Label holders

Label holders are versatile tools that bring order to various environments. They help with categorizing and identifying items without effort. They improve customer experience by providing quick access to important information.

They come in various styles, ensuring integration into any setting. Label holders adhere to shelves, bins, containers, and more.

These solutions offer an intuitive and hassle-free experience. They apply from small-scale home companies to large-scale retail businesses.

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  • Label holder for Galia/ ODETTE boxes

    Galia label holders

    These products provide a reliable and efficient solution for boxes and containers. They are created to fit the Galia/ ODETTE standard boxes. They can adapt to any other box type, as well.

    These label holders are made from high-quality materials, such as plastic or metal. They ensure duration and longevity. Using plastic or metal ensures that the label holders resist to damage. They can be exposed to moisture, heat, and cold without damaging. This makes them ideal for use in a wide range of environments.

    The label holders have a clear front panel. It allows for easy insertion and ease of reading of the labels. The contents of boxes and containers are quick and easy to identify. They help keep everything labelled and easy to access.

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  • Transparent label holders for plastic storage boxes

    Transparent label holders welded on the boxes or containers

    The holder fixes on the box in several lateral welding points. This makes it a secure and durable labelling solution. It can either partially or entirely cover the label. This protects it from damage and ensures the label remains legible and easy to read. It is especially important in harsh or demanding environments.

    They can be produced in any dimension. This way, they meet specific needs of boxes and containers.

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  • Auto adhesive label holders, can be produced in any dimensions

    Auto-adhesive label holders with V-shaped edge

    They are suitable for various boxes and containers. Their edge provides easy access for inserting or replacing the label. This way, keeping labelling up-to-date as the clients’ needs change is simple.

    It is easy to apply the holder without special tools or equipment. The adhesive is strong and long-lasting. It ensures the label holder remains secured for the label’s life. It resists strong vibrations and ahdere to uneven surfaces.

    The auto-adhesive label holders can stick to metal, plastic or wood surfaces.

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  • Interchangeable label holders, resistant to impact

    Plastic label holders “click” type

    These plastic label holders are designed to fix on boxes using small arms. This makes them easy to interchange. These products ensure smooth transitions between labels. Their practical design eliminates the need for complex installation. This way, they are accessible to users across various settings.

    One of the advantages of these label holders is their versatile dimensions. This way, they meet diverse labelling needs. This allows users to organize items of various shapes and sizes. They enhance overall efficiency.

    They are necessary in spaces where frequent changes happen. They streamline labelling processes, ensuring information remains up-to-date.

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  • Label holders for boxes and Kanban boards with customizable colors

    Kanban flexible label holders

    These label holders come in various standard dimensions. They include 200×67 mm, 1/4 DIN (VDA), 1/3 DIN, and DIN A5. Their size options ensure fit with different labelling requirements. They cater to various applications across industries. The holders can have numerous colors, allowing color-coding strategies.

    Designed to meet modern needs, these products are suitable for barcode scanning. They ensure seamless tracking and inventory management. They fit with barcode technology and streamline processes. This reduces the risk of errors and enhances productivity.

    With an adaptable design, these flexible label holders suit on boxes and Kanban boards. They allow hassle-free installation and relocation as needed.

    They can fit into inventory management, production planning, or organizational systems.

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  • Adhesive label holders for self-adhesive labels

    Permanent self-adhesive label holders for self-adhesive labels

    These label holders are a permanent adhesive solution for boxes. They secure labels onto boxes or containers made from various materials. They use self-adhesive properties to ensure a long-lasting attachment. The material guarantees complete adherence during application. It allows effortless removal when tags require it.

    These label holders maintain a clean and organized labelling system. They help update information without leaving any residue behind. These holders ensure efficient label management and easy label transitions.

    They can be present from storage facilities to inventory management.

    Their adhesive is strong and sticks to uneven surfaces.

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  • Metallic clips for clean and easy removal of the labels on the transported or stored containers

    Metallic clips for labels

    These clips for labels are a quick and reliable solution to fixing labels onto boxes. They attach to the label, maintaining it in place without adhesive or other fastening methods. Their sturdy construction ensures a firm grip. This keeps tags intact during handling and transit.

    With these Metallic clips, the labelling process simplifies. They help save time compared to traditional labelling methods. They allow effortless label application and replacement when necessary.

    These clips provide a durable and long-lasting labelling solution. This happens whether used in storage rooms, warehouses, or retail environments.

    The clips offer efficiency and effectiveness as they securely maintain labels in position. They help ensure items are accurately identified throughout their journey.

