Open front modular bins

The polypropylene open-front modular bins are easily recognized by their specific design with special dimensions, frontal access, and the range of available colors.

They are in fact storage boxes with small dimensions and rapid and smooth access to the content due to the frontal wall which is a little bit smaller than the rest.

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These particular small bins for storage are specially designed to accommodate small and very small parts and pieces (screws, nails, nuts, etc.), but some models are compatible also with bigger products (complex auto parts, mechanical components).

They are produced from impact-resistant polypropylene, have thick walls and the shape guarantees a high load capacity compared with their small dimensions.

The quality material they are injected from, makes them compatible with applications in extreme temperatures, from -30˚C to +90˚C. They are resistant to various substances (oils, grease, resins, weak acids, rust, corrosion, others) and can be safely cleaned and sanitized with industrial washing machines or autoclavable, if the application requires it.

Their particularity is modularity. These versatile organizers can be used as they are, simply placed on shelves, stacked, or just placed one next to another, but they can as well be arranged on working louvered panels, carts, various cabinet stands, working stations, storage drawer systems, tooling supports and shelving, display racking, Kanban systems, etc.

The great advantage is that no matter the system they are installed on, different dimensions can be mixed in rows, allowing perfect access from the bottom ones which are bigger, to the top ones which are smaller.

They can be used in storage areas, spare parts or repair shops, retail (from hardware to haberdashery), assembly lines, production, any workstation.

The models with smooth bases are compatible with conveyor lines, extending their use from manual to automated applications.

Like all the injected plastic reusable and returnable packaging offered by Logimarkt, the stackable storage small bins have a long service life, are 100% recyclable, protect the environment, reduce the plastic waste volume, and the carbon footprint.

They can be produced in colorful versions for any requested dimension, to help the quick visual identification (improved work efficiency).

Small plastic storage bins have also available accessories like:

  • internal dividers, spacers, and separators on length or width, so they can accommodate more than one type of products, or in the separated sections can be placed counted products, for a quick inventory or to speed up the productivity
  • frontal bale arm for better stackability and ergonomic handling
  • frontal label holder with an easy and rapid insert of the label for quick and better identification of the content
  • the replaceable labels also help the boxes to be used for more than one product, decreasing the costs of packaging by increasing the range of products for which they are used
  • frontal space for barcoding or other adhesive labels in case they are used for the same product, improving the activity flow
  • rails, mounting brackets for stacking and installation on walls or any work panel or work station
  • injected or additional pins/ connectors for stacking (this is valid for the models without stacking frame at the base) and as an anti-slip option, preventing the bins from shifting
  • some of the models have optional lids and covers for protection against dust, accidental spillage, water, etc.

There is a special line of stackable boxes for storage with frontal access, but with straight walls.

They usually have an open handle on the opposite side to the front in case of the models with access on one width and 2 open handles on the widths in case of the models with access on one length. They have reinforced walls and bottom, are recommended for larger or heavier products, and can be safely placed in high stacks.

Coming from standard stackable boxes, this line does not need special accessories for stacking.

One great advantage is that they can be placed in stack and the operator has continuous access to the boxes’ content, without having to de-stack anything.

In case it is required, their frontal access can be covered with an access door. This helps in the case of bulk products with high volumes, special working positions which place the box in an inclined position and the products are in danger of getting out of the box or spreading.

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