Custom-Made & Oversized Pallet Solutions

When it comes to unique storage and transport needs, Logimarkt presents an array of specialized pallet solutions. From custom-made pallets tailored to specific dimensions to oversized pallets designed for non-standard loads, we deliver optimal results for any proposition.

Material and Construction

Our pallets are manufactured from diverse materials, including recycled HD-PE, first-injection polyethylene, PVC, ESD (both conductive and dissipative), and fire-retardant plastic. We also offer innovative constructions like the twin sheet pallet and double thermoformed pallets. For special requirements, we combine plastic profiles using screw mechanisms, ensuring flexibility in design.

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  • Pallets from extruded PVC profiles 600x400 mm

    Extruded PVC Profile Custom-Made Pallets

    Our extruded PVC profile pallets integrate both flexibility and durability.

    Created from select extruded PVC profiles, these pallets are anchored securely with screws specifically designed for plastic profiles. This thorough engineering guarantees stability during stacking and ensures resilience against rigorous operational demands.

    Versatility: While the standard design features an open surface, our commitment to meeting unique needs extends to offering a closed deck option. By incorporating additional PVC profiles, we create a solid surface tailored to precise storage demands. For added robustness, reinforcing profiles can be integrated at the base, serving as sturdy skids or runners.

    Sustainability & Resource Optimization: We prioritize sustainability and resource efficiency. Our custom-made PVC pallets are designed with systematic dismantling and reassembly in mind. Whether configuring a new pallet layout or repurposing them for different utility needs, these pallets exemplify our dedication to environmental responsibility and lifecycle management.

    Hygiene & Maintenance: Maintaining impeccable hygiene standards is effortless, thanks to their design that facilitates quick and efficient washing. Furthermore, in the event of component damage, individual profiles can be effortlessly replaced, ensuring prolonged operational longevity and cost-effectiveness.

    Discover the seamless blend of flexibility, durability, and sustainability with our extruded PVC profile custom-made pallets.

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  • Customised pallets

    Double Thermoforming Oversized Pallets

    Double thermoforming pallets strike a balance between strength and efficiency, making them a reliable choice for storing and transporting oversized or heavy items.

    They are manufacturing process combines two techniques: vacuum forming and pressure forming (high pressure). First, the two sheets are preheated to a specified range of 170-210°C. And then positioned into separate moulds, these heated sheets are then joined and pressed, forming a unified, solid pallet structure.

    Characteristic Features:

    • Lightweight Construction: Even with their durable build, these pallets maintain a lighter weight.
    • Safety First: Designed without the use of nails, screws, or staples, they minimize potential harm and product damage.
    • Functional Design: Their closed deck design is complemented by structural legs. Typically, they do not incorporate skids or runners.
    • Efficient Storage: Crafted for nestable storage, they can be stacked seamlessly when not in use.

    Additional Reinforcement:

    • For situations demanding added strength, an intermediary foam layer can be introduced between the sheets during the assembly process.

    Notable Benefits:

    • Safety and Handling: Their construction minimizes risks during warehouse operations.
    • Goods Protection: Their design significantly reduces chances of product damage during storage or transportation.
    • Warehouse Compatibility: Notably resilient, they stand up to common warehouse challenges such as accidental drops or encounters with forklifts.
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  • Injected pallets cut & weld

    Cut & Weld Injected Pallets with Atypical Sizes

    The cut & weld injected plastic pallets offer a practical solution to customized storage needs. Utilizing the mirror welding technique, two injected pallets are seamlessly joined, resulting in a product that is robust and tailored for unique requirements.

    Key Features:

    • Mirror Welding Technique: This advanced technique ensures the joined pallets are sturdy, producing a smooth finish without burrs.
    • Metal Reinforcements: Embedded with 2 or 3 galvanized metallic bars and other mechanical fasteners, these reinforcements enhance the pallet’s durability and strength.
    • Lightweight: These pallets are considerably lighter compared to metal pallets, offering ease of handling without compromising strength.
    • Reinforced Skids: Designed for added resilience, these skids facilitate quick lifting by hand-pallet trucks or forklifts.


