Plastic pallet boxes are rigid walls packaging recommended for storage, production and transport of heavy products, voluminous or difficult to maneuver. The doubled walls and the reinforcements guarantee their resistance to an intense traffic/ handling of goods. The rigid pallet boxes with perforated walls are mainly used in agriculture, the walls allowing the air to ventilate and prevent the damage of the stored goods. They also resist very well in the refrigeration areas.

The big boxes from injected plastic come in different models:

  • compact base and walls
  • ventilated base and walls
  • compact base, ventilated walls
  • they have ISO or EURO dimensions and various heights
  • feet, skids, wheels
  • they can have access doors, water drainage holes, draining valves, labeling zones
  • they can be equipped with unloading flaps for bulk goods, and these ones can be placed either on one of the walls or on the box containers’ base
  • they can have lids and covers to protect the stored goods

The main advantages of the rigid plastic stackable pallet boxes are the decrease of total cost with transport per product, these ones having a reduced own weight compared to the handled load, superior resistance and hygiene compared to the metal containers, and, last but not least, the compatibility to the automatic production and handling systems.