Modular Stacking Frames

Modular Stacking Frames are a sophisticated system designed to increase the height of cardboard or Duraflex boxes. They cater to unique packing requirements for a variety of products.

When standard box dimensions fall short for clients’ items, our modular frames provide a straightforward and efficient solution. These frames resemble small pins arranged along a rail, seamlessly placed on the top edge of the box’s wall. The alternating placement of pins inside and outside the box ensures the stability of the resulting structure. This way, it creates a perfectly fitting packaging solution with atypical dimensions.

The modular stacking frames are straightforward to assemble, and their modularity enables easy reuse.

The robust design of the modular frames ensures that the boxes created using them can be stacked securely without deformation or risk of collapse when placed in a pile.

A key advantage of  Modular Stacking Frames is the elimination of the need for multiple boxes with atypical dimensions. Instead, users can work with a single base dimension that can be extended in height using the modular rings. This customization based on product dimensions eradicates the need for additional packaging material to fill empty spaces within the box. It further effectively reduces overall packaging costs.

In addition, this solution minimizes transportation costs associated with bulky or oversized packaging. With Modular Stacking Frames, users can confidently transport products in non-returnable cardboard boxes tailored precisely to their desired dimensions. This reduces one-way packaging expenses.

Elevate packing efficiency with our Modular Stacking Frames – the optimum solution for tailored, cost-effective, and secure packaging.

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