Open-front modular bins

The polypropylene open-front modular bins are iconic small boxes with frontal access, available in various colors.

Various work scenarios require balancing box capacity and easy – sometimes preferably frontal – access. These small bins emerged naturally to fulfil this particular need.

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External dimensions
Length (0 - 700)
Width (0 - 500)
Height (0 - 500)
ReferenceExternal dimensions (mm)Units per palletWeight (kg)
Open front stackable polyethylene containers for storage optimization, 75x50x35 mm, SB080540-5101SB080540-510175 x 50 x 35112000.02View product
Multi-purpose open front plastic container, 95x85x45 mm, SB100950-5102SB100950-510295 x 85 x 4547040.04View product
HDPE container for hardware consumables storage and display, 102x89/77x50 mm, SB1950-4124SB1950-4124102 x 89/77 x 505445/59400.80View product
Polypropylene injected container for small parts storing, produced in Romania, 102x90/76x50 mm, SB1950-4125SB1950-4125102 x 90/76 x 505566/65780.90View product
Plastic open front boxes for small electronics, 105x85/66x45 mm, SB1945-4123SB1945-4123105 x 85/66 x 456426/82620.85View product
Multiway containers from injected plastic for stores, 160x95x75 mm, SB1108-5103SB1108-5103160 x 95 x 7517500.21View product
Space saving high quality plastic containers, 164/150x105x75 mm, SB1108-4105SB1108-4105164/150 x 105 x 7512962.00View product
Small load plastic carriers, 164/150x105x75 mm, SB1108-4107SB1108-4107164/150 x 105 x 7512962.60View product
Plastic open front bins, compatible with Silafix, 170x102x74 mm, SB1107-4918SB1107-4918170 x 102 x 7419582.00View product
Producer of open front boxes, 190x124x98 mm, SB1110-4907SB1110-4907190 x 124 x 9812000.15View product
Easy to access plastic crates for warehouses, 230x150x125 mm, SB2113-5104SB2113-5104230 x 150 x 12510800.21View product
PVC shelving box manufacturer, 230/200x140x130 mm, SB2113-4108SB2113-4108230/200 x 140 x 1303842.14View product
Producer of small load boxes, 230/200x140x130 mm, SB2113-4103SB2113-4103230/200 x 140 x 1303842.14View product
Resistant plastic storage bins, 230/205x150x125 mm, SB2113-4110SB2113-4110230/205 x 150 x 1253842.15View product
Polyethylene containers, 230/205x150x125 mm, SB2113-4109SB2113-4109230/205 x 150 x 1253842.15View product
Multi-purpose stackable open front containers, 235x125x98 mm, SB2110-4919SB2110-4919253 x 125 x 982000.18View product
HDPE open front shipping container, 240x150x122 mm, SB2112-4908SB2112-4908240 x 150 x 1227000.24View product
Small Parts Storage Bins, 270x90x50, SB2905-4146SB2905-4146270 x 90 x 5020242.04View product
Manufacturer of plastic bins for small parts storage and display, 285x104x90 mm, SB2190-4126SB2190-4126285 x 104 x 909000.23View product
Producer of open front PVC bins for warehouses and stores, 285x175x110 mm, SB2111-4127SB2111-4127285 x 175 x 1103240.30View product
HDPE hygienic storage containers, 290/265x150x125 mm, SB2113-4111SB2113-4111290/265 x 150 x 1253840.33View product
Small open front plastic bins, 290/266x140x130 mm, SB2113-4112SB2113-4112290/266 x 140 x 1303840.33View product
Stackable open front storage multibox, 300x90x80 mm, SB3008-4923SB3008-4923300 x 90 x 8012320.20View product
Small load high quality plastic containers, produced in Romania, 300x93x83 mm, SB3983-4130SB3983-4130300 x 93 x 8310803.04View product
Plastic containers with easy frontal access for tools and small parts, 300x152x83 mm, SB3183-4128SB3183-4128300 x 152 x 836480.20View product
Storage and Handling Bins, 300x160x100/112 mm, SB3111-4147SB3111-4147300 x 160 x 100/112552/4800.40View product
Reusable plastic containers for pharma industry, 300x183x83 mm, SB3183-4129SB3183-4129300 x 183 x 835402.24View product
Open front plastic storage box, made in Romania, 300x188x80 mm, SB3108-4925SB3108-4925300 x 188 x 805600.28View product
Open front container for shelving, 300x200x200 mm, ST3220-1301ST3220-1301300 x 200 x 2001760.59View product
Open front plastic containers for storage, 305x172x130 mm, SB3113-4909SB3113-4909305 x 172 x 1304500.35View product
Plastic storage boxes for racking systems, similar to SK, SLK, RK, 330/297x213x200 mm, SB3220-4113SB3220-4113330/297 x 213 x 2001170.72View product
Storage Bins similar to SLK, RK, SK, PK, CTB, CTA, 330/301x213x150 mm, SB3215-4114SB3215-4114330/301 x 213 x 150153 containers per truck0.57View product
Plastic industrial container with easy access front side, 350x200x145 mm, SB3215-5105SB3215-5105350 x 200 x 1452520.60View product
Multipurpose stackable bin with open front, 350x200x200 mm, SB3220-5106SB3220-5106350 x 200 x 2001800.78View product
Producer of plastic storage bins for small hardware parts, 350/300x200x150 mm, SB3215-4115SB3215-4115350/300 x 200 x 1502404.90View product
Plastic storage bins factory, 350/300x200x150 mm, SB3215-4104SB3215-4104350/300 x 200 x 1502400.35View product
Modular PVC bins, manufactured in Romania, 350/300x200x200 mm, SB3220-4116SB3220-4116350/300 x 200 x 2002407.30View product
Open front box for optimized storage, compatible with Silafix, 355x215x152 mm, SB3215-4910SB3215-4910355 x 215 x 1522400.50View product
Plastic box open front, 400x90x80 mm, SB4008-4924SB4008-4924400 x 90 x 809280.28View product
