Plastic pallet boxes

Plastic pallet boxes are easy-handling packaging with rigid walls recommended for heavy products, large items or bulk loads. They are incredibly robust and can be used for various applications, from storage to production and transport, in industries like agriculture, pharma, automotive, food, recycling, commerce, farming, warehousing etc.

Several industries require products made from virgin material, e.g., pharma, bulk food products and some automotive projects. However, most applications may be covered by using high-quality recycled, injected plastic. This makes them environmentally friendly by reducing the total carbon footprint and waste. Therefore, this is the most sustainable and cost-efficient way to solve long-term logistic needs.

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External dimensions
Length (0 - 1200)
Width (0 - 1200)
Height (0 - 900)
ReferenceExternal dimensions (mm)Internal dimensions (mm)Units per palletWeight (kg)
Safety sump Bigbox with feet for heavy-duty items storage, 800x600x680 mm, BBN8668-2201BBN8668-2201800 x 600 x 680720 x 540 x 5802010.00View product
Pallet box with solid walls for bulk storage and distribution, 800x800x760 mm, BB8876-1203BB8876-1203800 x 800 x 760750 x 750 x 600316.50View product
Producer of pallet box for bulk products, produced in Romania, 810x610x515 mm, BB8652-1206BB8652-1206810 x 610 x 515770 x 565 x 44587.68View product
Manufacturer of big nestable pallet box with solid walls and base, 4 feet, for fertilizers storage, 950x700x830 mm, BBN9783-2202BBN9783-2202950 x 700 x 830890 x 650 x 7051020.00View product
Injected plastic pallet box with 4 feet for commerce distribution, produced in Romania, 1000x635x645 mm, BB1006-2202BB1006-22021000 x 635 x 645925 x 580 x 520315.00View product
Producer of large robust pallet box with solid walls and base, for distribution and storage, 1000x640x550 mm, BB1006-4803BB1006-48031000 x 640 x 550930 x 590 x 395810.00View product
Producer of box pallet with rounded edges for fruit storage, produced in Romania, 1000x640x670 mm, BB1006-4807BB1006-48071000 x 640 x 670930 x 590 x 515812.00View product
Robust bulk pallet box with protective frames and labeling zone, for depositing in freezing areas, 1000x660x695 mm, BB1006-1201BB1006-12011000 x 660 x 695950 x 610 x 5601511.60View product
Collapsible big pallet boxes from injected plastic, for warehousing, 1010x430x600 mm, BB1004-1207BB1004-12071010 x 430 x 600945 x 390 x 535410.40View product
Heavy duty stackable plastic pallet boxes for the automotive industry, produced in Romania, 1040x640x670 mm, BB1006-1204BB1006-12041040 x 640 x 670930 x 590 x 515313.50View product
Producer of large, solid walls box pallets for static applications, with protective frames, 1130x1130x580 mm, BB1111-1422BB1111-14221130 x 1130 x 5801040 x 1040 x 425431.50View product
Big rigid packaging box pallet with protective frames, produced from virgin material, compatible with Maxiflow, Agribox, Paloxe, Maxilog, BBG, MBG models, 1130x1130x760 mm, BB1111-1421BB1111-14211130 x 1130 x 7601040 x 1040 x 605471.00View product
Industrial Big Box with closed walls and base for static applications, compatible with Maxiflow, Agribox, Paloxe, Maxilog, BBG, MBG models, 1200x800x580 mm, BB1208-1408BB1208-14081200 x 800 x 5801110 x 710 x 420327.00View product
Big boxes for the farming industry, reduces the carbon footprint, with labeling zones, 1200x800x580 mm, BB1208-1409BB1208-14091200 x 800 x 5801110 x 710 x 420327.50View product
Industrial pallet box with lateral access door and protective frames, 1200x800x760 mm, BB1208-1407BB1208-14071200 x 800 x 7601110 x 710 x 600332.00View product
Rigid pallet container BB1208-1406BB1208-14061200 x 800 x 7601110 x 710 x 600331.50View product
Safety sump Bigbox with feet for heavy-duty items storage, 800x600x680 mm, BBN8668-2201BB1208-22011200 x 800 x 8001100 x 735 x 650325.00View product
Producer of big pallet boxes with smooth walls for distributin and storage, with optional accessories, 1200x920x830 mm, BBN1209-2203BBN1209-22031200 x 920 x 8301100 x 820 x 720625.00View product
