Label Holders

Label holders serve as invaluable organizational tools in various settings, including retail and warehouses. They enable users to categorize and identify items for better accessibility and efficiency. Regardless of the scale, from home businesses to large retail spaces, these tools enhance the user experience by offering clear, quick access to essential information. Designed for multiple surfaces, like shelves, bins, and containers, they come in an array of designs.

Key Benefits:

  • Versatility: Options range from plastic to metallic, magnetic to self-adhesive, catering to diverse needs.
  • Durability: Made of robust materials, these label holders stand the test of time, ensuring label legibility.
  • Flexibility: They come in varying sizes and can be updated as often as needed, offering an elegant solution over direct pasting, which can become untidy or fade.
  • Features: Some are perforated for wires/clips, while others adhere to challenging surfaces or withstand environmental conditions.
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  • Resistant and easy to apply pallet label holder for barcodes and QR codes

    Pallet label pocket

    The pallet label pocket ensures labels stay intact on pallets. Its notable features are:

    • The thick PVC foil provides durability and allows easy insertion of documents.
    • Various colours are available.
    • Fasten around the pallet leg with Velcro.
    • Label pockets on all sides for added convenience.
    • Featuring thumb cutouts on each side for quick label changes, the pallet label pocket maximizes efficiency.
    • Anti-reflective and 100% compatible with barcode and QR code readers, the pockets improve the speed and accuracy of picking and packing processes.

    Operations are simplified with this easy-to-use solution designed for hassle-free pallet management.

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  • Label holder for Galia/ ODETTE boxes

    Galia Label Holders

    Galia Label Holders is a versatile and dependable tool, sized specifically for Galia/ODETTE standard boxes.

    Made from premium materials, either plastic or metal, these holders are very durable. Their resistance to factors like moisture, extreme temperatures, and physical damage ensures they remain functional across diverse environments.

    Their transparent front panel is designed for seamless label insertion and clear readability, enhancing the speed and efficiency of content identification. A testament to organization, these label holders streamline access, ensuring everything remains well-labeled and within easy reach.

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  • Transparent label holders for plastic storage boxes

    Welded Transparent Label Holders for Boxes and Containers

    These label holders are securely attached to boxes via multiple lateral welding points, offering a robust and long-lasting labelling solution. Depending on the need, they can either provide partial or full coverage for the label, safeguarding it from potential damage. This ensures that labels stay clear and readable, a crucial feature in challenging environments. Additionally, they are customizable in size, catering to the unique requirements of various boxes and containers.

    Label holders do not get damaged by going through the automated cleaning cycle with their boxes, as traditional adhesive labels do.

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  • Auto adhesive label holders, can be produced in any dimensions

    V-Edged Auto-Adhesive Label Holders

    These label holders are versatile, fitting a range of boxes and containers. The unique V-shaped edge simplifies the process of inserting or updating labels, making it effortless to keep labels current as requirements shift. Installation is straightforward, requiring no specialized tools. The adhesive is both durable and resilient, ensuring the holder stays in place throughout the label’s lifespan, even withstanding strong vibrations and attaching to uneven surfaces. They are compatible with metal, plastic, or wood surfaces.

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  • Interchangeable label holders, resistant to impact

    “Click” Type Plastic Label Holders

    These label holders, fashioned from plastic, affix to boxes via small arms, making them effortlessly interchangeable and ensuring seamless label transitions. Their user-friendly design negates the need for intricate setups, catering to a range of environments. A standout feature is their adaptability in size, accommodating a myriad of labelling requirements and aiding in the organization of items both big and small, thereby boosting overall efficiency. They’re especially invaluable in dynamic settings where updates are frequent, as they help maintain current information with ease.

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  • Label holders for boxes and Kanban boards with customizable colors

    Kanban Flexible Label Holders

    Available in several standard sizes, including 200×67 mm, 1/4 DIN (VDA), 1/3 DIN, and DIN A5, these label holders are tailored to accommodate diverse labelling needs across various sectors. Their multicolored options support color-coded organization strategies. Crafted for today’s requirements, they are optimized for barcode scanning, ensuring flawless tracking and inventory operations. By aligning with barcode technologies, they not only minimize potential errors but also amplify productivity levels. Their versatile design perfectly complements both boxes and Kanban boards, offering easy installation and repositioning as circumstances demand. They seamlessly integrate into inventory, production planning, and organizational workflows.