Plastic tray boxes for space optimization, 400x93x83 mm, SB4983-4135SB4983-4135400 x 93 x 8310803.04View product
Plastic bin with internal dividers and label holder, 400x93x83 mm, SB4983-4136SB4983-4136400 x 93 x 838100.28View product
Modular PVC bins for storage and space organizing, 400x152x83 mm,SB4183-4132SB4183-4132400 x 152 x 834863.20View product
Polyethylene storage bins, 400x152x83 mm, SB4183-4131SB4183-4131400 x 152 x 834863.20View product
Open front plastic crates for organizing and storing small items, 400x160x100/112 mm, SB4111-4148SB4111-4148400 x 160 x 100/112414/3600.53View product
Rack boxes for small parts, 400x186x83 mm, SB4183-4134SB4183-4134400 x 186 x 834050.33View product
Modular polyethylene boxes producer, 400x186x83 mm, SB4183-4133SB4183-4133400 x 186 x 834052.88View product
Low plastic container for small parts storage, 400x188x80 mm, SB4108-4926SB4108-4926400 x 188 x 804200.33View product
Multipurpose open front boxes compatible with 14/6 series containers manufacturer, 400x300x220 mm, ST4322-1302ST4322-1302400 x 300 x 2221201.30View product
Storage open front box compatible with LF Containers, 400x300x290 mm, ST4329-1304ST4329-1304400 x 300 x 290641.55View product
Open front stackable storage multibox, 420x260x170 mm, SB4217-4920SB4217-4920420 x 260 x 1701500.75View product
Warehouse storage bins, 450x350x145 mm, SB4315-5110SB4315-5110450 x 350 x 1451121.07View product
Open front plastic containers, 490x310x190 mm, SB4319-4901SB4319-4901490 x 310 x 1901000.99View product
Manufacturer of open front storage containers, 490x390x305 mm, SB4331-4902SB4331-4902490 x 390 x 305481.63View product
PVC container with internal dividers and label holder, 500x93x83 mm, SB5983-4142SB5983-4142500 x 93 x 834323.10View product
Multi-purpose container easy to chean and sanitize, 500x93x83 mm, SB5983-4141SB5983-4141500 x 93 x 834323.10View product
HDPE containers with internal dividers, 500x152x83 mm, SB5183-4138SB5183-4138500 x 152 x 833785.20View product
Plastic crate with smooth interior, 500x152x83 mm, SB5183-4137SB5183-4137500 x 152 x 833785.20View product
Shelving plastic multi functional boxes, 500x160x100/112 mm, SB5111-4149SB5111-4149500 x 160 x 100/112322/2809.45View product
Plastic container with internal dividers and label holder, 500x186x83 mm, SB5183-4140SB5183-4140500 x 186 x 833240.45View product
Hygienic containers with low height for small parts storage, 500x186x83 mm, SB5183-4139SB5183-4139500 x 186 x 833240.45View product
High quality plastic storage bins with open front side, 500x300x145 mm, SB5315-5107SB5315-5107500 x 300 x 14511220.00View product
Easy to access HDPE bin for items storage, 500x300x200 mm, SB5320-5108SB5320-5108500 x 300 x 200801.34View product
Producer of containers compatible with 14/7 Series Containers, 500x300x300 mm, SB5330-5109SB5330-5109500 x 300 x 300481.87View product
Producer of modular polyethylene boxes producer, 500/450x300x145 mm, SB5315-4117SB5315-4117500/450 x 300 x 1451449.00View product
Manufacturer of reusable plastic container, 500/450x300x180 mm, SB5318-4101SB5318-4101500/450 x 300 x 18011250.00View product
Rack boxes for small parts, manufactured in Romania, 500/450x300x180 mm, SB5318-4118SB5318-4118500/450 x 300 x 18011250.00View product
Storage containers that open on the front, 500/450x300x200 mm, SB5320-4119SB5320-4119500/450 x 300 x 2008810.80View product
Stackable open front storage container, 500/451x300x230 mm, SB5323-4120SB5323-4120500/451 x 300 x 230881.60View product
Plastic box open front for small parts, 500/465x315x150 mm, SB5315-4121SB5315-4121500/465 x 315 x 1501020.99View product
Open front plastic storage box for pharma products, 500/465x315x200 mm, SB5320-4122SB5320-4122500/465 x 315 x 2001001.41View product
Plastic storage container with open front, 505x295x180 mm, ST5318-1308ST5318-1308510 x 290 x 180781.26View product
Producer of open front container from HDPE, 505x295x235 mm, ST5324-1309ST5324-1309510 x 290 x 235601.51View product
Returnable plastic containers, 535x470x300 mm, SB5430-5112SB5430-5112535 x 470 x 300423.37View product
Modular bins compatible with Plastic Shelf containers, 600x93x83 mm, SB6983-4145SB6983-4145600 x 93 x 835406.56View product
Polypropylene injected container for hardware components, 600x115x100 mm, SB6110-4927SB6110-4927600 x 115 x 1003680.40View product
Multi purpose containers producer, 600x152x83 mm, SB6183-4143SB6183-4143600 x 152 x 833245.20View product
Reusable plastic containers with internal separators, 600x186x83 mm, SB6183-4144SB6183-4144600 x 186 x 832704.64View product
PVC containers for supplies storage, 600x230x100 mm, SB6210-4928SB6210-4928600 x 230 x 1001840.46View product
Storage plastic open front boxes, 600x400x290 mm, ST6429-1307ST6429-1307600 x 400 x 290402.86View product
Semi open front storage, 600x400x320 mm, ST6432-1303ST6432-1303600 x 400 x 330402.50View product
PVC storage containers that open on the front, 600x400x400 mm, SB6440-4921SB6440-4921600 x 400 x 4001502.36View product
Open front bins for racks, 600x400x420 mm,ST6442-1306ST6442-1306600 x 400 x 420203.15View product
Storage boxes with open front, 600x400x420 mm, ST6442-1305ST6442-1305600 x 400 x 420203.15View product
Rectangular plastic multibox, 700x450x 300 mm, SB7430-5111SB7430-5111700 x 450 x 300284.38View product

