VDA KLT stackable plastic containers

VDA KLT small load carriers are designed and produced according to VDA 4500 German standard for the automotive industry.

This standardized injected plastic carrier is most common in transporting goods to and from manufacturers, suppliers, and service providers.

The VDA KLT is Euro-container compatible and comes in an array of designs and colors.

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External dimensions
Length (0 - 1200)
Width (0 - 600)
Height (0 - 500)
ReferenceExternal dimensions (mm)Internal dimensions (mm)Units per palletWeight (kg)
Automotive containers from injected PPC, 300x200x147 mm, RL-KLT3147RL-KLT3147300 x 200 x 147243 x 162 x 129.503200.57View product
Stackable plastic container VDA RL-KLT 4174RL-KLT4174396 x 297 x 174345 x 260 x 147.501301.20View product
Lightweight plastic carriers, 400x300x213 mm, RL-KLT4147RL-KLT4147400 x 300 x 147346 x 260 x 129.501601.08View product
KLT plastic containers, produced in Romania, 400x300x213 mmRL-KLT4213400 x 300 x 213345 x 260 x 195801.42View product
Automotive modular polypropylene containers, 400x300x280 mm, RL-KLT4280RL-KLT4280400 x 300 x 280346 x 260 x 262801.71View product
Stackable plastic container VDA RL-KLT 6174RL-KLT6174594 x 396 x 174544 x 359 x 156651.80View product
Plastic box containers for transport and storage, 600x400x147 mm, RL-KLT6147RL-KLT6147600 x 400 x 147544 x 359 x 129.50801.82View product
Load carrier VDA standard for organizing and space optimization, 600x400x213 mmRL-KLT6213600 x 400 x 213544 x 359 x 195402.27View product
KLT crates resistant on intensive use, 600x400x280 mm, RL-KLT6280RL-KLT6280600 x 400 x 280544 x 359 x 262402.68View product
Stackable plastic container VDA RL-KLT 8617RL-KLT8617800 x 600 x 174743 x 555 x 159243.40View product
VDA crates compatible with thermoformed trays working as internal dunnage, 800x600x213 mm, L-KLT8210L-KLT8210800 x 600 x 213730 x 550 x 190203.90View product
Solid plastic containers producer, 800x600x220 mm, RL-KLT8210GRL-KLT8210G800 x 600 x 220739 x 556 x 200203.96View product
ReferenceExternal dimensions (mm)Internal dimensions (mm)Units per palletWeight (kg)
Small load plastic carrier VDA standard, 300x200x147 mm, R-KLT3215R-KLT3215300 x 200 x 147243 x 162 x 129.503200.57View product
Stackable plastic container VDA R-KLT 4318R-KLT4318396 x 297 x 174346 x 265 x 1351301.40View product
KLT crates for automotive, 400x300x147 mm, R-KLT4315R-KLT4315400 x 300 x 147346 x 265 x 109.501601.29View product
VDA KLT PPC container for space optimization and storage, 400x300x213 mm, R-KLT4322R-KLT4322400 x 300 x 213346 x 265 x 175801.61View product
Producer of VDA plastic load carrier, 400x300x280 mm, R-KLT4329R-KLT4329400 x 300 x 280346 x 265 x 242801.86View product
Stackable plastic container VDA R-KLT 6418R-KLT6418594 x 396 x 174544 x 364 x 136652.30View product
VDA plastic low height load carrier, 600x400x147 mm, R-KLT6415R-KLT6415600 x 400 x 147544 x 364 x 109.50802.10View product
VDA KLT polypropylene container for distribution, 600x400x213 mm, R-KLT6422R-KLT6422600 x 400 x 213544 x 364 x 175402.60View product
Solid and resistant plastic containers, 600x400x280 mm, R-KLT6429R-KLT6429600 x 400 x 280544 x 364 x 242402.98View product
Plastic VDA stackable crates, 1000x400x214 mm, 1421-KLT1421-KLT1000 x 400 x 214935 x 345 x 191304.00View product
Plastic VDA boxes for small parts storage or display, 1200x400x147 mm, KLT12415KLT124151200 x 400 x 1471142 x 360 x 144.50323.85View product
ReferenceExternal dimensions (mm)Internal dimensions (mm)Weight (kg)Units per pallet
VDA-R-KLT containers, produced in Romania, 600x400x280 mm, 6410G6410G600 x 400 x 280534 x 357 x 2572.90135View product
Polypropylene VDA containers producer, 600x400x280 mm, F-KLT6410F-KLT6410600 x 400 x 280535 x 357 x 2423.40100View product
ReferenceExternal dimensions (mm)Internal dimensions (mm)Weight (kg)Units per pallet
KLT plastic containers producer, 300x200x147 mm, C-KLT3214C-KLT3214300 x 200 x 147260 x 136 x 1270.70240View product
Modular containers for the automotive industry, 300x200x174 mm, C-KLT3217C-KLT3217300 x 200 x 174260 x 136 x 1540.80204View product
Producer of small load carrier VDA standard, 400x300x147 mm, C-KLT4314C-KLT4314400 x 300 x 147334 x 247 x 1031.60128View product
Resistant KLT plastic crates for engine components, 400x300x174 mm, C-KLT4317C-KLT4317400 x 300 x 174334 x 247 x 1301.90102View product
VDA KLT plastic boxes, 400x300x213 mm, C-KLT4321C-KLT4321400 x 300 x 213334 x 247 x 1702.0080View product
Solid plastic containers, 400x300x280 mm, C-KLT4328C-KLT4328400 x 300 x 280334 x 247 x 2362.6064View product
