Packaging Accessories

Logimarkt provides a comprehensive range of packaging accessories tailored for businesses involved in temporary storage or the transportation of goods across various activity zones. Our solutions cater to a diverse array of products, including office supplies, textiles, food items, and industrial components.

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  • Reusable locks for plastic packaging

    Cardboard Box Plastic Latch

    Our cardboard box plastic latches extend the lifespan of cardboard boxes, eliminating the need to repack items into plastic containers before entering production areas.

    These latches enable multiple openings and closings without the use of tape, maintaining the neatness of boxes. The lid stays perfectly horizontal when closed, offering a quick and tape-free solution.

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  • Perforated rails for clothing hangers' support during transport

    Garment Rails for Clothing

    Logimarkt’s Garment Rails for clothing simplify organization in the textile industry. They further optimize product display and storage space.

    With a user-friendly clamping system that requires no screws, these rails come in three sizes (15 cm, 30 cm, and 45 cm) to accommodate various storage needs. The 45-centimeter rail is ideal for larger spaces, while smaller-sized rails facilitate the transportation of clothes in corrugated cardboard or plastic boxes.

    Our Perforated Rail Range attaches securely to transport boxes, providing stability during transit and supporting most hanger sizes.

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  • Polypropylene plastic clamping system for securing cardboard boxes (5706)

    Connecting Clips A5706

    Our innovative Connecting Clips revolutionize corrugated board sections’ gripping, eliminating the need for metal staples. Made of durable polypropylene plastic, these clips are easily detachable and reusable, ensuring a secure packaging experience.

    Designed for use on 15mm-thick cardboard, they guarantee precise and high-performance fastening during mass transport.

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  • Ease to use corners for stacking, with simple installation

    Stacking Plastic Corners

    Ideal for securing large loads during transportation, our stacking plastic corners offer simple application and reusability. They provide protection against scratches and bumps for items packed in cardboard, plastic, or other materials. With a safe clamping system and durable plastic construction, these stacking corners maintain balance during transit, ensuring the safety of clients’ products.

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  • Easy to install and dismount dual clamping system that ease the handling of the boxes

    Side Held Carry Handles for Boxes A5717

    Designed for heavy loads, these handles offer a modern and secure solution for carrying boxes. With a dual clamping system and a load-bearing capacity of up to 68 kg, Side Held Carry Handles provide an economical and reusable option for cardboard and plastic boxes.

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  • In summary, Logimarkt’s packaging accessories are practical, rapid, and ergonomic, simplifying box handling while reducing associated costs. Our solutions enhance the service life of boxes and are suitable for various industries, including distribution points, warehouses, packaging centers, and transport companies.

    The lightweight design of our accessories, when combined with cardboard boxes, ensures cost-effective transportation. If box recovery is not desired, our accessories can be easily dismounted and reused for further applications. Trust Logimarkt for efficient, cost-effective, and reliable packaging solutions.

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