Anti slip mats for non palletizable loads

Technical specifications

Reference: N.A.

Material: Squared timber with elastomer from synthetic rubber and polyurethan on the bottom and upper sides (the version for medium weights), glued with special ultra resistant adhesive

Maximum load: up to 250 t/m² at 8 mm thickness

Dimensions: Timber: 2400x100x60 mm
Anti slip mats: 2400x100x8 mm *other dimensions are available upon request

Weight: 10 kg/ 60x60 mm sample

Coefficient of friction:
Lab value: 0.86 µ
0.75 µacc to VDI 2700 - part 14
Practice value 0.6 µ acc to VDI 2700 - part 15

Temperature: -40°C - 120°C

Color: black with green, neon green and yellow parts

Applications: timber is placed under bulk tubes, packed pipes, concrete parts and pieces, steel girders, reinforcing steel mesh, not palletized goods

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