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  • Adhesive label holders for self-adhesive labels

    Reusable Self-Adhesive Label Holders

    Designed for effortless application and removal, these label holders accommodate single-use or permanent labels without leaving sticky residues upon removal, and without buildup or overlapping several labels. The labeling area remains clear, tidy and clean at all times, even after multiple relabeling instances, providing accurate and timely information about the box’s content.

    It’s easy to see how this reusable self-adhesive label holder offers a cost-effective and reliable solution.

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  • Metallic clips for clean and easy removal of the labels on the transported or stored containers

    Metallic Label Clips

    For a swift and dependable labelling approach, these metallic label clips are invaluable. They affix labels securely to boxes, eliminating the need for adhesives or other attachment methods. With a robust design, they guarantee a strong and durable hold, ensuring labels remain intact during transit.

    With these clips, the labelling process becomes streamlined, offering a time-efficient alternative to conventional methods. Labels can be effortlessly applied and switched out when required. Whether employed in storage areas, warehouses, or retail spaces, these clips stand out for their durability and longevity. They not only securely hold labels but also play a pivotal role in ensuring items are consistently and accurately tagged throughout their lifecycle.

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  • Easy applicable magnetic label holders, for showing barcodes and product details

    Magnetic Label Holders

    Magnetic label holders simplify labelling with their effortless magnetic-backed application, tailored specifically for metallic surfaces. Crafted from durable plastic, they feature a robust headboard and a transparent front, ensuring easy document visibility and facilitating seamless barcode scanning.

    Perfectly suited for environments ranging from offices to warehouses or retail spaces, these holders affix with ease. Beyond their straightforward application, they also boast moisture resistance, ensuring labels inside are shielded and remain legible, even when conditions are less than ideal.

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  • Kanban rigid label holders from transparent plastic, available for various box types

    Kanban Rigid Label Holders

    Designed for versatility, these rigid label holders are tailored for a range of Kanban boxes, delivering an adaptable labelling solution without compromising the stacking ability of the boxes. They flawlessly meld into any storage system, ensuring streamlined organization and instant access to pertinent information.

    Available in a spectrum of sizes, from 105×74 mm to 215×80×17 mm and spanning DIN A5, DIN A6, DIN A7, and ¼ DIN (VDA), these holders cater to varied labelling demands across multiple sectors. Crafted from transparent plastic, they enhance label visibility, ensuring swift identification and optimal legibility.

    Moreover, their UV-resistant properties make them suitable for externally stored packaging. And for modern needs, they’re fully compatible with barcode scanning.

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  • Robust and easy to apply pallet label holder

    Pallet Label Holders

    Streamlined for sturdiness, these label holders seamlessly attach to pallet bases with a singular, swift motion, ensuring they remain steadfast during handling. Designed for optimal visibility, they accommodate label placements on both their elongated sides and frontal section, guaranteeing intact and clear label presentation throughout transit and storage phases.

    Indispensable for pallet-centric operations, these label holders boost efficiency, sparing time and effort across diverse sectors. By employing these holders, businesses gain enhanced clarity in identifying goods during logistics and distribution endeavors.

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  • Label holders with perforations for wires, clips or hanging systems

    Perforated Label Holders for Wires & Clips

    Equipped with strategically placed perforations on their upper region, these label holders ensure straightforward attachment to wires, clips, or alternate hanging mechanisms. Tailored specifically for containers boasting wall thicknesses up to 4 cm, they present a resourceful labelling solution for surfaces that are space-constrained.

    Meticulously constructed from hard-wearing material, these holders promise enduring durability. They assure the hanging zone remains damage-free, making them a prime choice for challenging environments and scenarios.

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  • Self adhesive label holders from plastic

    Adhesive Pocket Label Holders

    Designed with protective plastic pockets, these self-adhesive label holders safeguard the printed content on each inserted label. Available in multiple standard sizes such as A6, A5, A4, and 230×90 mm, they address a wide spectrum of labelling requirements. Custom sizes can also be crafted upon request.

