Anti-slip polyethylene foils

The anti-slip polyethylene foil is waterproof, transparent, flexible and resistant. Having a 5 μm density, the foil can fit tightly on the contour of the product, offering a better protection. It is suitable for handling heavy weight products and has a higher number of uses than paper or cardboard, which can deteriorate quicker compared to polyethylene foil.

There is also a food approved version, 100% recyclable that offers protection during storage and transportation.

The anti-slip polyethylene foil stabilizes the products no matter what shape they have. It offers in the same time protection against water and dust. This way, the goods can be stored both inside the warehouse, or outside. It is adapted to each client’ needs and can be used as well for manual applications as for the dispenser ones.


  • decreases the packaging costs
  • decreases the number of deteriorated products during handling
  • decreases the work accidents
  • optimizes the space available in the truck or the warehouse
  • improves the appearance of the freight pallets, which can be placed directly in the retail stores
  • it is recyclable and reusable
  • waterproof protection for the packed merchandise
  • offers stability even for easily damageable products, like bottles, jars, high recipients)
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