Wood Trolleys

This range of products is present in industrial spaces. They are eco-friendly and cost-saving solutions. Their purpose is to reduce carbon footprints. This happens while enhancing efficiency, production, and material flow. They are lightweight, resilient, and modular systems. These wooden warehouse solutions are adaptable to changing requirements.

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  • Wooden carts for industrial use

    Wood trolley for picking

    Its design allows seamless in-house component transport. This trolley is adaptable. It comes with accessible tailoring choices. This way, it can meet various requirements.

    It is a versatile solution. Operators can use this wheeled system for transporting a wide range of components. Its flexible nature reduces the need for diverse container types.

    The trolley’s base enables seamless coupling and stacking. Their thoughtful design prevents any effects of contact with corrosion. It happens during the transit of sensitive aluminum components. This ensures the utmost protection for goods.

    The wood trolley has Electrostatic Dissipation (ESD) protection. It ensures the safe and reliable transport of sensitive materials. It minimizes the risk of damage and potential work disruptions. This happens by dissipating electrostatic energy.

    This clever wooden carrier is an asset for in-house component transport. It happens due to its multiple compartments.

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  • Ergonomic wooden trolley for industrial warehouses

    Lightweight wood carrier

    This carrier ensures gentle and shock-resistant transport of parts and components. Its modular timber construction offers excellent flexibility. Due to it, the lightweight workpiece transporter caters to a wide range of goods.

    This carrier safeguards and shields sensitive surfaces against corrosion. This ensures the integrity of valuable components during transit.

    Its construction contributes to reduced fire incidents compared to plastic alternatives. This makes it a safer choice for various environments.

    In addition, this carrier has an ergonomic design. This leads to a lower dead weight, which is notable. It achieves up to 50% weight savings compared to plastic alternatives.

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  • Space and cost-saving solution for organizing materials

    Modular load organizer

    The wood organizer features a versatile modular system. It provides seamless resilience as it can adapt to diverse requirements. With its plug-in system, it reduces maintenance and servicing costs.

    Its innovative design ensures long-lasting duration and safety.

    It offers up to 50% weight savings compared to traditional steel structures. This happens without compromising on strength or performance.

    This load storage system excels in long-term efficiency. In addition, it promises continued use over time.

    It is compatible with various interface connections. A few examples are skid structures and its ability to stack held items. It aligns with the current load carrier standards of automobile producers.

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  • Space and costs saving wooden solution for storing warehouse items

    Practical load carrier with protective roof

    This wooden carrier with a roof has a unique construction. It shields goods in warehouses and deposit areas. It offers protection for items in parts where dust or liquid might be present.

    This carrier system provides a compact footprint. This way, operators can transport it even in congested spaces. The sustainable load organizer has multiple compartments for storage. It provides storage for various different-sized items.

    Its structure consists of metal tubes. This ensures stability and enhanced protection for the goods stored inside.

    This modular system is easy to modify if the client requires it. At request, the storage space can come with adjustments. These changes happen by expanding, modifying or reducing its size.

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  • Wooden solution for space organization, for industrial use

    Transport and storage system

    This solution is designed to streamline operations. It maximizes efficiency and optimizes the available space.

    With its modular design, this product offers unmatched utility. It can find a use in various industries and applications. It allows easy reshaping. This way, clients can tailor the rack to fit their requirements.

    This warehouse transport and storage solution has a metallic structure. This quality makes it last to intensive use over long periods. In consequence, the number of uses is high, while the costs remain low.

    Corrosion-resistant materials compose this rack. This guarantees long-term performance.

    It helps with optimizing product flow and boosting production. Its user-friendly interface simplifies material handling. This allows operators to work efficiently and effortlessly.

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  • Industrial wood carriers are low-maintenance, long-lasting systems. They aim to reduce operating and maintenance costs for businesses.

    The modular nature of these solutions allows for tailored applications. It reduces the need for new investments when changing the transport systems.

    The wood transfer solutions have noise reduction and electromagnetic accord. They offer a reduced risk of electrostatic discharge.

    Some of their benefits include:

    • Material: Wood is the foundation for durable, lightweight, resilient, and robust applications.
    • Modular System: Tailored solutions for transporting goods and materials. They are flexible without the need for new investment costs.
    • Lightweight: Stronger than modern steel and plastic. They offer ergonomic relief.
    • Noise Reduction: Designed to improve vibration damping and noise insulation
    • High Electromagnetic Accord.
    • Reduced Risk of Electrostatic Discharge (ESD): Wood-based materials dissipate static power. This reduces the risk of electric shocks or fires.
    • Corrosion Protection: Wood has higher resistance than metal systems.
    • Low Maintenance.
    • Green Logistics: They are renewable solutions. They improve energy efficiency and green impact.
    • Ergonomics: Ergonomic solutions increase work safety. It happens in production facilities.
    • CO2 Balance: Timber construction reduces carbon dioxide consumption. This enhances energy and resource efficiency compared to steel.

    These products are practical and sustainable alternatives for industries.

    The carriers for warehouses and deposits use renewable resources. This way, they have a keen focus on efficiency and eco-friendliness. These products are adaptable to changing requirements. This strategic approach enhances working compliance. In consequence, these solutions support responsible practices.

    Their compact design allows effortless navigation. This optimized user experience translates to enhanced production. They facilitate smoother operations and help users to achieve their goals with ease.

    In consequence, they create a more comfortable and secure working environment. This happens by focusing on ergonomic aspects.

    These cutting-edge innovations are greener and more efficient. This happens due to their advanced technology. In addition, they are cost-effective compared to traditional transport or storage vehicles.

    Whether in-house component transport, workpiece carrying, or sequencing rack technology, they fit these demands.

    Sustainability is a crucial success factor. Responsible business practices bring numerous advantages. They make companies future-ready. Logimarkt is working to improve its green footprint. Investments in sustainable solutions lead to competitive benefits. These apply to customers, employees, suppliers, and partners.

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