Big Bags

Specifically crafted for industrial purposes, warehouses, and handling various heavy loads, the Big Bag stands out with its thin, flexible walls, ensuring efficient logistics.

Made from durable Polypropylene fabric, it can be tailored in cubic or cylindrical designs.

Its unique design allows for top filling and bottom emptying, providing an ergonomic solution for warehouse operators.

  • Vacuum bags with optimizable atmosphere, for safely transporting meat and vegetables

    Vacuum Bags

    Vacuum packaging redefines the way we store and transport food, preserving freshness and flavor without added preservatives. These bags optimize the internal atmosphere using natural gases, like CO2, which safeguards against insects and microorganisms. Or, for foods sensitive to oxidation, oxygen vacuuming can replace the inner atmosphere to maintain freshness, making it an essential tool for meat, vegetables, and fruit storage.

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  • Food industry hygienic big bags

    Big Bags for the Food Industry

    Our food-industry Big Bags prioritize safety and hygiene. Produced under stringent sanitary conditions, they’re free from heavy metals and do not alter the organoleptic properties of stored foods.

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  • Transport big bags with ESD properties, for UN certified goods

    ESD Big Bags

    ESD Big Bags eliminate the risks of electrostatic discharges. Clients can choose from:

    • Type A: Basic materials without specific electrostatic discharge protection;
    • Type B: Anti-static materials for dust zones;
    • Type C: Bags with conductive threads suitable for gas or dust environments.
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  • UN transport big bags packaging for dangerous materials and hazardous goods

    UN Big Bags

    UN Big Bags are the only safe way to transport dangerous materials that might affect people’s health and the environment. Hazardous goods can only be transported using packaging that meets all UN regulations.

    UN Big Bags to meet all requests come with an assigned code, e.g., 13H3/Z/10.16/A/PA-03/LOGIMARKT 418442/1900/1015.

    The UN code contains the following:

    • The first 4 characters after UN staple testify to the type of construction of the bag (eg. 13H1 are big bags with no liner and uncoated fabric, 13H2 have coated fabric with no liner, 13H3 uncoated fabric with liner and 13H4 – coated fabric with liner);
    • Next letter will indicate the packaging group (Y is designated for packaging groups II and III, while X is designated only for group III);
    • The 4 digits separated by a full stop represent the production year and month;
    • “A” is the country code;
    • The following 4 characters, separated by a hyphen, are the certifying body;
    • The code of the producer and the specific FIBC;
    • The next 4 digits batch attest the stacking weight test (in kg);
    • The last 4 digits stand for the maximum gross weight of the safe working.

    UN Big Bags are tested 6 different ways tests before going into production:

    • Top lift test
    • Stacking test
    • Drop test
    • Topple test
    • Righting test
    • Tear test
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  • Industrial bulk bags for food and farm products, coated or uncoated, with PE or laminated liners

    Industrial Big Bags

    Ranging from food to chemical products, our Industrial Big Bags cater to diverse industry needs. They offer:

    • Multiple fabric options
    • Dustproof seams in varied grades
    • Color printing
    • Custom labels on request
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  • More about Big Bags

    Tailored to protect goods from potential risks like impact or temperature fluctuations, Logimarkt promises safe transport and efficient discharge. Customers have the liberty to design bags tailored for their specific requirements.


    Shapes and Designs

    From tubular designs perfect for powders to the U-panel design offering enhanced stability, we offer Big Bags in multiple shapes to suit various industry needs. Furthermore, customize your Big Bag with options ranging from dustproof seams, color prints, coated fabrics, to PE or laminate liners.

