Thermoformed Trays and Boxes

Thermoforming is a simple yet effective method we use to create trays and boxes tailored to your items. Using heat and pressure, we mold sheets of material to perfectly fit the shape of your products, providing secure and stable packaging.

The manufacturing process involves two key steps: first, the heating and molding of a sheet of material, followed by cutting the formed parts out from the rest of the sheet, ensuring clean and consistent results. Alternatively, a plastic foil can be heated, and vacuuming can be used to mold it.

Key Benefits:

  • Customized Compartments: Our thermoformed trays are made to snugly fit every contour of your product, down to the minutest detail, ensuring stability and protection.
  • User-Friendly: Thoughtfully designed spaces allow for straightforward stacking and retrieval of items, preventing the undesirable “vacuum effect.”
  • Intricate Shapes, Low Deviation: Achieve intricate designs with a high degree of accuracy, ensuring uniformity across every piece.
  • Strength and Dependability: Trust in packaging that resists breakage and confidently handles heavy loads.

Logimarkt’s thermoformed trays and boxes are all about offering a precise, durable, and convenient packaging solution, ensuring products are protected and presented in the best way possible.

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  • stackable reusable thermoformed trays compatible with KLT boxes

    Reusable Thermoformed Trays

    Versatile Applications:

    • Industries Served: From automotive and electronics to aerospace and medical optics, our trays provide safe transit for sensitive and vital components across various industries.
    • Design Customization: Each tray cavity is meticulously designed to mirror the shape of your items, ensuring maximum protection during transport.

    Speedy and Safe Handling:

    • Swift Loading and Unloading: Count on quick and efficient handling during loading and unloading, as well as prompt reception upon delivery.
    • Stackable & Returnable: Easily stackable and apt for placement in diverse returnable packages like KLT boxes, VDA, and injected containers, or can be utilized as stand-alone returnable packaging.

    Material and Design Options:

    • Diverse Materials: Choose from an array of materials, such as PET, PET-G, ABS, HIPS, or opt for conductive/dissipative ESD materials, aligning with your specific needs.
    • Reusable and Nestable Design: Designed with sustainability in mind, our trays can be rotated 180° and nested to optimize return transport and storage efficiency.

    Additional Features:

    • Protection against Wear: Optional cutouts or TPU coatings safeguard sensitive parts against scratches and movement during transit.
    • Washable: Maintain the cleanliness and durability of your trays with easy machine washing.
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  • thermoformed HIPS blisters for small and medium parts transport

    Thermoformed Blister Trays

    Transparent and Protective:

    • Visible Storage: Blister trays use thermoformed PVC cellular plastic during the production process. They allow for clear visibility of the product through the package’s transparent surface.
    • Tailor-Made Cavities: The final product have specifically formed cavities ensure each item stays securely in place. These aid in safeguarding goods from external pressures and impacts.

    Tailor-Made and Sustainable:

    • Full Customization: Ideal for the transport of large series of small and medium-sized parts. They are ideal for protecting every type of small parts. Furthermore, these trays eliminate the need for bulk packing.
    • Material Options: The discrete manufacturing process involves the use of tiles made of different materials. These materials include PET, PS, HIPS, ABS or PP. This ensures the necessary strength to support the cumulative weight of the entire tray contents. It also saves the use of materials.

    Cost-Effective and Practical:

    • Budget-Friendly: Achieve low production and transport costs by utilizing the minimal necessary material thickness.
    • ESD Options: Finished product is available in sheets with ESD properties. The purpose is to prevent static damage to sensitive items.
    • Layered Storage: These trays allow a neat arrangement in layers within injected plastic boxes. They simplify the storage and transport processes.

    Industry Applications:

    • Automotive and Electronics Industry: These thermoformed trays are a preferred choice where reuse of return packaging is not feasible. They are likewise preferred when the cost would exceed the price of creating new trays.

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  • cost-effective returnable trays for heavy-duty applications

    Heavy-Duty Thermoformed Trays

    Strong but Not Heavy:

    • Custom-Made for Heaviness: Specifically designed for the secure transport of substantial items such as conveyor parts, high-pressure pumps, and piping, ensuring their safe commute.
    • Quality and Lightness Combined: Although constructed from high-grade materials to endure intensive use, these trays maintain a lightweight characteristic to keep transport costs in check.

    Robust and Adaptable:

    • Double-Reinforced: Equipped with double frames for extra sturdiness, these trays manage high stack weights and deliver dependable stacking stability.
    • Versatile Usage: They work well with wooden or plastic pallets, offering flexibility in your logistics chain.
    • Top Cover: The uppermost row is shielded with a lid, and the addition of a non-slip protective sheet on the pallet can notably enhance stability.

