Nestable plastic containers

Nestable containers are boxes with smaller dimensions at the base and wider at the top edge (like an upside-down pyramid trunk) and are produced from high-quality injected plastic (HDPE, PE, PP, etc.) UV resistant.

Due to their special shape, they can be stored inside another when empty. This way is saved 75% from the total volume, which increases the efficiency of the storage space as well as reduces the costs with return transport.

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External dimensions
Length (0 - 800)
Width (0 - 600)
Height (0 - 400)
ReferenceExternal dimensions (mm)Internal dimensions (mm)Units per palletWeight (kg)
Nestable plastic container or box NS2110-3303NS2110-3303230 x 163 x 104190 x 122 x 1006000.22View product
Nestable plastic container or box NS3212-1204NS3212-1204300 x 200 x 120275 x 180 x 1155600.45View product
Nestable plastic container or box NS3220-1203NS3220-1203300 x 200 x 200275 x 180 x 1955600.585View product
Nestable plastic container or box NS3113-3304NS3113-3304305 x 195 x 132262 x 151 x 1282700.36View product
Nestable plastic container or box NS3213-3305NS3213-3305342 x 242 x 133295 x 200 x 1282240.46View product
Nestable plastic container or box NS3316-3306NS3316-3306382 x 325 x 160338 x 280 x 1571170.66View product
Nestable plastic container or box NS4311-4901NS4311-4901490 x 300 x 110430 x 257 x 107246N.A.View product
Nestable plastic container or box NS4316-1202NS4316-1202490 x 300 x 155455 x 275 x 1502400.96View product
Nestable plastic container NS4316-1504NS4316-1504490 x 330 x 160400/457 x 250/301 x 1572660.875View product
Nestable plastic container or box NS4316-4902NS4316-4902490 x 300 x 160430 x 257 x 1553681.00View product
Nestable plastic container or box NS4321-4903NS4321-4903490 x 300 x 210430 x 257 x 200234N.A.View product
Nestable plastic container or box NS4326-4904NS4326-4904490 x 300 x 260430 x 257 x 2553521.2View product
Nestable plastic container or box NS4328-1505NS4328-1505490 x 330 x 280400/457 x 250/301 x 2772281.26View product
Nestable plastic container or box NS5334-2201NS5334-2201570 x 360 x 340502 x 312 x 3303501.43View product
Nestable plastic container or box NS6427-2002NS6427-2002600 x 400 x 273495 x 325 x 2701041.99View product
Nestable plastic container or box NS6432-1205NS6432-1205600 x 400 x 320550 x 360 x 315N.A.2.24View product
Stackable nestable plastic container SNL6440-4908SNL6440-4908600 x 400 x 400553 x 353 x 392501.00View product
Stackable nestable plastic box SNL6429-1101SNL6429-1101607 x 407 x 286598 x 398 x 271N.A.2.80View product
Nestable plastic container or box NS6534-2202NS6534-2202660 x 450 x 340594 x 402 x 3302502.09View product
Nestable plastic container or box NS7540-2203NS7540-2203780 x 520 x 400685 x 480 x 380903.50View product

They are suitable for applications where is no need for the boxes to be stacked (from mini-load systems to robotic automated conveyors) in distribution, dispatch centers, traditional picking zones, production (including food processing), wholesalers, manufacturers, retailers, automotive (for example cables packaging), pharma, logistics, etc.

Shipping totes have ergonomic handles and a smooth base and are compatible with both manual and automated handling.


  • they have constant own weight, so it can be immediately checked if the correct products were loaded in the boxes, by only adding the individual weights of the items
  • they are compatible with detachable lids and can be sealed with personalized PET strapping tape
  • their smooth walls guarantee complete cleaning and sanitizing (with industrial washing machines), this aspect being very important in industries like food processing or others where they can be in contact with oils and other substances
  • they can be safely washed for complete removal of the labels in order to avoid future misunderstandings caused by improper labeling
  • they are very robust, can be used in applications with heavy loads, have a long service life, and reduce the costs allocated for packaging on a long term
  • they can be used at extreme temperatures, from high to cold and freeze

Using the detachable lid, the nestable crates for distribution become double stackable (stackable & nestable): one inside another when empty and one on top of another when the lid is on.

They are very stable in a stack due to the reinforcements in the lid area. This aspect prolongs their life and reduces this way the industrial waste generated by low-quality products or one-way packaging.

The nestable bins can have closed or ventilated bottom and walls.

The closed walls and bottom models are compatible with applications that imply intensive use, heavy loads, products in bulk or that need protection against dust or other external factors.

The ventilated walls models can have also some variations: closed or perforated bottom, complete or semi-ventilated walls. They are used in general for products that need the air to circulate (like food) and eliminate the moisture which can affect the packed items.

They can be used with trolleys, plastic pallets, Kanban racks, aluminum profile racks, etc.

As accessories, they have available the same range as the other containers from injected plastic:

  • Label holders
  • Special areas for self-adhesive labels
  • Seals for securing in case they are used with lids
  • Colored clips for quick identification
  • Internal dividers, interlayers, or other separators from foam, rigid or corrugated plastic, textile, etc.
  • Can be produced in various colors, in case this is required for rapid visual identification, company branding, others
  • Besides the lid, some of the nestable boxes can become stackable by using bale arms

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