    Uniquely compatible with surfaces like EPP known for low adhesion, these label holders promise a steadfast attachment without the inconvenience of residual marks.

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  • Impact resistant transparent plastic label holders, allow complete visibility of the label

    PETG 01 Clear Label Holders

    Crafted for endurance, the PETG 01 label holders resist impacts, environmental elements, and inclement weather. Their design retains transparency, never yellowing, ensuring sustained label visibility. For enhanced safeguarding, these holders can undergo UV treatment, protecting labels from sun-induced fading or harm. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications, they guarantee continuous access to vital information, making them ideal for everything from storage units to outdoor exhibits.

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  • Magnetic label holders for displaying instructions, safety information and product data sheets outdoors

    Magnetic Pockets

    Designed for resilience, magnetic pockets are perfect for showcasing use instructions, safety guidelines, and product specifications, especially in challenging outdoor settings or tough environments. Each pocket features a magnetic strip on its rear, ensuring it remains securely in place and avoids unintentional removal.

    Available in standard sizes, including:

    • DIN A4
    • DIN A5
    • DIN A6

    Customers can choose from four vibrant colors: blue, red, yellow, and green, with up to 20 distinct designs. Format options include:

    • A6 landscape
    • A5 landscape
    • A5 portrait
    • A4 landscape
    • A4 portrait

    For added functionality, an optional flap can be incorporated upon request.

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  • Plastic pockets for price tags display in retail stores, wholesale facilities or outdoor use

    Flap Pockets with Suspension Eye / Price Tag Pockets

    Elevate the presentation of your price tags with our transparent flap pockets, each featuring a convenient suspension eye. These pockets are not only perfect for retail displays and wholesalers but also excel in outdoor settings. They ensure that price tags remain legible, safeguarding the information against the elements.

    By utilizing these pockets, you can effortlessly attach price details to individual items or even bulk batches. They provide a cost-effective and efficient method to showcase product details and pricing, no matter the environment.

    Available in standard formats:

    • A6 portrait (117 x 155/180 mm)
    • A5 portrait (160 x 210/240 mm)
    • A4 portrait (220 x 306/333 mm)
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  • Pockets with neodymium magnets for displaying labels in challenging environments

    Pockets with Neodymium Magnets

    Efficiently showcase labels and operating instructions with our robust pockets, fortified with neodymium magnets. Designed to endure even the harshest conditions, these pockets remain steadfast, even against strong winds, thanks to their powerful magnetic attachments.

    With a diverse selection of over 60 versions, we cater to every conceivable application and requirement.

    Available formats include:

    • A6 landscape (160×10/115 mm)
    • A5 landscape (225×150/150 mm)
    • A5 portrait (159×215/225 mm)
    • A4 landscape (313×217/234 mm)
    • A4 portrait (234 x 304/313 mm)

    Choose from our standard palette of pocket colors:

    • Red
    • Blue
    • Yellow
    • Green
    • Grey
    • And a clear Transparent option for a minimalist touch
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  • Plastic label and documents holder for shelves in warehouses, offices or stores

    Pockets with Wire Hangers

    Effortlessly showcase crucial details such as product labels or user guidelines using our pockets equipped with wire hangers. These plastic pockets are designed with durable welded-in wire hangers crafted from spring steel, facilitating easy attachment to shelves or unique hooks, suitable for offices, warehouses, or retail environments.

    Standard formats include:

    • A6 landscape
    • A5 landscape and portrait
    • A4 landscape and portrait

    For those seeking added protection, select landscape models come with a flap option.

    Customization Options:

    • Up to 6 distinct colors
    • Specific suspension types
    • Welded windows
    • Unique fasteners
    • Suspension pockets

    Especially effective for labeling narrow-sided pallet cages or shipping containers, these pockets’ fastening components seamlessly integrate with Euro pallet cages, courtesy of spacings that align perfectly with adjacent bars.

    Built with a robust rigid foil inclusive of suspension pockets, our pockets guarantee the safety of enclosed labels or dispatch papers against adverse weather and mechanical strains.