    • Cost Efficiency: Achieving oversized pallets through this method is faster and more economical than creating new moulds.
    • High Load Capacity: With their metallic reinforcement profiles, these pallets can support substantial dynamic or racking loads.
    • Consistent Quality: The mirror welding technique ensures a standard quality, translating to uniform durability across pallets.
    • Custom Features: Options available include antistatic materials to reduce electrical discharges and anti-slip surfaces for enhanced safety.

    Cut & weld injected pallets are a versatile and reliable choice, well-suited for varied storage and transportation needs. They exemplify a balance between strength, utility, and cost-effectiveness.

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  • Aluminum Pallets

    Aluminum pallets, customizable in dimensions, stand out for their robustness and adaptability. Their versatile applications range from the pharmaceutical and electronics sectors to intensive industries like automotive and metalworking.

    Key Features:

    • Industry Usage: Primarily favored in the pharma, electronics, and air transport sectors, their strength also caters to heavy-duty applications in automotive and metalworking.
    • Transport Compatibility: Designed for multi-modal transport, they are apt for sea, train, and road freight. Their resilience exceeds that of wooden pallets, making them a preferred choice, especially where wood poses biosecurity concerns.
    • Hygiene and Maintenance: Ideal for environments demanding high hygiene standards or extreme temperatures, aluminum pallets are simple to clean and maintain. They’re a match for cleanrooms, high-rack warehouses, assembly lines, and storage facilities requiring specific conditions, including those for hazardous substances or freezing temperatures.
    • Durability: Aluminum pallets boast resistance to deformations and an extended service life. Their sturdiness remains uncompromised in extreme weather conditions.
    • Aesthetics and Efficiency: With an impressive weight-to-resistance ratio, these pallets do not rust, ensuring they retain a neat appearance throughout their lifespan.


    • Design Flexibility: Tailored to cater to specific needs, designs can incorporate features like stoppers for securing rolls, pipes, and other irregular-shaped items.

    Our aluminum pallets, with their blend of durability, adaptability, and efficiency, offer a solution that addresses both standard and specialized requirements. Whether it’s a cleanroom or a high-rack warehouse, their consistent performance assures they are a dependable choice.

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  • Pallet Properties

    • Durability: Built to withstand the rigors of intensive heavy-duty use.
    • Eco-Friendly: 100% recyclable at the end of their service life.
    • Clean & Hygienic: Our pallets can be effortlessly cleaned, even with caustic substances, and those made from virgin material adhere to phytosanitary standards.

    Custom Features Tailored to Needs:

    • Choice of skids or runners, ranging from 2 to 6, or feet (options include 4, 6, 9).
    • Adjusted distance between base profiles for optimum load balance.
    • Ideal foot height to ensure stackability and ease of movement.

    Benefits of Our Special Pallets

    1. Flexibility: From pallets for light products to heavy-duty ones, customize the dimensions, strength, and material.
    2. Reliability: Any wear or damage? Our pallets are easily reconditionable.
    3. Economical: With returnability in focus, reuse these pallets to cut logistic costs.
    4. Ergonomics: User-friendly design means they’re simple to handle, optimizing storage space and stacking when not in use.
    5. Innovative Solutions: Our cut and weld pallets are a testament to our inventive approach, wherein we merge several injected pallets to achieve the desired size and reinforce them with an inner metal structure for heightened durability.

    For unique product shapes or applications, we bring economical solutions through custom designs. Whether it’s our metal containers for warehouse storage or the modular designs with textile dividers, we aim to provide a solution where standard pallet dimensions fall short.

    For palletising solutions that perfectly align with clients’ warehousing and transport requirements, you can trust in Logimarkt.

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