Anti-slip packaging products are made from paper, cardboard, polyethylene, and are an ingenious solution for the palletized goods with poor stability and high operation level on conveyors or with forklift/ pallet truck.

They can be placed:

  • under, or at the pallet base: to prevent the moisture, to protect the products in the contact area with the pallet and create adherence with this one, to stabilize the base of the stack
  • between the layers of products: to ensure the stack stability and to increase its height
  • on top of the palletized goods: to prevent the slippage of the upper layers of merchandise and protect the top layer from dust, improper weather or other unpleasant situations

It is recommended that the paper, compact/ corrugated cardboard or polyethylene sheets are adapted to the products’ weight, shape and type, and the operation, storage or transportation conditions.


  • they prevent the deterioration of the products from the upper layers of the high stacks
  • the stacks are no longer unstable because of the natural inertia that appears during operation maneuvers
  • ensures the return of the stack to its vertical position in case of products with natural tilt tendency such as bottles or bags
  • by ensuring the stacks’ stability, the losses caused by the deterioration of goods during operation, are eliminated
  • they prevent the moisture transfer, so the products keep their integrity
  • they are 100% recyclable and reusable
  • reduced costs compared to the classic packaging with plastic foils, by using a smaller quantity of raw materials and by eliminating the auxiliary equipment
  • reducing the storage space used for the wrapping machines and the costs involved: acquisition, energy, maintenance, operators