Manufacturer of plastic robust and stackable pallet boxes with rounded edges and protective frames, 1200x1000x760 mm, BB1210-4811BB1210-48111200 x 1000 x 7601120 x 920 x 610436.00View product
Solid walls injected plastic boxpallet with 4 feet, 1200x1000x580 mm, BB1210-4801BB1210-48011200 x 1000 x 5801120 x 920 x 430429.50View product
Plastic solid walls large box for automotive parts distribution, compatible with Maxiflow, Agribox, Paloxe, Maxilog, BBG, MBG models, 1200x1000x630 mm, BB1210-1404BB1210-14041200 x 1000 x 6301120 x 920 x 475434.00View product
Injected plastic pallet boxes for commerce distribution, produced in Romania, 1200x1000x760 mm, BB1210-1417BB1210-14171200 x 1000 x 7601110 x 910 x 605439.00View product
Plastic big box with lateral access door, for bulk transports and storage, 1200x1000x760 mm, BB1210-1425BB1210-14251200 x 1000 x 7601120 x 920 x 605438.60View product
Big boxes with solid walls, for food ingredients transport and storage, 1200x1000x850 mm, BB1210-4814BB1210-48141200 x 1000 x 8501120 x 920 x 700338.00View product
Big box with skids, stackable when empty, for bulky products distribution and storage, 1200x1100x850 mm, BB1211-1705BB1211-17051200 x 1100 x 8501100 x 1010 x 705445.05View product
Big box for large volume food products transport, 1200x1200x760 mm, BB1212-1428BB1212-14281200 x 1200 x 6301110 x 1110 x 475441.00View product
Rigid packaging with rounded edges and feet, for automotive parts transport, 1200x1200x760 mm, BB1212-1429BB1212-14291200 x 1200 x 7601110 x 1110 x 605446.00View product
Plastic big box packaging with solid walls for static applications, 1200x1200x850 mm, BB1212-1430BB1212-14301200 x 1200 x 8501110 x 1110 x 695449.00View product
ReferenceExternal dimensions (mm)Internal dimensions (mm)Units per palletWeight (kg)
Big stackable pallet boxes with ventilated walls for storage of heavy food products, apples, horticulture, 810x610x515 mm, BB8652-1205BB8652-1205810 x 610 x 515770 x 565 x 44547.36View product
Plastic boxpallet for industrial use, with ventilated walls and 4 feet, 1000x640x550 mm, BB1006-4805BB1006-48051000 x 640 x 550930 x 590 x 39589.50View product
Stackable heavy-duty box pallet for industrial use, for depositing in areas with controlled temperature, 1000x640x670 mm, BB1006-4809BB1006-48091000 x 640 x 670930 x 590 x 515811.50View product
Large box pallet for heavy-duty products, with 2 rails, for farming applications, 1130x1130x580 mm, BB1111-1434BB1111-14341130 x 1130 x 5801040 x 1040 x 425428.00View product
Big pallet boxes with rounded edges, for static applications, with ventilated walls and base, 1130x1130x630 mm, BB1111-1435BB1111-14351130 x 1130 x 6301040 x 1040 x 475429.50View product
Large stackable heavy duty plastic pallet boxes with ventilated walls, for transport and storage of automotive products, 1130x1130x760 mm, BB1111-1433BB1111-14331130 x 1130 x 7601040 x 1040 x 605435.00View product
Plastic boxpallet with ventilated walls, for food industry transports and storage, 1200x800x760 mm, BB1208-1415BB1208-14151200 x 800 x 7601110 x 710 x 600330.00View product
Large container, stackable when empty, with feet and solid walls, 1200x1000x580 mm, BB1258BB12581200 x 1000 x 5801110 x 910 x 440427.50View product
Big box used for transporting and storing bulk products, 1200x1000x580 mm, BB1210-4802BB1210-48021200 x 1000 x 5801120 x 920 x 430428.00View product
Producer of plastic pallet boxes with ventilated walls and 4 feet, for pharma distribution, 1200x1000x760 mm, BB1276BB12761200 x 1000 x 7601110 x 910 x 625434.20View product
Plastic heavy duty pallet box, for temperature controlled areas, produced in Romania, 1200x1000x850 mm, BB1210-4816BB1210-48161200 x 1000 x 8501120 x 920 x 700337.00View product
Producer of closing hinges with frontal lock, for securing pallet boxesClosing systems with hinges for pallet boxes
  • Hinges
  • Frontal lock
  • Lateral system to keep the open lid at 45˚ and 90˚
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Plastic lid for containers and pallet boxes, resistant to impact and heavy weightsLids and covers for pallet boxes

The covers and lids for containers and pallet boxes offered by Logimarkt are produced from materials resistant to impact and heavy weights.

