AiringKit ensures optimal air circulation inside the containers. It prevents product damage and maintains hygienic conditions. Made from high-density polyethylene (HD-PE), this accessory has no toxic properties. In addition, it is resistant to mould, moisture and other natural factors. This makes it an ideal choice for food storage, even under cold storage conditions.

AiringKit’s unique conical shape improves the use of storage space. It reduces the capacity loss while maximizing storage efficiency. Internal ribbing provides unmatched strength and resilience. They offer a long-lasting solution to your storage needs. Easy adaptation to any Agri crate is easy. It simply screws to the bottom with metal rivets.

The AiringKit offers numerous advantages:

  • Better Product Preservation: By allowing air flow inside stored products. AiringKit reduces decay and extends the shelf life of crops and flowers.
  • Cost Savings: AiringKit helps save between 35 and 42 kg of decomposed product per container. Depending on capacity, this saving results in substantial cost savings over time.
  • Easy Installation and Adjustment: The AiringKit can easily fit on any Agri crate with the help of metal rivets. The installation requires minimal effort and time.

Applications of the AiringKit tool include:

  • Storage of Harvested Crops: Preserves harvested crops such as fruit, vegetables and cereals. It ensures their freshness and quality until they reach the market.
  • Preserving Flowers: Maintain optimum storage conditions for cut flowers. Prevents wilting and prolongs vase life for retail or export.

Technical specifications

Reference: N.A.

External dimensions (mm): 300x300x310

Weight (kg): 0.7

Color: Green

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