Wood Trolleys

Designed to facilitate smoother operations, these trolleys are mainly used in factories and big spaces, helping make work easier, with less energy used.

Logimarkt’s wooden trolleys are lightweight, strong, and can be adjusted to fit different needs. They equally prioritize functionality and environmental responsibility.

Wood trolleys have become an integral component within many industrial environments due to their efficiency, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness. They are a perfect example how simple, practical ideas can have a big impact in big spaces.

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  • Wooden carts for industrial use

    Wood Trolley for Picking

    When it comes to optimizing in-house logistics, the wood picking trolley is a versatile solution. It’s designed to cater to various industry needs, making it a valuable asset for different tasks.

    What sets this trolley apart is its adaptability. It can effortlessly transport a wide range of components, reducing the need for multiple containers. Its design allows for easy coupling and stacking, ensuring efficient logistics. Plus, it’s corrosion-resistant, making it ideal for handling sensitive aluminum parts without the risk of damage.

    For added safety, the wood picking trolley comes with Electrostatic Dissipation (ESD) protection. This feature minimizes the risk of damage to electrically sensitive materials, preventing potential work disruptions. With multiple compartments, it’s a practical choice for in-house component transport.

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  • Ergonomic wooden trolley for industrial warehouses

    Lightweight Wood Carrier

    The lightweight wood carrier is your reliable solution for transporting parts and components with care and shock resistance. Its modular timber construction offers impressive flexibility, making it suitable for a wide variety of goods.

    One of its key advantages is its ability to safeguard sensitive surfaces from corrosion, ensuring that valuable components remain in pristine condition during transit.
    Moreover, the carrier is designed with safety in mind. It boasts a reduced risk of fire incidents compared to plastic alternatives, making it a secure choice for a range of environments.

    Additionally, its ergonomic design is worth noting, as it significantly lowers dead weight, resulting in up to 50% weight savings compared to plastic alternatives. This makes it not only efficient but also environmentally friendly.

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  • Space and cost-saving solution for organizing materials

    Modular Load Organizer

    The modular load organizer is a versatile solution designed to meet various requirements efficiently, all thanks to its adaptable plug-in system. This system not only reduces maintenance and servicing costs but also ensures it can easily cater to different needs.

    This wood organizer is built to last and provides a safe solution for various applications without unnecessary boasting.

    One of its key benefits is its lightweight design, offering up to 50% less weight compared to traditional steel structures. This reduction in weight doesn’t compromise its strength or performance.

    This load storage system is designed for long-term efficiency and durability. It can be seamlessly integrated into various interface connections, such as skid structures and stacking configurations. This makes it a practical choice for industries like automotive manufacturing.

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  • Space and costs saving wooden solution for storing warehouse items

    Practical Load Carrier with Protective Roof

    This wooden load carrier, equipped with a protective roof, is designed to provide unique advantages in warehouse and deposit areas. Its distinctive construction serves as a shield for goods, safeguarding them from dust or liquid exposure.

    Despite its protective features, this carrier maintains a compact footprint, making it suitable for transportation in even the most congested spaces. Its sustainable design includes multiple compartments, accommodating items of various sizes.

    The carrier’s structure is reinforced with metal tubes, ensuring both stability and enhanced protection for the stored goods.

    Furthermore, this modular system is highly adaptable to meet specific client requirements. Upon request, the storage space can be easily adjusted, either expanded, modified, or reduced in size as needed.

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  • Wooden solution for space organization, for industrial use

    Transport and Storage System

    This innovative solution is engineered to streamline operations, enhancing overall efficiency and making the most of available storage space.

    With its modular design, this versatile product offers exceptional adaptability, finding utility across various industries and applications. It is easily customizable, allowing clients to reshape the rack to align perfectly with their specific requirements.

    The warehouse transport and storage solution feature a robust metallic structure, ensuring longevity even under intensive and prolonged use. As a result, it delivers a high number of uses at low costs.

    Constructed from corrosion-resistant materials, this rack guarantees consistent, long-term performance. It plays a vital role in optimizing product flow and elevating production efficiency. The user-friendly interface simplifies material handling, enabling operators to work efficiently and with ease.

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  • Industrial wood carriers offer a low-maintenance and durable solution aimed at reducing operating and maintenance costs for businesses. Their modular design allows for customized applications, minimizing the need for new investments when adapting to different transport systems.

    These wood transfer solutions prioritize noise reduction and electromagnetic compatibility, reducing the risk of electrostatic discharge. Their benefits include:

    • Material: Wood forms the foundation for durable, lightweight, resilient, and robust applications.
    • Modular System: These carriers provide tailored solutions for transporting goods and materials, offering flexibility without additional investment costs.
    • Lightweight: Wood carriers are not only strong but also ergonomic, providing relief for workers.
    • Noise Reduction: They are designed to improve vibration damping and noise insulation.
    • High Electromagnetic Compatibility.
    • Reduced Risk of Electrostatic Discharge (ESD): Wood-based materials dissipate static power, minimizing the risk of electric shocks or fires.
    • Corrosion Protection: Wood exhibits higher resistance compared to metal systems.
    • Low Maintenance: They require minimal upkeep.
    • Green Logistics: Being renewable solutions, they improve energy efficiency and environmental impact.
    • Ergonomics: These solutions enhance work safety in production facilities.
    • CO2 Balance: Timber construction reduces carbon dioxide consumption, enhancing energy and resource efficiency compared to steel.

    These products serve as practical and sustainable alternatives for various industries, emphasizing efficiency and eco-friendliness. Their adaptability to changing requirements supports responsible practices and enhances workplace compliance.

    With a compact design that allows effortless navigation, they optimize the user experience, resulting in enhanced production and smoother operations. Additionally, they contribute to creating a more comfortable and secure working environment by focusing on ergonomic aspects.

    These up-to-date solutions, driven by advanced technology, are both environmentally friendly and cost-effective compared to traditional transport or storage vehicles. Whether for in-house component transport, workpiece carrying, or sequencing rack technology, they are well-suited to meet these demands.

    Sustainability is a critical factor for success, offering numerous advantages that make companies future-ready. Logimarkt’s commitment to improving its environmental footprint through investments in sustainable solutions benefits customers, employees, suppliers, and partners alike.

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