This family of small bins is specially designed to accommodate small or tiny parts and pieces (screws, nails, nuts etc.) but may also come in sizes compatible with oversized products (complex auto parts, mechanical components).

They are produced from impact-resistant polypropylene, have thick walls and the shape guarantees a good load capacity for their small dimensions.

The quality material they are injected from makes them compatible with applications in extreme temperatures, from -30˚C to +90˚C. They are resistant to various substances (oils, grease, resins, weak acids, rust, corrosion and more) and can be safely cleaned and sanitized using industrial washing machines or autoclavable if the application requires it.

Modularity is their key trait. These versatile organizers can be arranged on shelves, stacked or placed one next to another. But they can go one step further to occupy louvred panels, carts, various cabinet stands, working stations, storage drawer systems, tool supports and shelves, display racks, Kanban systems etc.

As they come in various sizes, they can be arranged so that all boxes are easily accessible. One can put larger ones at the bottom of the panel and smaller ones as you ascend.

They can be used in storage areas, spare parts or repair shops, retail (from hardware to haberdashery), assembly lines, production or any other workstation.

The versions with smooth bases are compatible with conveyor lines, extending their use from manual to automated applications.

Like all injected plastic reusable and returnable packaging offered by Logimarkt, the stackable storage small bins have a long service life, are 100% recyclable, protect the environment, and reduce plastic waste and the carbon footprint.

They can be produced in colorful versions for any requested dimension to ensure quick visual identification and improved work efficiency.

Small plastic storage bins may come with available accessories:

  • Longitudinal or transversal internal dividers, spacers, and separators, to accommodate more than one type of product or keep counted amounts of items in each space for an effortless inventory check
  • Frontal bale arm for better stackability and ergonomic handling
  • Frontal label holder with easy placement and replacement of labels for quick identification of contents. Replaceable tags also allow switching contents easily
  • Frontal space for barcoding or other adhesive labels in case they are used for the same product, improving the activity flow
  • Rails, mounting brackets for stacking and installing on walls or any work panel or workstation
  • Injected or additional pins/connectors for stacking (this is valid for the models without stacking frame at the base) and as an anti-slip option
  • Some versions have optional lids and covers for protection against dust, accidental spillage etc.

A unique line of stackable boxes for storage with frontal access and straight walls is also available.

All boxes in the category are naturally stackable. Most types allow access to their contents while stacked.

If required, the frontal access area can be covered with an access door. This keeps contents from falling when transported or tilted.

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