Liquid collecting equipment

Logimarkt offers comprehensive liquid collection solutions tailored to your industrial needs. The available products are designed with precision, ensuring safety, reliability, and adaptability across various applications.

  • High quality and resistant surface for collecting liquids resulting from washing vehicles

    Drive-Over Tray for Collecting Liquids

    The heavy-duty tray is engineered for intensive usage and significant weight loads. It’s a robust solution tailored for vehicles that might be exposed to hazardous or oily elements. Its versatile applications include:

    • Liquid Accumulation during Transport: It effectively contains any liquids that might escape during transit. This ensures the safety of both the transported goods and the environment.
    • Cleaning Bay for Contaminated Items: The tray acts as a secure station for washing items that have been exposed to contaminants, ensuring thorough cleaning.
    • Safe Wash-downs for Vehicles: For vehicles that have been exposed to toxic environments, this tray provides a secure and effective wash-down solution.

    In scenarios where vehicles are transporting potential contaminants, the liquid collecting tray offers protection against unsafe dispersal. In the event of accidental spillages on infrastructure such as roads, the tray ensures rapid and effective containment.

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  • A tray for the accumulation of dangerous or oily liquids, resistant to intensive use"

    Foldable Collecting Tray

    The foldable tray boasts a compact design for streamlined transportation and is compatible with open deck pallets to optimize liquid straining. It offers containment solutions for machinery, leaky containers, fuel repositories, and more. This makes it suitable for decontamination setups for items exposed to harmful agents.

    Engineered for high-volume liquid containment and the demands of heavy vehicles, this tray is a versatile and comprehensive substance collection solution.

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  • Plastic spill tray and pallet system for the chemical, pharma, food, metalworking, motor trade industries

    Drip Tray with Enclosed Pallet

    These drip trays are meticulously crafted for sectors dealing with hazardous or oily compounds, including chemical, pharmaceutical, and food industries. They offer resistance against oils, acids, and alkalis, ensuring clean, safe operational environments. They are constructed entirely from polyethylene, known for its chemical resistance, and feature surface designs that prevent barrel slippage. The drip trays from Logimarkt meet and exceed rigorous industry standards.

    These low-maintenance, durable, and adaptable trays are indispensable for industries such as automotive, pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, and food processing.

    Benefits of  the spill tray with enclosed pallet:

    • Safety: This system is dedicated to containing hazardous spills, minimizing risks and ensuring the well-being of all personnel.
    • Environmental Commitment: We are steadfast in our commitment to prevent soil and water contamination, contributing to environmental conservation.
    • Economically Sound: These products are constructed using recycled resources, reflecting our commitment to sustainability without compromising quality.
    • Regulatory Adherence: This equipment helps companies meet stringent industry standards, ensuring compliance and peace of mind.
    • Operational Efficiency: The system is designed for quick and cohesive spill responses, minimizing potential operational disruptions and downtime.
    • Durability: Crafted with high-grade polyethylene, this product promises lasting performance and reliability.
    • Versatility: The spill tray with pallet enclosed caters to a spectrum of industrial needs and scenarios. This system offers adaptable solutions for various applications.


    Ergonomic Considerations

    • Physical Strain Mitigation: This system is designed to reduce back and knee stresses, promoting a healthier working environment.
    • User-friendly Handling: We balance durability with lightweight considerations, ensuring the tray and pallet solutions are easy to handle and maneuver.
    • Organized Workspaces: This product actively reduce clutter and spill hazards, contributing to a more organized and efficient workspace.
    • Optimized Cleanup: Advanced drainage systems ensure efficiency in cleaning, saving time and resources.


    Tray Specifications

    Our trays are engineered to resist corrosion, facilitate effective liquid discharge, and are compatible with varied pallet systems. They adhere to industry mandates and are available in standardized sizes, ensuring they meet your specific needs.

    Tray standard sizes:

    • 1200×800 mm;
    • 1200×1000 mm;
    • 1200×1600 mm;
    • 1200×2000 mm.
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