Big Bag containers

The Big Bag containers are suitable for storing bulk products, food or industrial products.

They are solid, stackable when full, they have a simple design and are spacious.

Even if it’s coffee or cacao beans, food for pets or for farm animals, seeds, seedlings, fertilizers, chemical products, recycled, cement, asbestos or wood, the Big Bag containers are an economical solution, environment friendly, and with a wide variety to cover multiple needs and characteristics.

The polypropylene bag placed inside the plastic containers have the role to protect the products against contamination or moisture, functioning like a supplementary wall.

They are addressed to electronic, food, pharma industries.

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Categories of bags:

  • 1 loop Big Bags: they are the efficient solution for the companies operating with bulky high-volume products. These bags are frequently used for fertilizers, cement, seeds/ seedlings, chemicals, etc.
  • Standard Big Bags: they are made from light-weighted, deflector materials. The rigid and stable structure does not allow them to camber, deform or overthrow. They can be used for large volume loads: agriculture products, wooden products, coffee or cacao beans, firewood, fertilizers, food for animals, recycled products, etc. Depending on necessities, they are either covered, not covered, ventilated or with plastic interior.
  • The ventilated Big Bags offered by Logimarkt in a wide range of models can be mainly used to pack agricultural products like vegetables (tomatoes, potatoes, or cabbage) and fruits. These are opened, so the air can circulate for the products to be properly ventilated.

The anti-static bags are used to handle products which can produce electrostatic discharges during transportation.

The bags for food and pharma industries are according to the international standards for food safety and ISO standards in these fields.

These are made from very good quality materials (raffia, polypropylene, polyethylene, LDPE, PE polyester) from fibrillated or standard material, laminated depending on the needs, with other materials. They have thermo finishing, both on the inside and outside.

It is important to mention that the sewing machines used are treated with food certificated oil.

After manufacturing, the bags are carefully washed on the inside and outside.

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