Special pallets with customized dimensions

For those moments when you find the right pallets for your application, but the dimensions are not the one you need, Logimarkt offers you the solution: special pallets with customized dimensions.

We can offer you plastic pallets on the exact size you need, produced from recycled HD-PE, first injection polyethylene, PVC, double-thermoformed sheets, ESD (conductive or dissipative) or fire retardant plastic, with specific properties: a higher level of durability, special resistance to intensive use (heavy duty type), easy to clean, can be recycled at the end of the service life.

They are the ideal solution for delivery and storage of products which have atypical dimensions and shapes.

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  • Pallets from extruded PVC profiles 600x400 mm

    Pallets with special dimensions from extruded PVC profiles

    This type of pallets is made from extruded PVC, which offers the possibility to be customized on any size that is requested.

    For a pallet are used a couple of types of PVC profiles, which are fastened with special screws for plastic profiles. The final product is very resistant and stabile in stack.

    The surface of the pallets is open, but by placing the PVC profiles one next to another, a closed deck can also be obtained. To increase the resistance level, profiles can be put at the base as skids/ runners.

    When they are no longer in use, they can be dismantled, and from the separate profiles other useful products can be made.

    In case a pallet is deteriorated, the affected part can be replaced separately, by simply replacing the broken profile, without having to change the pallet completely.

    The pallets from extruded PVC profiles can be washed to remove the dirt, impurities or residues, helping this way the maintaining of an adequate level of hygiene.

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  • Customised pallets

    ‘Double thermoforming’ oversized pallets

    For parts and pieces with oversized dimensions or heavy loads, there can be produced pallets by using the ‘double thermoforming’ procedure. They are produced from two sheets thermoformed in two different molds, and welded after this, to form a pallet.

    The procedure combines 2 methods: vacuum forming and pressure forming (high pressure). Once both sheets are heated (the temperatures are remarkably high, 170-210°C), each is place in its own mold. The sheets and the molds are placed horizontally, one on top of the other, then, the two heated sheets are pressed to form a single body with closed edges.

    To increase the resistance, the rigidity and the stability, the thermoforming design includes a lot of contact zones for the two pieces. Furthermore, these characteristics are specific for this production method, together with the low weight of the final product.

    If a supplementary resistance is needed, between the two sheets is placed a hardening substrate (e.g., from foam), fixed during the welding phase. The resulting pallet is light, durable, with outstanding performances.

    Double thermoformed pallets have no nails, screws, or staples, reducing this way the possibility of product damages and injuring the operators during handling.

    They have closed deck and can be produced only with feet, no skids/ runners. When stored, the pallets are nested in stack. They can have safety edge for an increased load stability level and can be reinforced to enhance the sturdiness.

    They are the most resistant pallets to impact (bumped with the forklift, fall from a height, etc.).

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  • Injected pallets cut & weld

    Cut & weld injected pallets with atypical sizes

    Cut & weld injected plastic pallets are produced by joining two injected pallets through the special mirror welding technique. For sturdiness, the new product is reinforced internally with 2 or 3 metallic galvanized bars plus other mechanical fasteners also from metal, to which is added the welding with melted plastic.

    To obtain such oversized pallets by injection, the costs with producing the mold would be much too high.

    Compared to metal pallets, they have a significantly lower own weight.

    The welding of two injected plastic pallets to obtain one on the desired dimensions is a fast solution at an efficient cost.

    They have reinforced skids which ensure an increased resistance and allow a fast lifting using the forks from the hand-pallet truck or the forklift, those being introduced in the space available on the base.

    The resulted pallets have a resistance to impact similar with the initial pallets from which they were composed. Due to the reinforcement metallic profiles, the dynamic load or racking load is remarkably high.

    After the procedure there are no burrs in the welded area. The resulted pallets are sturdy, and on them there can be placed, without any problems, the products for which they are solicitated.

    The quality of the pallets produced with mirror welding technique is constant and has a high level, in a production series having the guarantee that all the items will be the same.

    They can be also produced from antistatic materials to prevent the electric discharges or can have anti-slip surfaces.

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  • Aluminium pallets

    Aluminium pallets

    Aluminum pallets with special dimensions are a very sturdy alternative and which supports complex configurations.

    Are mainly used in pharma industry, electronics, airline transport, but they are suitable also for intensive heavy-duty type applications (automotive, metalworking sectors or heavy metal parts).

    They are fit for sea/ train/ road freight transport. They have a higher resistance than the wooden pallets or the ones which have wood components, and are preferred, for example, for export to countries where the wood packaging is forbidden (because of the microorganisms they can bring and affect the local flora).

    Metal pallets are used most often in a production environment where is necessary to support heavy loads, the work is done at extreme temperatures, hygiene standards are high. The cleaning is done quicky and easy, it’s economical, without the need of supplementary costs. They are intended for storage and transport in cleanrooms, warehouses with high racks, assembly lines, warehouses for dangerous substances and freeze storage facilities. They have an increased resistance to possible deformations and a long service and use life. More than this, the resistance to temperature fluctuations makes them compatible with applications in any meteorological conditions.

    These are pallets with a very good ratio resistance/own weight, do not rust and have a pleasant aspect.

    The design can be customized for special applications, like, for example, the pallets with stoppers for rolls or pipes and piping.

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  • The design of customized pallets (special sizes) is developed to suit exactly on their flow use:

    • Fewer or more skids/ runners/ crossbeams (from 2 to 6) and feet (4, 6, 9)
    • Smaller or bigger distance between the base profiles
    • Smaller or higher feet

    These details will have an important impact on the price because we can design a pallet for light or very heavy loads, depending on their application (we consider their load and maneuverability).

    The advantages offered by Logimarkt’s plastic pallets with customized dimensions:

    • Flexibility: you can choose the dimensions, resistance, and material of the pallet you are looking for
    • Reliability: the pallets can be easily and quickly reconditioned because we replace only the damaged part
    • Cleanliness: the pallets can be washed, even with caustic soda or bleach
    • Hygiene: the pallets produced from virgin material comply with phytosanitary standards
    • Returnability: this solution is produced to reduce logistic costs, because the pallets can be reused
    • Ergonomics: they are easy to handle and ensure the optimization of the working space with an organized storage on a specific surface, but also because they can be stacked when are not in use

    Oversized pallets can be made from welding and reinforcing several injected pallets together, either whole or cut, to achieve the desired size. Inside, a complex metal structure strengthens and binds them, to give an increased resistance.

    Another possibility used to produce pallets with oversized dimensions, is to make them from plastic profiles, fastened between them with special screws. Thus, there can be obtained forms and shapes adapted to special products and applications.

    Together with the above methods, the pallets with special sizes can be also produced from two sheets thermoformed and welded.

    Oversized plastic pallets are suitable for the situations when the standard dimensions don’t meet the packaging, storage, or transport needs.

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