Industrial anti slip mats for load securing

The industrial anti-slip mats are used mainly to ensure the stability of the sensitive loads, or for activities carried out under special conditions.

Whether we talk about extreme transport conditions, torrential rain, snow storms or even blizzards, the industrial anti slip mats are the safety solution, even when they get in contact with the salty water or UV radiations, and are suited for all load types, from light weighted to medium and heavy.

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The industrial anti-slip mats can be used as follows:

  • for palletized and not palletized loads (for example under concrete pieces, various models of pipes and tubes bulk or packed, steel girders, reinforcement steel mesh, industrial paper rolls, etc.)
  • for sensitive loads, because they do not leave marks, traces or stains on the packing
  • for the loads secured with tensioning belts, ensuring their protection and, in the same time, increasing and compensating the force distribution along the belt: the tensioning belt is slightly inserted in the edge protectors’ access areas (just like we proceed, for example, with the strap of the sport bag, in the zone which is placed on the shoulder), and after this is positioned on the edge of the stack. This way, the tensioning belt is protected against wear, fry, or even tear. For the desired results, the tensioning belt must be correctly positioned, and not placed downwards.

They are produced mainly from elastomer compounds from synthetic rubber and polyurethane.

They can be ordered and purchased in rolls, sheets or mats, depending on the application, on different standard or personalized dimensions, and on various thicknesses.


  • they are reusable, resistant, and can be used for a long time
  • their installation is easy and quick
  • they have a reliable friction coefficient
  • they are versatile and flexible
  • the maintenance is simple by just shaking them by residues, or, if necessary – in case they are very dirty or they are glued on the surfaces – by vacuuming or washing with a pressure pomp
  • they can be recyclable/disposable according to the official or local regulations
  • reduced costs by eliminating the classic load securing systems

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