EPP boxes with partitions and EPP separators

The EPP boxes with partitions are used for parts and pieces that are fixed inside the packaging with the use of these separators.

They are returnable packaging, which, due to the strength of the EPP foam, have multiple uses and can be used on a longer term, reducing this way the costs with packaging, especially because they are keeping their properties along the service life. They can also be produced from material with ESD properties.

Styrofoam boxes with compartments are placed in large transport packages: injected boxes and containers, flatpack containers, but they can be also used as they are, placed on injected plastic pallets and covered lids, forming a compact system.

They are used especially in automotive, for very sensitive parts, which also need anti-scratch packaging conditions in addition to anti-vibration or shock proof packaging, but also for electronic parts and components, fragile instruments, measuring devices, precision equipment, certain types of electronic equipment (such as drones), expensive products, etc.

A plus is that this type of partitioning also allows the nesting type packaging of the products, meaning that the internal space of the box is used to its maximum without the products being affected in any way when packed or transported. This aspect attracts low transport costs, but also an optimized volume of deliveries.

For transport there can also be achieved a considerably cost decrease due to the possibility of customizing the dimensions (compared to standard dimensions) so that the number of products in stack to be the maximum possible.

For special applications, like, for example, the ones for packaging and transport of car steering wheels, for products with atypical shapes, oversized or overweighted, in case of special requirements regarding the ergonomics, there are available internal separators from EPP. The products are fixed on these separators, and after that are placed in injected plastic boxes or containers, flatpack containers, modular container with stacking frames, metal containers or racks, on plastic or thermoformed pallets. They can be placed horizontally or vertically. The separators are designed so they can securely fix the most complex or complicated shapes the products can have.

The advantage is that they offer a high level of protection and in the same time are very handy at maneuvering.

They are preferred when the production (and, of course, packaging) volumes are high.

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