Thermoformed Trays and Boxes

Thermoforming is a simple yet effective method we use to create trays and boxes tailored to your items. Using heat and pressure, we mold sheets of material to perfectly fit the shape of your products, providing secure and stable packaging.

The manufacturing process involves two key steps: first, the heating and molding of a sheet of material, followed by cutting the formed parts out from the rest of the sheet, ensuring clean and consistent results. Alternatively, a plastic foil can be heated, and vacuuming can be used to mold it.

Key Benefits:

  • Customized Compartments: Our thermoformed trays are made to snugly fit every contour of your product, down to the minutest detail, ensuring stability and protection.
  • User-Friendly: Thoughtfully designed spaces allow for straightforward stacking and retrieval of items, preventing the undesirable “vacuum effect.”
  • Intricate Shapes, Low Deviation: Achieve intricate designs with a high degree of accuracy, ensuring uniformity across every piece.
  • Strength and Dependability: Trust in packaging that resists breakage and confidently handles heavy loads.

Logimarkt’s thermoformed trays and boxes are all about offering a precise, durable, and convenient packaging solution, ensuring products are protected and presented in the best way possible.

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