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  • Easy applicable magnetic label holders, for showing barcodes and product details

    Magnetic label holders

    These magnetic label holders offer seamless application thanks to the magnetic straps on the back of each holder. They are designed exclusively for metallic surfaces and provide a convenient labelling solution for various environments.

    They are made from resistant plastic and have a reinforced headboard. This and the transparent front make it easy to read documents stored inside. They allow easy barcode scanning.

    Whether in offices, warehouses, or retail settings, these holders adhere effortlessly.

    In addition to their easy application, these magnetic label holders resist moist conditions, safeguarding the documents inside. The moisture-resistant feature ensures that labels remain clear and readable, even in challenging environments.

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  • Kanban rigid label holders from transparent plastic, available for various box types

    Kanban rigid label holders

    These rigid label holders for Kanban boxes cater to different box types. They are a versatile labelling solution without affecting how the boxes are stacked. They seamlessly integrate into any storage system. This ensures efficient arrangement and easy access to information.

    With a variety of dimensions available, including 105×74 mm, 148×105 mm, 210×148 mm, ¼ DIN (VDA), DIN A5, DIN A6, DIN A7, and 215×80×17 mm, these label holders accommodate diverse labelling needs across various industries.

    Produced from transparent plastic, they provide clear visibility of the labels, optimizing readability and aiding in quick identification.

    They are UV resistant, meaning that they can apply to packaging stored outside.

    These rigid label holders are compatible with barcode reading.

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  • Robust and easy to apply pallet label holder

    Label holders for pallets

    These pallet label holders are robust and apply to the pallet base in one simple motion. With a secure attachment, the holders will stay put during pallet handling.

    They allow labels placement on their two long sides and frontal short side. This ensures that the labels remain intact and visible throughout transit and storage.

    These label holders are valuable to any pallet-based operation. They help save time and effort for operators in various industries.

    Using these label holders, companies can identify goods during logistics and distribution processes.

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  • Label holders with perforations for wires, clips or hanging systems

    Label holders with perforations for wires and clips

    The upper area of these label holders features perforations. They allow easy attachment to wires, clips, or other hanging systems. They are designed for containers with walls up to 4 cm thick. They provide a practical labelling solution for surfaces lacking adequate label space.

    Crafted from a highly resistant material, these holders offer durability. They eliminate any risk of damage to the hanging area. Their robust construction makes them ideal for demanding environments and settings.

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  • Self adhesive label holders from plastic

    Self-adhesive label holders

    The self-adhesive label holders feature plastic pockets. This feature offers reliable protection for the text printed on the inserted label. Available in various dimensions, including A6, A5, A4, and 230×90 mm, these holders cater to diverse labelling needs. They can be produced in special sizes.

    Compatible with low-adhering surfaces like EPP, these label holders ensure a secure attachment without leaving unwanted residue.

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  • Impact resistant transparent plastic label holders, allow complete visibility of the label

    PETG 01 transparent label holders

    The PETG 01 transparent label holders are impact, ambient, and weather resistant. These holders maintain clarity over time. They do not turn yellow, ensuring the label’s visibility over time. These holders can be treated against UV rays. This provides additional protection for the label against potential fading or damage caused by sunlight exposure.

    Whether used indoors or outdoors, these holders ensure crucial data remains accessible and legible at all times.

    These products fit in storage facilities to outdoor displays.

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  • Magnetic label holders for displaying instructions, safety information and product data sheets outdoors

    Magnetic pockets

    Magnetic pockets are a valuable accessory for displaying instructions of use, safety information and product data sheets outdoors or in harsh environments. Each pocket is provided with a magnetic strip on the back to prevent accidental detaching.

    Standard sizes are DIN A4, DIN A5 and DIN A6.

    Magnetic pouches are available in four colors (blue, red, yellow and green) and 20 types.

    Can be ordered in the following formats:

    • A6 landscape
    • A5 landscape
    • A5 portrait
    • A4 landscape
    • A4 portrait

    Optionally, they can be provided with a flap.

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  • Plastic pockets for price tags display in retail stores, wholesale facilities or outdoor use

    Pockets with flap and suspension eye / Pockets for price tags

    Make your price tags look stylish by placing them in transparent pockets with a flap and suspension eye. Ideal for retail stores, wholesale facilities and even outdoor use, the bags with flap and suspension eye allow easy attaching of the price to a single item or an entire batch.

    The information printed on the price tag will remain readable, even if you showcase the products outdoors. The pocket with flap and suspension eye is an efficient and cost-effective way to display product details and prices in any environment.

