The nestable plastic containers are boxes with smaller dimensions at the base and wider on top.

Due to their special shape, they can be stored one inside another when empty. This way, 75% from the total volume is saved, which increases the efficiency of the storage space, as well as reducing the costs for return transport.

They are very suitable for distribution, for traditional picking areas or with conveyors.

The advantages of using the nestable plastic crates for distribution are:

  • they have constant weight and it can be immediately checked if the correct products were loaded inside the boxes, by adding the individual weights of the items
  • they are compatible with detachable lids and can be sealed with personalized PET tape band (stripe)
  • they have smooth walls
  • they are very robust

Using the detachable lid, the nestable totes become double stackable: one inside another when empty and one on top on another when the lid is closed.

The nestable bins are very stable in stack due to the reinforcements in the lid area, these two aspects insuring also a long-term service life.

The nestable containers can have special places for label holders, they can be sealed, can have closed or ventilated (perforated) walls.