VDA polypropylene containers, 600x400x147 mm, C-KLT6414C-KLT6414600 x 400 x 147532 x 346 x 982.8064View product
Small load carrier VDA norm, 600x400x174 mm, C-KLT6417C-KLT6417600 x 400 x 174532 x 346 x 1253.0052View product
VDA low rised container for automotive industry, 600x400x213 mm, C-KLT6421C-KLT6421600 x 400 x 213532 x 346 x 1653.7040View product
Plastic VDA crates, 600x400x280 mm, C-KLT6428C-KLT6428600 x 400 x 280532 x 346 x 2314.4032View product
ReferenceExternal dimensions (mm)Internal dimensions (mm)Weight (kg)Units per pallet
Smooth surface returnable plastic containers, 600x500x94 mm, VDA-M-KLT 6509VDA-M-KLT 6509600 x 500 x 94560 x 444 x 50.502.30111View product
Small load carriers from polypropylene, 600x500x114 mm, VDA-M-KLT6511VDA-M-KLT6511600 x 500 x 114560 x 444 x 70.502.5091View product
KLT plasic containers from injection moulding, 600x500x128 mm, VDA-M-KLT6512VDA-M-KLT6512600 x 500 x 128560 x 444 x 84.502.6081View product
Low rised containers for the automotive industry, 600x500x147 mm, VDA-M-KLT6514VDA-M-KLT6514600 x 500 x 147560 x 444 x 103.502.8071View product
Producer of automotive modular plastic containers, 600x500x174 mm, VDA-M-KLT6517VDA-M-KLT6517600 x 500 x 174560 x 444 x 130.503.2060View product
Manufacturer of load plastic carrier VDA standard, 600x500x213 mm, VDA-M-KLT6521VDA-M-KLT6521600 x 500 x 213560 x 444 x 169.503.5049View product
KLT plastic crates for automotive, 600x500x280 mm, VDA-M-KLT6528VDA-M-KLT6528600 x 500 x 280560 x 444 x 236.504.2037View product
VDA KLT boxes from injection moulding, 600x500x315 mm, VDA-M-KLT6531VDA-M-KLT6531600 x 500 x 315560 x 444 x 271.504.4033View product
Stackable VDA plastic crate, produced in Romania, 500x500x335 mm, VDA-M-KLT6533VDA-M-KLT6533600 x 500 x 335560 x 444 x 291.504.6031View product
VDA small load carrier for automotive industry, 600x500x415 mm, VDA-M-KLT6541VDA-M-KLT6541600 x 500 x 415560 x 444 x 371.505.6025View product
Low height VDA KLT box with smooth base, 1000x600x94 mm, VDA-M-KLT10609VDA-M-KLT106091000 x 600 x 94943 x 543 x 50.504.2055View product
Solid plastic containers for storage, 1000x600x114 mm, VDA-M-KLT10611VDA-M-KLT106111000 x 600 x 114943 x 543 x 70.504.4046View product
Plastic VDA crates for space optimization, 1000x600x128 mm, VDA-M-KLT10613VDA-M-KLT106131000 x 600 x 128943 x 543 x 84.504.8041View product
Low height plastic VDA boxes, 1000x600x147 mm, VDA-M-KLT10615VDA-M-KLT106151000 x 600 x 147943 x 543 x 103.505.1035View product
Automotive plastic containers producer, 1000x600x174 mm, VDA-M-KLT10617VDA-M-KLT106171000 x 600 x 174943 x 543 x 130.505.4030View product
Small load carriers from PPC for safe transport and storage of products, 1000x600x213 mm, VDA-M-KLT10621VDA-M-KLT106211000 x 600 x 213943 x 543 x 169.505.8024View product
KLT injected plastic containers, 1000x600x280 mm, VDA-M-KLT10628VDA-M-KLT106281000 x 600 x 280943 x 543 x 236.506.8019View product
Automotive modular containers from polypropylene, 1000x600x315 mm, VDA-M-KLT10632VDA-M-KLT106321000 x 600 x 315943 x 543 x 271.507.3017View product
Ribbed plastic containers for automotive parts and electronic components, 1000x600x415 mm, VDA-M-KLT10634VDA-M-KLT106341000 x 600 x 335943 x 543 x 291.507.5016View product
Box containers for the automotive industry, 1000x600x415 mm, VDA-M-KLT10642VDA-M-KLT106421000 x 600 x 415943 x 543 x 371.508.7013View product
ReferenceExternal dimensions (mm)Internal dimensions (mm)Units per palletWeight (kg)
Safe to use and resistant plastic VDA boxes, 600x400x280 mm, K-KLT4680K-KLT4680600 x 400 x 280532 x 346 x 2311804.40View product
ReferenceExternal dimensions (mm)Internal dimensions (mm)Units per palletWeight (kg)
High quality lid for VDA plastic boxes, 267x150x8 mm, D32D32267 x 150 x 8N.A.8000.10View product
Plastic cover for PPC VDA boxes, 300x200 mm, R-KLT-D35R-KLT-D35300 x 200N.A.16000.09View product
Manufacturer of plastic lids for VDA crates, 300x200 mm, RL-KLT-D35RL-KLT-D35300 x 200N.A.16000.09View product
Plastic lids for stackable VDA KLT containers, 365x267x25 mm, D43D43365 x 267 x 25N.A.4000.23View product
Plastic lids for PPC containers, 400x300 m, RL-KLT-D45RL-KLT-D45400 x 300N.A.8800.25View product
Producer of solid plastic lids for VDA containers, 400x300 mm, R-KLT-D45R-KLT-D45400 x 300N.A.8800.27View product
Plastic lid for KLT crates, produced in Romania, 600x400 mm, RL-KLT-D65RL-KLT-D65600 x 400N.A.6000.52View product
Plastic covers for KLT boxes, produced in Romania, 600x400 mm, R-KLT-D65R-KLT-D65600 x 400N.A.6000.66View product
Lids for VDA containers used in the automotive industry, 600x500 mm, AL-0759AL-0759600 x 500N.A.50N.A.View product
Lids and covers for VDA stackable PPC containers, 1000x600 mm, AL-0760AL-07601000 x 600N.A.50N.A.View product

