Protectdeck transport boxes

Protectdeck is a custom made box, used to transport high value products with freight/courier services. The box can be reused and can accommodate pieces with various dimensions.

The hardness of the outer material can be configured, together with the flexibility of the inner foam and its thickness.

The clients can send the dimensions of the transported pieces and their weight, and Logimarkt de design team can choose the most suitable solution.

The protective packaging from corrugated polypropylene offers protection against bumps, shocks and a high level of protection against humidity.

Protectdeck boxes are reusable (they have a long service life), they are water resistant, and also to high outdoor temperatures, they resist to acids, oils and solvents (they are preferred due to this, by chemical industry and pharma), and at the end of their use life they are 100% recyclable.

Due to the low material weight, these boxes reduce the costs associated with the transport of the packed goods, offering in the same time optimum protection.

Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) for this products is 100-300 pieces, depending on the options, and are produced after a prototype homologation.

Inside they can have foam inserts which can be personalized depending on the packed product.

The color of the internal foam can be: anthracite grey, white, pink. The color of the external box can be: yellow, blue, black, grey, and can be personalized with logo’s and the information solicitated by the client.

Optionally, different cuts can be executed in the internal foams, in order to better fix the items. In this case the Minimum Order Quantity increases to 300 pieces.

The corrugated PP Protectdeck boxes can be produced also from ESD plastic with antistatic pink foam or ESD.

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