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Ergonomic and efficient access door for plastic pallet boxes, produced in RomaniaAccess doors for pallet boxes

Lateral or front doors are used to access the containers’ content quickly.

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Non marking wheels for box pallets, with optional ESD properties, brakes, from plastic or metalWheels for pallet containers

Logimarkt pallet boxes with wheels can be easily stacked, regardless of how the casters are mounted.

They can be installed even if the container has skids.

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Plastic or metal valve for draining liquids from the pallet boxesOutlet faucets for pallet boxes

The outlet valve is 1” or 2” in diameter and made of plastic or metal. It is used to drain liquids that accumulate inside the pallet boxes.

This ensures easy washing and emptying without flipping the containers.

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Food safe solution for low spoilage of agri-food productsAiringKit
AiringKit ensures optimal air circulation inside the containers. It prevents product damage and maintains hygienic conditions. Made from high-density polyethylene (HD-PE), this accessory has no toxic properties. In addition, it is resistant to mould, moisture and other natural factors. This makes it an ideal choice for food storage, even under cold storage conditions.
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Due to their generous interior volume, pallet boxes are recommended for various applications, from light loads to heavy-duty. They are produced from high-quality injected plastic, resistant to scratches and impact, and can be used from deep-freeze temperatures to extreme heat (UV resistant).

The main advantage of rigid plastic stackable pallet boxes is the impressive own-weight-to-load-capacity ratio. Weight may equal cost. Hygiene and compatibility with automatic production and handling systems are also key features.

Their long service life equals lower investments in packaging and improved productivity.

Even if the pallet boxes made of injected plastic are large in volume, they can be safely stored in high stacks, using vertical space efficiently. Their high-quality material also qualifies them for outdoor storage in all seasons.

The doubled walls and the reinforcements guarantee resistance to heavy traffic and handling. Pallet boxes can be safely placed in high stacks or heavy load stacks with no risks of damage to the packaging or its content.

These boxes allow large quantities of products to be moved at once, significantly improving workflow and maneuvering time.

The basic stackable big container has 4 legs and these advantageous features:

  • Compact base and walls
  • Optional – ventilated base and walls
  • Optional – compact base and ventilated walls
  • It may come in ISO, EURO or custom base dimensions and various heights
  • It may have a smooth or reinforced base

They are easy to clean and sanitize in industrial washing machines. Smooth surfaces allow proper cleaning and easy visual evaluation.

The rigid pallet boxes with perforated walls are mainly used in agriculture to prevent humidity and mould from forming. They resist refrigeration areas with no difficulty.

The injected plastic big boxes can be produced with different accessories:

  • Skids/ crossbeams/ runners – for pallet racking, better maneuvering with forklifts, superior sturdiness in stacks and under heavy loads (especially for unequal load distribution)
  • Wheels (with or without brakes) – suitable for heavy loads that need to be moved by operators in small/ narrow areas or long distances. Essential when automated transport equipment is scarce or not available
  • Lateral access doors – can be used when boxes are stacked and the top is not accessible
  • Water drainage holes, draining valves, and outlet faucets – for better drying after a wash and to drain liquids that accumulate occasionally/accidentally. Undoubtedly, the most common scenario is when containers carry fluids that need to be totally or partially unloaded
  • Labelling areas – for precise and quick identification, helpful especially when the box containers are sealed with lids or straps and when placed in stacks and the content is not accessible
  • Label holders – labels can be quickly changed, and the containers can be used for different applications
  • Can be imprinted (serigraphy, hot stamping) with logos or other markings
  • Unloading flaps for bulk storage of goods, placed either on one of the walls or the base of the box containers – useful for quick and easy unloading
  • Lids and covers – protect the stored goods against external factors, and enhance the stability in a stack, although boxes are stackable without them
  • Hinges and safety systems attach the lid to the container and ensure the security of the packed products. Hinged lids are also easier to use and harder to lose

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