Liquid collecting equipment

  • High quality and resistant surface for collecting liquids resulting from washing vehicles

    Drive-over tray for collecting liquids

    This durable and reinforced heavy-duty tray is resistant to intensive use and to heavy loads. It can also whitstand corrupted vehicles or automobiles that contain hazardous or oily substances. The collecting tray can be used as an accumulation station for the transported liquids or as a washing station for contaminated items.

    If a vehicle is accessing contaminated areas and there is a risk of toxic substances being present on the surface and transported further, intensive cleaning of the vehicle is required. The release of the solvent mixture together with hazardous substances is not safe to be carried out in any type of environment. In this case, such a heavy-duty tray is required to collect and then dispose of the mixture in a legally compliant manner.

    Following the same concept, another application example for this heavy-duty collecting tray is when confronting with hazardous spillages on roads or fields. This resistant and portable liquid gathering station can be transported to the the place of accidental spillage of substances and carefully placed under the drain to stop the infiltration of substances into the soil.

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  • A tray for the accumulation of dangerous or oily liquids, resistant to intensive use"

    Foldable collecting tray

    The foldable collecting tray is an alternative to the drip tray that can be easily carried away. The advantage of this product is that it can be folded and efficiently transported wherever it is needed. Additionally, an open deck pallet can be added to the collecting tray to allow the liquid to strain from the top of the pallet.

    This product offers storage for machinery and leaky containers, fuel tanks, leaky batteries, hydraulic leaks and more. The collecting tray can be used as a decontamination station as well. The products or jumpsuits which contain toxic or foreign matters can be washed with ease above the tray.

    Its sturdy walls allow reliable containment of high volumes of liquids and can whitstand weighted vehicles, with the purpose of collecting the substances on them.

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  • Resistant plastic drip tray with open surface for collecting oils and hazardous substances

    Drip Tray with Enclosed Pallet

    Drip trays are products used in areas where hazardous or oily substances are manipulated. These industries include chemical, pharma, food, metalworking, motor trade, etc. They are resistant to oils, acids and alkalis. This product can be used in warehouses, laboratories, storage rooms, transport vehicles, and garages.

    The drip trays play an essential role in maintaining a clean and safe workplace space. They also help ensure that the transport vans are not contaminated or deteriorate due to unforeseen spillages. Most importantly, the health risks for operators caused by dangerous substances accidentally escaping the packaging are eliminated. The costs and time spent on cleaning the spilled oils and substances are also removed by using a spill tray.

    The general-purpose spill tray with pallet from Logimarkt is an essential product used in scenarios where hazardous or oily substances are manipulated. The system’s purpose is to safely gather all the liquids into the tray while offering support for the tanks, drums, barrels, canisters or small containers. At the end of the transport or when the tray needs emptying, the plastic pallet can be easily removed, and the liquids disposed of safely.

    The drip tray with pallet is entirely made of polyethylene, and it is chemically resistant to solvents, bases and caustic acids. It supports direct placement of the barrels containing oily or dangerous substances, and its surface has embossed areas that help prevent the slipping of the barrels.

    With their passive design, the industrial sump trays offer a reliable, low-maintenance solution, granting users peace of mind while adhering to stringent industry standards. The high-quality materials employed in their construction ensure durability, chemical resistance, and longevity, allowing for prolonged and repeated use in demanding environments. This product can also be utilized by factories that work with fuels used to lubricate and maintain machines.

    Their adaptability and compatibility with various storage spaces offer them a valuable asset in managing and minimizing risks associated with liquid handling.

    Through their passive functionality, robust construction, and broad applicability, these trays contribute to effectively containing and preventing liquid spillage, ultimately fostering a secure and productive work environment.

    The plastic sump tray is meticulously manufactured utilizing advanced production techniques and high-quality materials, resulting in a product that meets stringent durability and functionality standards.

    The plastic drip tray is designed and intended to the industrial and commercial sectors, where primary considerations include containment, spill control, and environmental safety.

    The product is suitable for use in manufacturing facilities, warehouses, distribution centers, and other industrial settings where liquid storage, transport, and handling are common. It serves professionals and organizations involved in industries such as chemical manufacturing, automotive, pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, oil and gas, food processing, and many others.

    Furthermore, businesses and facilities can utilize the drip tray with enclosed pallet that prioritize environmental responsibility and compliance with regulations governing liquid containment. This includes companies that deal with waste management, recycling, spill response, or any other operations that require effective measures for preventing fluid leakage and minimizing environmental impact.

    The versatility of the drip tray allows it to address the needs of small, medium, and large enterprises alike.