     Standard formats:

    • A6 portrait (117 x 155/180 mm )
    • A5 portrait (160 x 210/240 mm)
    • A4 portrait (220 x 306/333 mm)
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  • Pockets with neodymium magnets for displaying labels in challenging environments

    Pockets with Neodymium Magnets

    Pockets with neodymium magnets help display labels and operating instructions. They persist even in challenging environments. These plastic pockets, equipped with powerful magnets, will stay in place even under high wind.

    Over 60 versions of pockets are available for any application and requirements.

    These pockets are available in the following formats:

    • A6 landscape (160×10/115 mm)
    • A5 landscape (225×150/150 mm)
    • A5 portrait (159×215/225 mm)
    • A4 landscape (313×217/234 mm)
    • A4 portrait (234 x 304/313 mm)

    The standard range of plastic pockets is available in:

    • Red
    • Blue
    • Yellow
    • Green
    • Grey
    • Transparent version
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  • Plastic label and documents holder for shelves in warehouses, offices or stores

    Pockets with wire hangers

    Pockets with wire hangers effectively display helpful information, such as product identification or instructions for use. The plastic pouches are provided with welded-in wire hangers made of spring steel. They can be attached to shelves or special hooks in any office, warehouse or store.

    Logimarkt’s range of pockets with wire hangers is available in landscape or portrait format. They can be further customized. The standard landscape models can be provided with a flap.

    Available standard sizes:

    • A6 landscape
    • A5 landscape
    • A5 portrait
    • A4 landscape
    • A4 portrait

    Logimarkt can produce customized pockets with wire hangers:

    • In up to 6 colors
    • With a specific type of suspension
    • With a welded window
    • With a specific fastener
    • With suspension pockets

    They are excellent for labelling pallet cages or shipping containers with narrow sides. The fastening accessory of these plastic pouches is compatible with Euro pallet cages. This is possible because the space between the loops fits between two adjacent bars.

    The sturdy rigid foil has suspension pockets. This provides safety for enclosed labels or shipping documents. They will not damage by weather conditions or mechanical stress.

    Suspension pockets are available in the following formats:

    • A6 landscape
    • A5 landscape
    • A4 landscape

    The suspension pockets can be provided with a flap.

    This product can be further customized to fit specific needs.

    Available in 4 colors:

    • Yellow
    • Red
    • Blue
    • Green
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  • Suspension plastic pocket compatible with EURO pallet cages

    Suspension pockets

    Suspension pockets are the best choice for labelling pallet cages or shipping containers with narrow sides. The fastening accessory of these plastic pouches is also compatible with Euro pallet cages because the space between the loops fits perfectly between two adjacent bars.

    The suspension pockets, made of sturdy rigid foil, provide excellent safety for enclosed labels or shipping documents. They will not be damaged by weather conditions or mechanical stress.

    Suspension pockets are available in the following formats:

    • A6 landscape
    • A5 landscape
    • A4 landscape

    Optionally, the suspension pockets can be provided with a flap.

    This product can be further customized to fit specific needs.

    Available in 4 colors:

    • Yellow
    • Red
    • Blue
    • Green
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  • Plastic label pouches with metallic zippers

    Zipper pockets

    Zipper pockets are a great tool to keep organized. Ideal for storing small items or important notes.

    The plastic zipper pockets are transparent so that the contents are always visible and easy to identify. The metal zipper is sturdy, so the plastic bags resist many cycles without damage.

    Zipper pockets are available in the following formats:

    • A4 landscape (325×242 mm)
    • A5 landscape (232×170 mm)

    Stock versions can be customized:

    • Printing in up to 6 colors
    • Special sizes
    • Added suspension eye
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  • The label holders above provide versatile and practical solutions for various labelling needs.

    With a wide range of options, including plastic, metallic, magnetic, and self-adhesive label holders, customers can find suitable products to fit their requirements. These label holders are designed to ensure the protection and visibility of labels, enhancing organization and efficiency in different environments.

    These holders for labels have diverse features, such as perforations for wires and clips, fit with low-adhering surfaces, and resistance to impact and weather conditions. These features ensure that labels remain secure and legible, even in challenging situations. Mix-ups caused by accidental falling of labels are avoided. In addition, label holders come in various sizes, providing the flexibility to cater to different containers and labelling systems. The holders allow labels to be changed as often as required, removing the less elegant and sometimes problem-generating self-adhesive labels.

    The products are durable and reliable labelling solutions for logistics, retail, and manufacturing industries.

    Customers can find label holders tailored to their specific needs for pallets, containers, or Kanban boards.

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