Steel racks

The steel racks and metal containers are reusable packaging from metal frames with different dimensions, onto which are mounted inserts  and dunnage from non-woven textile (TNT, SpunbondAstonika, Tyvek), different types of foam, mesh type cloth.

The metal containers have a high density of products which can be placed using dunnage or separators, offering in the same time maximum protection for transport or storage.

This aspect helps reducing the transportation costs, therefore there is no need for additional protective packaging (foils, films, lids, covers, lateral protection, etc.)

The advantages of the steel racks and metal containers:

  • they are very resistant and durable
  • flexible configurations and dimensioning
  • the possibility to re-arrange the inserts for multiple categories of products

The access to the products placed inside is easy due to the ergonomic design.

The steel racks and metal containers can be fix, foldable, can have standard or customized dimensions for specific needs.

They are stackable to make the transport and storage efficient, they can have wheels for moving.

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