Nestable plastic containers

Stack & nest containers are boxes from high-quality injected plastic (HDPE, PE, PP, etc.), UV resistant, with smaller dimensions at the base and wider at the top to allow nesting when empty.

Nesting saves up to 75% in volume – increased efficiency, reduced cost on return transports and efficient storage.

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External dimensions
Length (0 - 800)
Width (0 - 600)
Height (0 - 400)
ReferenceExternal dimensions (mm)Internal dimensions (mm)Units per palletWeight (kg)
Nestable plastic container for storage and transport, 230x163x104 mm, NS2110-3303NS2110-3303230 x 163 x 104190 x 122 x 1006000.22View product
Nestable plastic containers for distribution of pharma, 300x200x120 mm, NS3212-1204NS3212-1204300 x 200 x 120275 x 180 x 1155600.45View product
Nestable and sealable plastic boxes with lids for pharmacy, 300x200x200 mm, NS3220-1203NS3220-1203300 x 200 x 200275 x 180 x 1955600.59View product
Nestable plastic containers for post shipment 305x195x132 mm, NS3113-3304NS3113-3304305 x 195 x 132262 x 151 x 1282700.36View product
Nestable distribution containers, produced in Romania, 342x242x133 mm, NS3213-3305NS3213-3305342 x 242 x 133295 x 200 x 1282240.46View product
A small box that can be very useful for post distribution, 382x325x160 mm, NS3316-3306NS3316-3306382 x 325 x 160338 x 280 x 1571170.66View product
Nestable plastic Poolbox boxes, 490x300x110 mm, NS4311-4901NS4311-4901490 x 300 x 110430 x 257 x 107246N.A.View product
Multi purpose containers, produced in Romania, 490x300x155 mm, NS4316-1202NS4316-1202490 x 300 x 155455 x 275 x 1502400.96View product
Manufacture Industrial plastic boxes, 490x330x160 mm, NS4316-1504NS4316-1504490 x 330 x 160400/457 x 250/301 x 1572660.88View product
Multipurpose container, produced in Romania, 490x300x160 mm, NS4316-4902NS4316-4902490 x 300 x 160430 x 257 x 1553681.00View product
Nestable poolbox storage container, 490x300x210 mm, NS4321-4903NS4321-4903490 x 300 x 210430 x 257 x 200234N.A.View product
Plastic poolbox container for storage, 490x300x260 mm, NS4326-4904NS4326-4904490 x 300 x 260430 x 257 x 2553521.20View product
Industrial nestable box manufactured by injection moulding, 490x330x280 mm, NS4328-1505NS4328-1505490 x 330 x 280400/457 x 250/301 x 2772281.26View product
space saving plastic containers smooth easy cleaning, 570x360x240 mm, NS5334-2201NS5334-2201570 x 360 x 340502 x 312 x 3303501.43View product
Nestable totes made from polypropylene, produced in Romania, 600x400x273 mm, NS6427-2002NS6427-2002600 x 400 x 273495 x 325 x 2701041.99View product
Plastic boxes for picking and distribution, produced in Romania, 600x400x320 mm, NS6432-1205NS6432-1205600 x 400 x 320550 x 360 x 315N.A.2.24View product
Plastic containers for postal and distribution, 600x400x400 mm, SNL6440-4908SNL6440-4908600 x 400 x 400553 x 353 x 392501.00View product
Factory injection moulding plastic boxes for distribution and picking e-commerce, 607x407x286 mm, SNL6429-1101SNL6429-1101607 x 407 x 286598 x 398 x 271N.A.2.80View product
Producer of hygienic plastic totes with smooth walls, 660x450x340 mm, NS6534-2202NS6534-2202660 x 450 x 340594 x 402 x 3302502.09View product
Nestable plastic container NS7419-3506NS7419-3506710 x 490 x 185635 x 420 x 1752001.70View product
Nestable plastic container NS7415-0704NS7415-0704745 x 455 x 145615/655 x 335/395 x 1401002.00View product
Nestable plastic container NS7421-0705NS7421-0705765 x 475 x 205620/690 x 350/415 x 2001002.30View product
Manufacturer plastic totes easy to clean, 780x520x400 mm, NS7540-2203NS7540-2203780 x 520 x 400685 x 480 x 380903.50View product
Nestable plastic container NS8432-5401NS8432-5401807 x 399 x 323700 x 330 x 319603.28View product
Nestable plastic container NS8650-0715NS8650-0715842 x 596 x 500710/740 x 480/500 x 495167.00View product
Nestable plastic container NS9649-3401NS9649-3401990 x 665 x 490910 x 585 x 4801617.00View product

Suitable for applications where stacking is not needed, e.g., mini-load systems to robotic automated conveyors, distribution, dispatch centers, traditional picking zones, production (including food processing), wholesales, manufacturing, retail, automotive (for example, cables packaging), pharma, logistics and more.

Shipping totes have ergonomic handles and a smooth base. Compatible with both manual and automated handling.


  • Their constant weight allows a quick weight check of the content
  • They are compatible with detachable lids and can be sealed with personalized PET strapping tape
  • Their smooth walls guarantee thorough cleaning and sanitizing using industrial washing machines; this is critical in food processing but also in industries where the containers may be contaminated with oils or other substances
  • Old labels can also be easily removed to avoid any mistakes caused by improper labelling
  • Robust and able to carry heavy loads
  • Long service life and good ROI in the long run
  • Suitable for extreme temperatures, both high and cold or freezing

Using detachable lids, the nestable crates for distribution become double stackable (stackable & nestable): one inside another when empty and one on top of another when the cover is on.

They are very stable in stacks due to the reinforcement of the top rim. This prolongs their life span and reduces both waste and expenses.

Nestable bins can have closed or ventilated bottoms and walls.

The closed walls and bottom versions are used for intensive use, heavy loads, products in bulk or products that require protection against dust or other external factors.

The ventilated wall versions can have a closed or perforated bottom and complete or semi-ventilated walls. They are used for products that need good air circulation to eliminate moisture, usually in the food industry.

They can be used with trolleys, plastic pallets, Kanban racks, aluminum profile racks etc.

Available accessories:

  • Label holders
  • Self-adhesive labels can be used in designated areas
  • Seals for securing, when used with lids
  • Coloured clips for quick identification
  • Internal dividers, interlayers, or other separators from foam, rigid or corrugated plastic, textile etc.
  • They can be produced in various colors for quick identification
  • Some nestable boxes can also become stackable with the help of bale arms

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