Modular frames for stacking

Modular frames for stacking are an innovative system which helps to extend the height of the carboard or Duraflex boxes, when atypical dimensions are needed for packing different products.

If the items we need to pack cannot be fitted exactly inside the boxes with standard dimensions, this option with modular frames for stacking is available and very easy to use.

They look like small pins placed along a rail, which is simply placed on the top edge of the box’s wall. The position of the pins alternates: one is inside the box, one on the outside of the box, ensuring this way the stability of the ring which is to be placed on top.

This way we obtain, a packaging  with atypical dimensions, but with a perfect fit for the products, very easy to build, and which can be reused due to its modularity.

The modular frames for stacking are very resistant, the boxes obtained using them can be stacked without the worry that they might be deformed or even fall when are placed in a pile.

An advantage of the Modular frames for stacking is that you do not need anymore to have boxes on multiple atypical dimensions, but only one base dimension which can be extended on the height with the rings.

The packaging resulted this way has the advantage of being customized on the product’s dimensions, eliminating like this the situations when, because of the too big sizes, it was necessary to fill in the empty space inside the box with additional packaging material, increasing the packaging costs.

In the same time are reduced the transportation costs caused by heavy or too big sized packaging.

Also, there is a decrease in the costs with one way packaging, because one can safely transport the products in not returnable cardboard boxes, built by using the Modular frames for stacking exactly on the desired dimensions.

To understand better how the system works, please watch the video presented below.

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