Anti-Slip Corrugated Cardboard for Drums and Jerry Cans

The anti-slip corrugated cardboard sheets are specifically designed to secure drums and jerry cans on pallets. They feature an additional anti-slip coating to stabilize the cargo effectively. This makes the solution ideal for use as an inter-layer between the pallet and the goods. This design allows forklifts to safely tilt the stacks up to 32° without compromising security.

Key Features for Safe Load Handling:

  • Increased Mechanical Resistance: The compression effect on the corrugated cardboard prevents sliding towards the end of the pallet.
  • Enhanced Friction Coefficient: The extra anti-slip coating provides additional grip, particularly beneficial at high tilting angles.

Customization Options:

  • Sheets with right angles.
  • Sheets with cut corners.
  • Sheets with rounded corners.

Advantages of Using Our Anti-Slip Sheets:

  • Reduced Handling Incidents: Specifically decreases risks associated with handling drums and jerry cans.
  • Cost Savings in Packaging: Eliminates the need for additional packaging materials like edge protectors, protective foam, and air bubbles.
  • User-Friendly: Easy to apply for both manual and automatic handling processes.
  • Increased Palletizing Efficiency: When used in conjunction with stretch foil, these sheets expedite the palletizing process.
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