Steel racks

Steel racks and metal containers are fashionable reusable packaging consisting of metallic frames.

They are fitted with inserts and separators from non-woven fabrics (TNT, Spunbond, Astonika, Evolon, Tyvek, raffia, PVC), different types of foam (EPP, PU, EPDM, EPE, XPE, EVA Foam), thermoformed trays, corrugated plastic, Duraflex, simple or laminated in different combinations (e.g., textile with corrugated plastic).

Usually, the access zone (front or top) is covered with a supplementary protection door. This door helps with the protection of the products. It can also be used as a window for quick visual identification of the content.

Steel racks and metal containers are mainly used in the automotive industry for car parts. They are also present in other industries where large components or sensitive assemblies need to be stored or transported. These simple, efficient, and secure racks offer safe transit and durable storage. They protect the packed parts against impact, scratches, dust, or humidity. Some versions are partially or entirely sealable.

They are used for various products: roof panels, engines, windows, tires, bars, spare parts, fans, batteries, doors, wheels, hardware parts like tanks, consoles, seats, inner panels, bumpers etc.

The advantages of the auto parts returnable transport racks:

  • They are one of the most resistant and durable packaging solutions for industrial parts
  • They are a great solution when other packaging types is not suitable, for heavy-duty or sensitive products, small or large-sized, with regular or atypical shapes
  • They can be produced under various standards, usually set by the companies within the automotive production chain
  • The possibility to re-arrange the inserts for multiple categories of products
  • The same rack can be used for multiple parts by changing the dunnage inside. Reconfiguration helps decrease the general packaging costs by eliminating the need for different transport racks.
  • Operators can change the dunnage or inserts very quickly, maintaining productivity
  • They can have wheels for moving easier and quicker, streamlining the packing and delivery segments
  • They can safely and efficiently accommodate a high number of products due to their nestable design and maximized density for pieces
  • Ergonomic loading and unloading, optimizing delivery time and increasing productivity in the assembly segment
  • Dunnage can be developed for indoor and outdoor activities
  • Proper materials are chosen for every requirement, e.g., cold or heat resistant
  • Most of the models have 4-way fork entries, making them easy to handle, especially in crowded working areas, or small spaces with limited access
  • Their stackability or foldability help with space optimization, reducing transport and storage costs
  • They work very well with both manual and automated operations on robotized lines
  • Damaged dunnage can be changed without replacing the whole steel rack and this two-piece combination is optimum in the long run

Customizing the transport racks helps streamline the packaging completely: every little space is intelligently used vertically and horizontally. This means reduced transport (delivery and return) costs, an essential trait for such a ‘heavy-duty’ product.

Although separators hold a high density of products, they are carefully designed and tested to fully protect the integrity of the goods during transport or storage and provide ergonomic access for the operators. Metal racks with separators offer the perfect balance between density and protection.

Controlled density reduces transportation costs by eliminating the need for additional protective packaging (foils, films, lids, covers or lateral protection).

Transport metal racks may allow access to the packed products:

  • Vertically – from the top of the container
  • Horizontally – from the sides of the container, including access from opposite sides at the same time

The cells holding the products can be straight or curved, depending on the design of the parts.

Steel racks and metal containers can be rigid or foldable.

Available accessories, other than internal separators and dividers:

  • Drawbars/ hook and loop type to connect them and form a convoy for tugger train transportation
  • Label holders for quick identification of the content. Speed up loading and delivery procedures and reduce errors with orders or supplies for the assembly lines.
  • They can be imprinted with a logo or other marks to be quickly identified for the return. Avoid confusion whenever the client has similar or identical racks from various suppliers.
  • They can be imprinted with various project codes. This helps with the quick and accurate placing of the components on the assembly lines.

Reusable auto part steel racks are solutions with high storage capacity and accuracy levels, wholly customizable and cost-effective at the same time.

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