    Automated System Compatibility:

    • Works Well with Machines: Regularly utilized with robotic arms (e.g., Kuka, Fanuc, Yaskawa) due to their ability to provide the necessary precision.
    • Safe and Dense Storage: Safeguarding both a high-density storage solution and the secure separation of stored products.

    Practical and Cost-Effective:

    • Long-lasting & Economical: Their durable and robust nature ensures a cost-effective solution that withstands repeated utilization.
    • Easy to Clean: The trays can be taken apart, washed, and then put back together, so they’re always clean for the next use.
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  • thermoformed HDPE twin sheets for batteries transport and storage

    Twin Sheet Thermoforming for Secure Battery Pack Cases

    Whether for standard car batteries or hybrid vehicle units, these twin sheet thermoformed cases offer robust protection and practicality.

    Efficient and Considerate Design:

    • Nestable for Space Saving: Designed thoughtfully to nest together, optimizing storage and return transport by maximizing the number of units per stack and reducing stack counts.
    • Light yet Durable: With an notable weight-to-resistance ratio, they bring decreased transportation costs and enhanced ease of use for operators.

    Versatile Uses Across Battery Types:

    • Lithium-Ion Battery Transport Containers: UN certified and safety-assured.
    • Encapsulated Battery Packaging: Total protection for all battery types.
    • Refurbished and Standard Car Battery Packaging: Arranged neatly on a pallet, separated by thermoformed layers and securely topped with a thermoformed lid.

    Benefits of Our Battery Pack Cases:

    • Easy Cleaning: Effortlessly washable and sanitizable.
    • Stable Stacking: Ensures a high stability level when stacked, even in transit.
    • Weather Resistant: Provides top-notch protection against water and bad weather conditions.
    • Sealable and Secure: Can be sealed to enhance safety during transportation.
    • Shock and Vibration Resistant: Extra safety assurances during impact and travels.
    • Recyclable: Environmentally friendly and recyclable at the end of service life.

    Customizable for Your Convenience:

    • Logo Printing: Easily identifiable, with options for logo print.
    • Labeling Options: Including quick RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) tracking and other labeling for direct identification and tracking.
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  • Swift, Durable, and Versatile Thermoformed Pieces for Varied Industries

    Thermoformed pieces are a benefit for quick manufacturing, ensuring swift deliveries and improving productivity. Not only do they offer strong resistance against shocks, safeguarding products during transit and storage, but also lend themselves to any applications across diverse sectors, including automotive, pharmaceutical, and food industries.

    Key Features and Benefits:

    • Embossed for Identification: Material sheets can be embossed to readily identify intended product types and provide handling instructions.
    • Diverse Use-Cases: Ideal for small items, products with sensitive surfaces, ESD property electronics, sharp or heavy objects, and even large presses in metal compartments.
    • Cost and Resource Efficient: Recommended for high volume deliveries, these packages significantly cut down resource consumption and overall costs.

    Design & Handling:

    • Ergonomic and Efficient: Easy to manage by both human operators and automated equipment, thanks to their ergonomic design. They are typically nestable, ensuring space-efficient storage.
    • Stable and Protective: Whether arranged in boxes or on pallets, they maintain product stability and provide optimal protection during storage and transportation.

    Lightweight & Various Applications:

    • Weight Efficient: Their low weight aids in maintaining an efficient load weight.
    • Returnable or Disposable: Depending on needs, they can be crafted for single-use or repeated use.
    • Material Versatility: Disposable items can be produced from ABS, HIPS, ESDPS, PVC, PET, PETG, RPET, PP, HDPE, PLA, and polyurethane, among others, based on application needs.

    Types of Trays and Manufacturing:

    • One-Way Trays: Manufactured with automatic machines using films usually under 1 mm thick, these are apt for scenarios where recovery is impractical or too costly, and are recyclable, negating waste worries.
    • Reusable Trays: Produced on semi-automatic machines using 2-7 mm thick films, these durable trays resist intensive use and boast a long service life, returning with their initial transport packaging.

    Applications Across Industries:

    • Blisters: For accessories, locks, cables, etc., particularly useful for one-way journeys.
    • Transport and Storage Trays: Perfect for small parts, bearings, injectors, sensors, various car components, and more, safeguarding them throughout the transit and storage processes.

    With thermoformed pieces, industries gain a protective, efficient, and economically viable packaging solution, ensuring products remain secure, identifiable, and easily accessible throughout their journey. Whether for large-scale or limited-batch projects, these trays adapt to your requirements, ensuring an optimal quality-price ratio and mindful resource utilization.

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