2 in 1 suspension and single retention packaging LMFL533216

Two solution in one packaging : suspended product in a single unit box.


  • Suspended transport packaging with only one inner component needed
  • Optional transport box available, if required
  • High level protection against vibrations and shock for packed product
  • Quickly set up packaging
  • Low cost, standard packaging with no tooling costs or expensive cushion systems
  • Low packaging diversity, made to pack multiple types of products
  • Adapting to the most unusual product contours
  • Environmental friendly, dispose of with waste paper
  • Professional image

Technical specifications

Reference: LMFL533216

External dimensions: 600 x 400 x 238 mm

Article-Code: Machine Version

LMFL533216M60: winding ring 600, semi-automatic

LMFL533216H60: winding ring 600, hybrid version

LMFL533216A60: winding ring 600, fully automatic

LMFL5332V: Reinforcing die cut for heavy products (to be placed on the tray before wrapping)

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