Metal Transport Trolleys for Logistics

Efficient logistics and cost-effective transportation of semi-finished products are crucial for businesses.

Metal transport trolleys are specially crafted to streamline processes that involve boxes, for collecting goods, or order management.

These galvanized metal carts serve as versatile mobile platforms. They can support pallets, pallet boxes, and various types of containers, whether they are rigid, foldable, or collapsible. These containers may also include internal textile dunnage, crates, or boxes, depending on your specific needs.

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ReferenceExternal dimensions (mm)Load capacity (kg)
retail roll container for transport, produced in Romania, 814x722x1842 mm815 x 722 x 1840500View product
ReferenceExternal dimensions (mm)Load capacity (kg)
wire mesh basket2003600 x 440 x 400100View product
wire mesh basket2103600 x 640 x 400100View product
manufacturer of precise transfer trolley, 795x550x845 mm44751003795 x 550 x 845400View product
wire mesh basket2203800 x 540 x 400100View product
wire mesh basket23031200 x 540 x 400100View product
wire mesh basket24031200 x 640 x 400100View product
trolleys for picking, safe and precise469687971220 x 820 x 9501000View product
wire mesh basket25031230 x 700 x 400100View product
wire mesh basket26031335 x 800 x 420100View product
ReferenceExternal dimensions (mm)Load capacity (kg)
resistant roll container trolley on wheels, produced in Romania, 720x810x1900 mm720 x 810 x 1900500View product
ReferenceExternal dimensions (mm)Load capacity (kg)
container with wheels, for transport, storage or pick-up in the logistics area, 820x615x600 mm, 4461570344615703820 x 615 x 600200View product
manufacturer of resistant roll trolley for picking, with coin lock, 925x640x1020 mm, 4454080344540803925 x 640 x 1020250View product
trolley for picking, for transport, manufactured in Romania, 1355x720x1160 mm, 44994003449940031130 x 650 x 1200300View product
producer of steel picking trolley for logistic applications, 1355x720x1160 mm, 44595003445950031355 x 720 x 1160500View product
picking trolley for retail shops with ergonomic handles for transport and pick-up, 1480x595x1065 mm, 44597003445970031480 x 595 x 1065350View product
ReferenceExternal dimensions (mm)Load capacity (kg)
safe and robust nestable roll containers for distribution and storage in the logistics area, 1350x1005x1792 mm1350 x 1005 x 1792500View product
ReferenceExternal dimensions (mm)Load capacity (kg)
customizable roll container for heavy distributions, 1200x800x1795 mm1200 x 800 x 1795500View product

Advantages of Metal Trolleys:

  • Versatile Functionality: Metal trolleys serve multiple purposes, including transportation of goods, functioning as worktops, storage shelves, or mobile displays.
  • Custom Accessories: A wide range of accessories is available to meet various needs, such as push handles, drawbars, stacking module pipes, safety corners, and textile compartments.
  • Common Logistics Sizes: These trolleys come in standard dimensions commonly used in logistics, including 800×600 mm, 1200×800 mm, 1200×1000 mm, and 1200×1200 mm.
  • Forklift Compatibility: Loading and unloading with a forklift is easy and efficient.
  • High Load Capacity: The robust stainless steel structure supports stacking loads of up to 2000 kg.
  • Smooth and Silent Mobility: Trolleys feature wheels with bearings and a rolling surface of at least 50 mm, ensuring quiet and operator-friendly movement.

Another significant advantage of stainless steel or aluminum trolleys is their ability to connect and form convoys of up to five trolleys using intralogistics tow bars. Convoys save time, energy, and reduce the need for additional mechanical transportation equipment. The transport system achieves a rolling speed between 4 km/h and 6 km/h, depending on factors such as floor type, usage period, loading capacity, trajectory radius, and the number of towed trolleys.

Even when interconnected, these intralogistics trolleys navigate turns safely and precisely thanks to drawbars and fixed back wheels. Metal transport trolleys contribute to the continuous improvement of internal logistics processes by allowing quick adjustments to evolving needs.

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