

    Standard Available Sizes

    You can order magnetic pockets in the following formats:

    • A6 landscape
    •  A5 landscape
    •  A5 portrait
    •  A4 landscape
    •  A4 portrait.

    As an optional accessory, all the magnetic pouches can be provided with a flap.

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  • Pockets with flap and suspension eye / pockets for price tags

    Pockets with flap and suspension eye / pockets for price tags

    Make your price tags look stylish by placing them in our range of pockets with flap and suspension eye. Ideal for retail stores, wholesale facilities and even for outdoor use, the pockets with flap and suspension eye make it easy to attach the price to a single item or an entire batch.

    The information printed on the price tag will remain readable, even if you showcase the products outdoors. The pockets with flap and suspension eye are your best choice if you are looking for an efficient and cost effective way to display product details and prices in any environment.

    Standard formats

    • A6 portrait ( 117 x 155/180 mm )
    •  A5 portrait ( 160 x 210/240 mm)
    •  A4 portrait ( 220 x 306/333 mm)
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  • Pockets with Neodymum Magnets

    Pockets with Neodymum Magnets

    Pockets with neodymium magnets help you display labeling and operating instructions safely even in challenging environments. Equipped with powerful neodymium magnets, these plastic pockets will stay in place even in conditions of draft or high wind.

    We have over 60 versions of pockets with neodymium magnets for any applications and requirements.

    Our pockets with neodymium magnets are available in the following formats:

    • A6 landscape (160 x 110/115 mm)
    •  A5 landscape (225 x 150/150 mm)
    •  A5 portrait (159 x 215/225 mm)
    •  A4 landscape (313 x 217/234 mm)
    •  A4 portrait (234 x 304/313 mm)

    The standard range of plastic pockets is now available in:

    • Red
    • Blue
    • Yellow
    • Green
    • Grey
    • Transparent version.
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  • Pockets with wire hangers

    Pockets with wire hangers

    Pockets with wire hangers help you display useful information such as product identification or instructions for use in a simple and effective manner. The plastic pockets are provided with welded-in wire hangers made of spring steel. They can be attached to shelves or special hooks in your office, warehouse or in stores.

    Our range of pockets with wire hangers are available in landscape or portrait format and can be customized with various options. The standard landscape models can be provided with a flap.

    Available Standard Sizes:

    • A6 landscape
    •  A5 landscape
    •  A5 portrait
    •  A4 landscape
    •  A4 portrait

    We can produce customized pockets with wire hangers:

    • In up to 6 colors
    • With a specific type of suspension
    • With a welded window
    • With a specific fastener.
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  • Suspension pockets

    Suspension pockets

    Suspension pockets are your best choice if you need to label palet cages or shipping containers with narrow sides. The fastening accessory of these plastic pouches is also compatible with EURO pallet cages, because the space between the loops is a perfect fit to two adjacent bars.

    Made of sturdy rigid foil, the suspension pockets provide excellent safety for enclosed labels or shipping documents. They will not be damaged by weather conditions or mechanical stress.

    Standard Available Sizes

    Suspension pockets are available in the following formats:

    • A6 landscape
    • A5 landscape
    • A4 landscape.

    Optionally, the suspension pockets can be provided with a flap.

    We can customize this product in various ways to fit your specific needs. If you opt for colored suspension pockets, you can choose between 4 colors: yellow, red, blue and green.

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  • Zipper pockets

    Zipper pockets

    Zipper pockets are the ideal choice for staying organized both at the office and at home. They are great for storing small items or pieces of paper with important information written on them.

    The plastic zipper pockets are transparent, so that the contents are always visible and easy to identify. The metal zipper is sturdy, so the plastic pockets can be opened and closed many times without getting damaged.

    Standard Available Sizes

    Zipper pockets are available in the following formats:

    • A4 landscape (325 x 242 mm)
    •  A5 landscape (232 x 170 mm).

    Upon request, we can customize the stock versions of these plastic storage pockets with:

    • Printing in up to 6 colors;
    • Special sizes;
    • Suspension eye.
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  • The holders allow the labels to be changed as many times as required, and eliminate the boxes’ contamination with adhesive which is expensive to remove and the results are not always aesthetic.

    The system is ergonomic and practical, there’s no need to scratch the previous label or to apply the new one over the old one/ones.

    Mix-ups caused by labels which are accidentally coming off can be avoided by using the label holders.

    Their accuracy is useful when the level of personnel fluctuations is high or when the operators have to deal with a variety of products.

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