Protective packaging foam

Protective packaging foam is a unique packaging solution used for sensitive goods, fragile and with high value.

The first solution consists in adapting the polyurethane foam to the exact shape of the packed product by following all its contours and details. For this, a wooden mold is done. Into the mold is placed a bag through which the foam is injected and takes the mold’s shape. This type of protective expandable foam is extremely lightweight and impact resistant, ensuring a personalized high-quality protection barrier.

The second solution is using the foam packaging bags. The operator can select a bag size according to the packaging necessities and fill it with foam. They place it inside the box, under the product, and the foam will expand and fill in all the empty spaces. The second bag is placed on top of the product, immediately after injection, and the box is closed, forcing the foam to wrap the product in a protective layer.

The third solution consists of using the pre-filled instant foam bags. They are a good solution when it comes to occasional deliveries of sensitive and high-value goods. The advantage is that they can be used on the spot, without a special machine or foam-gun. Because they fix the objects without needing to fill the empty spaces inside the box, the instant foam bags are extremely economic. They are available in many models for different box sizes.

No matter if we talk about personalized expandable foam, modular or instant, they all guarantee a superior protection, resistance to impact, adaptability to any product type.

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