    Big bags with different shapes, for various industries
    Big bags with different shapes, for various industries


    Opt for the most suitable top:

    • Open
    • With a charging tube
    • Top flap
    • Skirt


    Choose from the base options:

    • Closed
    • With an emptying tube
    • Skirt


    • Fabrics without any protecting properties against electrostatic discharge (type A)
    • Antistatic fabric (type B)
    • Fabric woven with conductive threads (type C)


    Enhance your product with all or any of the additional features:

    • Dustproof seams in a wide range of grades
    • Color printing
    • Customized labels
    • Coated or uncoated fabrics
    • PE or laminates liners
  • Applications

    Discharge utensil for reusable bulk containers with opening and closing valve
    Discharge utensil for reusable bulk containers with opening and closing valve

    Logimarkt Big Bag Discharge Utensil

    This is a reliable unloading tool without damaging the bag. It is designed to ensure safe and accurate emptying. Further, it allows for bag reuse, eliminating needless replacement costs. It’s ideal for reusable and returnable bags, guaranteeing no damage during discharge.

    With this Discharge Utensil, simply open the primary knot of your Big Bag, adjust the tension ring, then position the tool beneath the secondary knot. Secure the tension ring to the discharge hose, then proceed to release the second knot and system slide to discharge contents.


    Big bag containers reusable discharge through perforation tool, with valve that can be opened and closed
    Big bag containers reusable discharge through perforation tool, with valve that can be opened and closed


    Logimarkt Discharge Utensil via Perforation

    Place the plastic accessory beneath the Big Bag’s center, allowing it to penetrate. With the bag positioned atop, elevate it until the emptying system engages. This system, when pulled downwards, simplifies valve operations. To discharge without causing damage, invert the bag, untie one knot, then attach a tension band. Once the Discharge Utensil is beneath the bag’s opening, draw the tension band downwards, affixing it to the accessory. Finally, release the secondary knot and valve to empty.

  • Standard dimensions for big bags

    Base dimensions in cmHeight of big bag in cmBig Bag volume in m³
    88x88 / 96x76700,6
    88x88 / 96x76800,7
    88x88 / 96x76900,8
    88x88 / 96x761000,9
    88x88 / 96x761101
    88x88 / 96x761201,1
    88x88 / 96x761301,2
    88x88 / 96x761401,3
    88x88 / 96x761501,4
    88x88 / 96x761601,5
    88x88 / 96x761701,6
    88x88 / 96x761801,7
    88x88 / 96x761901,8
    88x88 / 96x762001,9
    88x88 / 96x762102
    88x88 / 96x762202,1
    88x88 / 96x762302,2
    88x88 / 96x762402,3
    Base dimensions in cmHeight of big bag in cmBig Bag volume in m³
    107x76 / 88x96 / 92x92640,6
    107x76 / 88x96 / 92x92730,7
    107x76 / 88x96 / 92x92820,8
    107x76 / 88x96 / 92x92910,9
    107x76 / 88x96 / 92x921001
    107x76 / 88x96 / 92x921091,1
    107x76 / 88x96 / 92x921181,2
    107x76 / 88x96 / 92x921271,3
    107x76 / 88x96 / 92x921361,4
    107x76 / 88x96 / 92x921451,5
    107x76 / 88x96 / 92x921541,6
    107x76 / 88x96 / 92x921631,7
    107x76 / 88x96 / 92x921721,8
    107x76 / 88x96 / 92x921811,9
    107x76 / 88x96 / 92x921902
    107x76 / 88x96 / 92x921992,1
    107x76 / 88x96 / 92x922082,2
    107x76 / 88x96 / 92x922172,3
    Base dimensions in cmHeight of big bag in cmBig Bag volume in m³
    Base dimensions in cmHeight of big bag in cmBig Bag volume in m³
    96x96 / 107x88580,6
    96x96 / 107x88660,7
    96x96 / 107x88740,8
    96x96 / 107x88820,9
    96x96 / 107x88901
    96x96 / 107x88981,1
    96x96 / 107x881061,2
    96x96 / 107x881141,3
    96x96 / 107x881221,4
    96x96 / 107x881301,5
    96x96 / 107x881381,6
    96x96 / 107x881461,7
    96x96 / 107x881541,8
    96x96 / 107x881621,9
    96x96 / 107x881702
    96x96 / 107x881782,1
    96x96 / 107x881862,2
    96x96 / 107x881942,3

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