    Available suspension pockets formats:

    • A6 landscape
    • A5 landscape
    • A4 landscape

    For added security, these suspension pockets can also be paired with a flap. Furthermore, customization to cater to individual needs is always an option.

    Choose from our color range:

    • Yellow
    • Red
    • Blue
    • Green

    Ensure your labels and crucial details remain visible and intact, regardless of environmental challenges, with Logimarkt’s versatile pocket solutions.

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  • Suspension plastic pocket compatible with EURO pallet cages

    Suspension Pockets

    For optimum labeling solutions, especially for pallet cages or shipping containers with slimmer sides, suspension pockets emerge as the top choice. Their design ensures a snug fit, especially with Euro pallet cages. This is attributed to the precisely designed space between the loops, which aligns seamlessly with the gap between two neighboring bars.

    Crafted from a resilient rigid foil, these pockets guarantee the utmost protection for enclosed labels or shipping paperwork. They’re resilient, ensuring contents remain undamaged even when exposed to harsh weather or physical wear and tear.

    Available formats include:

    • A6 landscape
    • A5 landscape
    • A4 landscape

    For those in need of added safety, an optional flap can be affixed to the suspension pockets.

    Customization options: Beyond the standard offerings, we provide tailored solutions to meet specific requirements.

    Choose from our vibrant color palette:

    • Yellow
    • Red
    • Blue
    • Green

    Ensure your essential details remain visible and safeguarded in all conditions with our robust suspension pocket solutions.

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  • Plastic label pouches with metallic zippers

    Zipper Pockets

    Stay organized and efficient with zipper pockets – a versatile tool for safeguarding small essentials or important notes. Their transparent design ensures immediate visibility of the contents, eliminating the need to rummage through to find what you’re looking for.

    Constructed with a robust metal zipper, these plastic pouches promise long-lasting use, even after numerous opening and closing cycles, without compromising the integrity of the pocket.

    Available formats:

    • A4 landscape, measuring 325×242 mm
    • A5 landscape, measuring 232×170 mm

    Customization: Beyond the standard range, our zipper pockets can be tailored to meet individual preferences or requirements. Options include:

    • Custom print up to 6 colors, perfect for branding or labeling.
    • Creation of special sizes to suit unique needs.
    • Addition of a suspension eye for easy hanging or display.

    With zipper pockets, rest assured that your contents remain secure and easily accessible, all while maintaining a tidy and organized workspace.

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  • Comprehensive Label Holder Solutions

    In today’s dynamic and fast-paced industries, effective labeling is critical for streamlined operations and management. The varied label holder solutions highlighted here cater to the multifaceted needs of businesses across different sectors.

    Versatility and Range: From the flexible plastic and durable metallic to the effortlessly applicable magnetic and self-adhesive varieties, there’s a holder to match every labeling challenge. This diversity ensures that customers aren’t boxed into a one-size-fits-all solution but have the freedom to choose a product specifically aligned with their requirements.

    Protection and Clarity: Beyond mere attachment, these holders prioritize the protection of labels against external factors. Be it in a bustling warehouse, a rainy outdoor setting, or a busy retail floor; labels remain clear, legible, and in place.

    Innovative Features: The innovative features embedded in these label holders, such as perforations for clips and wires or compatibility with low-adhering surfaces, showcase their adaptability. This adaptability ensures that the labels, whether subjected to regular handling, exposure to the elements, or the hustle and bustle of a shop floor, remain unaffected.

    Flexibility and Efficiency: The range of sizes available means that businesses aren’t forced to adapt their systems to the label holder; the label holder adapts to them. This flexibility is especially crucial for sectors with frequently changing requirements. The ease with which labels can be changed, without resorting to sticky residues of direct adhesive labels, is another nod to efficiency.

    Industry-Specific Solutions: Whether it’s the complex world of logistics, the ever-evolving retail sector, or the meticulous environment of manufacturing, there’s a label holder solution tailored for it. From pallets and containers to specialized Kanban boards, businesses can rest assured their labeling will remain consistent and reliable.

    In essence, these label holder solutions aren’t just products; they are partners in ensuring that businesses run smoothly, efficiently, and without any labeling hiccups.

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