Big Bags

The Big bag is a product manufactured for industrial use, such as in warehouses, to support heavy weighs of different types of loads. They are carefully designed to suit your needs in an efficient and practical manner.

The Big bag is made of Polypropylene fabric and their shape is tubular. They can be filled from the top part of the bag and emptied from the bottom part. Due to its light weight, the Big bag can be easily handled inside the warehouse.

  • Vacuum bags

    Vacuum bags

    Nowadays, consumers have increased their expectations upon the food they consume and for most of them it is important that certain products are fresh and little to no additives or preservatives are added to them. Therefore, companies have to find a solution to not process the food and still be able to maintain a long shelf life and the product’s most valuable qualities, such as aroma, texture and taste. In this industry, vacuum packaging is essential in order to protect the food and to ensure the consumers that they will receive the best products that they most want to consume.

    The vacuum packaging technique is so beneficial for the food items that are being transported or stored because we are able to modify the atmosphere inside the packaging, using natural gasses found in the atmosphere.

    For example, if you are struggling with an insect or microorganisms problem, you can opt for CO2 modified vacuum package, which will eradicate all the pests.

    If you worry about the oxygen inside the package, nitrogen is the best solution for you! It is a neutral gas that does no harm to your goods. By pumping it in the package, the oxygen is significantly reduced, thus providing a safe and protected atmosphere for your goods.

    Lastly we have oxygen vacuuming, which is a gas used to preserve the colour red of fresh meat. Otherwise, it will harm certain products such as fresh fruit, making them turn brown and allowing aerobic bacteria to grow.


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  • The Big Bags for the food industry

    The Big Bags for the food industry

    The Big Bags used in the food industry are a hygienic product that is designated to be used without risks or any negative impact on the quality of your goods. They are manufactured in controlled and sanitary conditions and contain no heavy metals. On top of that, the Big Bags designed for being used in the food industry will not have any impact upon organoleptic properties.


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  • ESD Big Bags

    ESD Big Bags

    ESD Big Bags are used to ensure you that no electrostatic discharge can occur and, thus, to guarantee that the risks of causing an ignition in a hazardous explosive atmosphere doesn’t exist.

    We took into consideration this high risk of an unpleasant incident to happen, so we came up with the following options for you to choose from:

    • Type A – fabrics without any protecting properties against electrostatic discharge;
    • Type B – antistatic fabric, used in dust zones;
    • Type C – fabric woven with conductive threads, used in gas or dust zones.
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  • UN Big Bags

    UN Big Bags

    UN Big Bags represent the only safe way to transport dangerous materials that might affect the people’s health and safety and the environment. Such hazardous goods can be transported, though, only if the package that is used meets all the mandatory UN regulations.

    Our company is happy to help you on this matter by providing you with safe UN Big Bags that meet your requests on their working capacities, dimensions and more. They will each come with an assigned code, as the following example: 13H3/Z/10.16/A/PA-03/LOGIMARKT 418442/1900/1015.

    UN code explained:

    • before anything is written down, there will be the UN symbol;
    • the next 4 characters represent the type of construction of the bag (13H1 is for uncoated fabric with no liner, 13H2 is for coated fabric with no liner, 13H3 is for uncoated fabric with liner and 13H4 is for coated fabric with liner);
    • the following letter will indicate the packaging group (Y is designated for packaging groups II and III, while X is designated only for group III);
    • the 4 digits separated by a full stop represent the production date;
    • “A” stands for the code of country;
    • the next part of the code that consists of 4 characters separated by a hyphen stand for the certifying body;
    • following we have the code of the producer and the specific FIBC;
    • the next 4 digits represent the stacking test weight (in kg);
    • the last 4 digits stand for the maximum gross weight of safe working load (in kg).

    Alongside the process of coding the Big Bags with an UN code, they have to pass 6 tests, which are the following:

    • Top lift test
    • Stacking test
    • Drop test
    • Topple test
    • Righting test
    • Tear test


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  • Industrial Big Bags

    Industrial Big Bags

    Industrial Big Bags comprises a range of food and farm products and partly of chemical and withdrawal products. Some of the features of the Industrial Big Bags are quoted as it follows:

    • coated and uncoated fabrics of different weights
    • PE or laminate liners
    • dustproof seams in a large spectrum of grades
    • color printing
    • special labels, added at request


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  • More info about Big Bags

    The packaging can be filled with food products, seeds and grains, construction materials, animal products, plastics, chemicals, pharmacy products and so on.

    It is designed to protect your goods from impact, shaking and scratching, temperature changing that might affect your products. We ensure you that all of your goods will be transported safely and discharged in the most efficient way.

    Design your bag: Choose the most suitable design for your needs!


