VDA KLT stackable plastic boxes are according to VDA German standard for automotive industry.

The standard VDA crates are:

  • VDA R-KLT containers: with reinforced base
  • VDA RL-KLT containers: with smooth base and water drainage holes
  • VDA F-KLT containers: foldable
  • VDA M-KLT containers: suitable for medium weight products
  • VDA C-KLT containers: suitable for heavy weight products

The VDA boxes are resistant to impact, they have incorporated handles for a better maneuverability, are very stable in stack, and resistant to oils, acids and alkaline substances.

They include the label holder on one short and long side.

The VDA RL-KLT crates’ base has a couple of perforations which, in case of fire, allow the water coming from the sprinklers to reach and extinguish the fire also on the boxes at the base of the stack.

The R-KLT totes have a cross stacking base which allows multiple stacking positions.

Beside the German standard, there are also Galia boxes which are according to the French standard for automotive.