Anti-slip corrugated cardboard for drums and jerry cans

The anti-slip cardboard sheets have an extra anti-slip coating which stabilizes the drums or jerrycans on the pallet. This inter-layer sheet is designed to be placed between the pallet and the cargo, allowing the forklift to safely tilt the stacks up to 32°.

The anti-slip cardboard sheets offer an extra safety in loads handling by:

  • the compression effect on the corrugated cardboard increases the mechanical resistance against sliding towards the end of the pallet
  • the extra anti-slip coating increases the friction coefficient, especially for high tilting angles

Following options are available:

  • with right angles
  • with cut corners
  • with rounded corners


  • decrease the number of incidents during drums and jerry cans handling
  • decrease the packaging costs by eliminating the additional packaging like edge protectors, protective foam, air bubbles, etc.)
  • easy to use both for manual and automatic handling
  • used together with stretch foil, they increase the palletizing speed
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