This series of containers was standardized and optimized for the handling of components in car manufacturing:

  • VDA R-KLT containers – reinforced base
  • VDA RL-KLT containers – smooth base, water drainage holes
  • VDA F-KLT containers – foldable/ collapsible walls
  • VDA M-KLT containers – for medium-weight products
  • VDA C-KLT containers – reinforced base for heavyweight products
  • VDA L-KLT containers – long-sized for components with atypical shapes

They are indispensable for the automotive industry’s production, storage, logistics, and assembly lines.

Providing a good grip for both human and automated handling is also a particularly important attribute in this industry.

As automotive is a very dynamic field, these totes were standardized to achieve crucial targets and functions such as:

  • Maximize production efficiency in any segment (component production or car assembly)
  • Decrease the load weight and increase the volume for ergonomic manual handling (crucial for the packaging and unloading of some products)
  • Reduce losses (cut costs and reduce waste)
  • Increase production volume and delivery flow
  • Reduce the number of products returned because of fabrication issues
  • Developing an ergonomic work environment
  • Effortlessly compatible with Euro pallets, trolleys, or dollies
  • Implement a standard packaging system common for the entire industry, given the large number of providers coming together in all the different and ever-changing configurations.

VDA boxes are produced with high-quality materials and comply with the standards for design, color, load norms, and accessories.

They are durable, have a long service life, are exceptionally sturdy, and are resistant to shocks. This is vital for the delicate parts being transported in large quantities, all over the world, in a fast-paced transit.

The straight walls provide generous internal space, optimizing both interior storage and exterior vertical pallet space.

The KLT containers for the automotive industry can be safely stacked with or without lids and are compatible with any Euro container. The exterior edge helps with stack stability and eliminates the need for additional securing or strapping of the load.

Handling (manual or automated) is done using specially designed ergonomic handles. The base ensures complete compatibility with conveyor lines. Due to the lifting shafts and grooves, robots can grip both vertically and horizontally, from the sides or corners. The design of the containers allows for a mix of automated and manual handling.

They can be placed on superimposed plastic pallets by using a pallet lid to protect the contents. This is very practical as it speeds up reception procedures, and the sturdy pallet cover perfectly protects products. The stack doesn’t need extra strapping for stability.

The VDA KLT crates resist temperatures between -20˚C and 100˚C, are UV stable, can be easily washed due to the smooth inside walls, and provide a clean and well-maintained aspect.

Labels can be easily cleaned and replaced to keep operators well-informed on the crate contents, thus avoiding any mistakes.

By complying with VDA standards, KLT small load carriers have a standard weight, allowing the quickest possible weighing of their contents. A shorter time for delivery contributes to an improved logistics chain.

They are a sustainable option for automotive packaging, and at the end of their service life, they are entirely recyclable, further reducing the carbon footprint and industrial waste.

KLT VDA containers can be paired with a wide array of accessories and other logistic solutions:

  • Lids and covers
  • Internal dividers and separators from foam, EPP, textile material, corrugated or rigid plastic, Duraflex, Triplex, etc.
  • Interlayers and trays
  • Label holders
  • Straps and seals
  • Pallets
  • Trolleys and dollies
  • Containers, Kanban racking

They can be used for many transport cycles, reducing costs and waste.

Due to their modular base size, transport, and storage can be mixed with any Euro container.

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