Metal transport trolleys for logistics

The transport, delivery procedures for semi-fabricated products and their storage, are essential production processes and make the difference when it comes to costs.

The metal transport trolleys for boxes, goods pick up and collection of orders for distribution produced by Logimarkt, were designed starting from these processes and from how they can be efficient.

The galvanized metal carts can be used as stand-alone mobile platforms or as support for pallets, pallet boxes, rigid/ foldable/ collapsible containers, with or without internal textile dunnage, crates or boxes.

The advantages of these trolleys are:

  • mobile platforms with multiple functionalities: they help the transportation of goods, they can become a worktop, storage shelves or mobile display
  • small number of accessories, but enough to meet a wide range of needs: push handles, drawbar, pipes for stacking modules, safety corners, textile compartments
  • the platforms are available in the most common dimensions used in logistics: 800x600 mm, 1200x800 mm, 1200x1000 mm, 1200x1200 mm
  • they can be easily loaded and unloaded with a forklift
  • the robust stainless steel structure allows the stacking of loads up to 2000 kg
  • the wheels with bearings and rolling surface of minimum 50 mm ensure a silent movement, leading to the operator’s motivation

Another important benefit obtained by using the stainless steel or aluminum trolleys is the possibility to connect them between each other, and all to an intralogistics tow bar. This way there can be transported up to 5 trolleys in convoy, saving time and energy, which were otherwise consumed with the excessive use of a pallet truck for transporting the products and semi-manufactured items.

This kind of system has a rolling speed which varies between 4 km/ h and 6 km/ h, depending on the floor type, period of use, loading capacity (which can be exceeded), trajectory radius, number of towed trolleys. Even they are interconnected, these intralogistics trolleys take the turns with precision and safety due to the drawbar and the position of the fix wheels from the back side of the trolley.

The metal transport trolleys for distribution and pick up lead to a quick adjustment of the logistic processes which are in a continuous transformation.

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