    Available shapes of the Big Bag:

    • Tubular: perfect for transporting fine and powder goods;
    • U-panel: represents a safer way to deliver products that are more delicate, two opposite sides of the bag are sewed together to the bottom part in a “U” shape to assure stability during transport;
    • 4 panel: a square-shaped bag, the bottom part is sewed individually to all of its sides, ideal for transporting any materials;
    • Baffled: can be either a U-panel or 4 panel circular bag and it is created to save more space and to increase the storage capacity.

    Available shapes of the Big-Bag


    Design of the top:

    • open;
    • with a charging tube;
    • top flap;
    • skirt.


    Design of the base:

    • closed;
    • with an emptying tube;
    • skirt.



    • fabrics without any protecting properties against electrostatic discharge (type A);
    • antistatic fabric (type B);
    • fabric woven with conductive threads (type C).


    Choose optionals:

    • dustproof seams in a wide range of grades;
    • colour printing;
    • customized labels;
    • coated or uncoated fabrics;
    • PE or laminates liners.
  • Applications

    Discharge Utensil for reusable Big BagsLogimarkt Discharge Utensil for reusable Big Bags

    If you are looking for an unloading tool that can be used without existing the risk of damaging the bag at all, we have one in stock perfect for your needs! Our new application is designed in order to help you empty your goods in a safe and precise manner. What makes it different from the original system is the possibility for you to reuse your package and, therefore, to avoid additional costs in replacing the bag. It is most used with reusable and returnable bags, as there doesn’t exist the risk of damaging the recipient in any possible way.

    In the same manner as with the Logimarkt Discharge Utensil through perforation, you have to open the first knot of the Big Bag that contains your goods and open the tension ring. After that, you will need to position the Discharge Utensil underneath the second knot. The next step is pulling the tension ring down and fixating it on the discharge hose. As a final step, you will only have to open both the second knot of the bag and the slide of the system so that you can let out its contents.


    Discharge Utensil through perforation


    Logimarkt Discharge Utensil through perforation

    The plastic accessory should be placed under the center of the Big bag so that it can penetrate its fabric. The bag needs to be placed on top of it and raised back up after the Emptying system attaches to it. Right after that, the system can be slowly pulled down in order to facilitate an easier way to open and close the valve. By opening it, you can empty the bag in a more efficient and time reducing manner.

    The emptying system can also be used without damaging the recipient by simply twisting the bag upside down, opening one of the two knots and attaching a tensioning band to the bag. After you have placed the Discharge Utensil under the opening of the bag, pull down the tensioning band and fixate it to the plastic accessory. Open the second knot of the bag and the valve to empty the bag.

  • Standard dimensions for big bags

    Base dimensions in cmHeight of big bag in cmBig Bag volume in m³
    88x88 / 96x76700,6
    88x88 / 96x76800,7
    88x88 / 96x76900,8
    88x88 / 96x761000,9
    88x88 / 96x761101
    88x88 / 96x761201,1
    88x88 / 96x761301,2
    88x88 / 96x761401,3
    88x88 / 96x761501,4
    88x88 / 96x761601,5
    88x88 / 96x761701,6
    88x88 / 96x761801,7
    88x88 / 96x761901,8
    88x88 / 96x762001,9
    88x88 / 96x762102
    88x88 / 96x762202,1
    88x88 / 96x762302,2
    88x88 / 96x762402,3
    Base dimensions in cmHeight of big bag in cmBig Bag volume in m³
    107x76 / 88x96 / 92x92640,6
    107x76 / 88x96 / 92x92730,7
    107x76 / 88x96 / 92x92820,8
    107x76 / 88x96 / 92x92910,9
    107x76 / 88x96 / 92x921001
    107x76 / 88x96 / 92x921091,1
    107x76 / 88x96 / 92x921181,2
    107x76 / 88x96 / 92x921271,3
    107x76 / 88x96 / 92x921361,4
    107x76 / 88x96 / 92x921451,5
    107x76 / 88x96 / 92x921541,6
    107x76 / 88x96 / 92x921631,7
    107x76 / 88x96 / 92x921721,8
    107x76 / 88x96 / 92x921811,9
    107x76 / 88x96 / 92x921902
    107x76 / 88x96 / 92x921992,1
    107x76 / 88x96 / 92x922082,2
    107x76 / 88x96 / 92x922172,3
    Base dimensions in cmHeight of big bag in cmBig Bag volume in m³
    Base dimensions in cmHeight of big bag in cmBig Bag volume in m³
    96x96 / 107x88580,6
    96x96 / 107x88660,7
    96x96 / 107x88740,8
    96x96 / 107x88820,9
    96x96 / 107x88901
    96x96 / 107x88981,1
    96x96 / 107x881061,2
    96x96 / 107x881141,3
    96x96 / 107x881221,4
    96x96 / 107x881301,5
    96x96 / 107x881381,6
    96x96 / 107x881461,7
    96x96 / 107x881541,8
    96x96 / 107x881621,9
    96x96 / 107x881702
    96x96 / 107x881782,1
    96x96 / 107x881862,2
    96x96 / 107x881942,3

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