    The spill tray proposed by Logimarkt has numerous advantages for businesses and organizations that handle liquids, some of them being the following:

    • Enhanced Safety: The primary advantage of using the drip tray system is its high safety level. This tray helps prevent hazardous substances from spreading and causing potential accidents or injuries by capturing and containing accidental leaks, drips, or spills. It contributes to a safer working environment for employees and lowers the risk of slips, trips, or other incidents related to liquid spillage.
    • Environmental Protection: The collecting tray plays a vital role in protecting the environment. By confining and containing liquids, it prevents the contamination of soil, water sources, or nearby ecosystems. This proactive approach to spill control helps businesses meet environmental regulations and demonstrate their commitment to responsible liquid handling practices.
    • Reducing costs: The collecting system for hazardous and oily liquids is made from recycled materials, which classifies it as a cost-effective alternative to drip trays made from virgin materials.
    • Regulatory Compliance: Many industries have strict regulations and guidelines regarding the containment and management of hazardous substances. Using a plastic drip tray for contained liquids can assist businesses in meeting these compliance requirements. By implementing the drip tray and pallet, companies demonstrate their adherence to industry standards.
    • Efficient Spill Repel: In the event of a spill or leakage, the hazardous substances and oil capturing tray with pallet enable prompt and effective response. The liquid can be easily managed and disposed of appropriately, minimizing downtime and potential disruptions to operations. This quick and efficient response helps lessen the possible damages and reduces cleanup costs.
    • Long service life: The drip tray is constructed using high-quality polyethylene, known for its durability and longevity. It is designed to withstand the rigours of industrial environments, including exposure to corrosive substances, heavy loads, and repeated use. This durability translates into long-term cost savings as the tray requires less frequent replacement, contributing to overall operational efficiency.
    • High resistance: The spill tray and pallet are designed to support products of up to 1000 kg, and the tray can easily gather up to 100 litres of liquids. These qualities make the safety escapement tray system resistant to various applications and intensive use.
    • Versatile: This product offers versatility in its applications, making it suitable for various industries and settings. The general-purpose drip tray can be integrated into different liquid handling processes and systems, whether for storage, transportation or as secondary containment within a facility. The compatibility with a range of storage solutions and adaptability to diverse work environments makes this product a flexible choice for businesses with varying needs.

    The tray is made from durable materials, ensuring resistance to corrosion and the ability to withstand the weight and pressure exerted by the pallet and its loads.

    By incorporating the collecting tray into their work routine, operators can passively prevent potential damage to the surrounding environment or workspace, as any leaked or spilled substances will be effectively collected and contained within the tray. This contributes to maintaining a clean and safe working environment, reducing the risk of accidents and facilitating easy cleanup and disposal of hazardous materials.

    Furthermore, the plastic drip trays are designed with efficiency in mind. They feature well-placed escapements that allow for convenient drainage of collected liquids. This enables operators to easily remove and dispose of the accumulated substances, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

    The drip tray can contribute to improved ergonomics in the workplace. Incorporating them into daily tasks has numerous advantages in the ergonomics field:

    • Reduced physical strain: The tray and the pallet system provides a lower and more accessible collection point for spilled or leaked substances. This eliminates the need for operators to bend down or crouch excessively, reducing the risk of strain on their backs, knees, and other body parts.
    • Ease of handling: The drip trays are made from durable yet lightweight materials, making them easy to handle and maneuver. This allows operators to quickly and efficiently position the trays under the pallets and remove them when necessary, minimizing physical effort and potential strain.
    • Enhanced workspace organization: This collecting product promotes a cleaner and more organized workspace by containing spills or leaks within the trays. This reduces clutter and the potential for slips, trips, or falls, creating a safer and more efficient working environment.
    • Minimized cleanup time: The open deck pallet feature escapements that facilitate convenient drainage of collected liquids. This design element enables operators to swiftly and efficiently remove the trays and dispose of the accumulated substances, reducing the time and effort required for cleanup activities.
    • Hazard prevention: The spill tray proposed by Logimarkt contains and controls potential hazards associated with spills or leaks, preventing them from spreading to other areas or coming into contact with employees or equipment. This reduces the risk of accidents or damage to the workspace, promoting a safer and more ergonomic working environment.

    Thus, by choosing to work with the liquid capturing tray and pallet system, companies can contribute to improved ergonomics by reducing operators’ physical strain, enhancing workspace organization, minimizing cleanup time, and preventing workplace hazards. These ergonomic benefits can result in increased comfort for the employees, productivity, and overall well-being.

    The spill tray is manufactured from durable and high-quality plastic materials, ensuring its strength and resistance to corrosion, chemicals, and impact.

    The drip tray is designed with strategically placed escapements, which allow for the easy drainage of collected liquids. These escapements ensure efficient removal and disposal of spilled substances, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

    This tray is manufactured to withstand the weight and pressure exerted by pallets and their loads. The load capacity may vary depending on the specific model or size of the spill tray.

    The drip tray is compatible with plastic pallets and can be used in conjunction with them. This ensures seamless integration into existing pallet systems, allowing for efficient spill containment without compromising the functionality of the pallets.

    The polyethylene sump tray from Logimarkt is designed to meet relevant regulatory standards and guidelines for spill containment. It complies with industry-specific regulations, such as hazardous materials or environmental protection.

    The product can be customized according to customer requirements or made in standard sizes:

    • 1200×800 mm;
    • 1200×1000 mm;
    • 1200×1600 mm;
    • 1200×2000 mm.
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