Boxes with divisions

These boxes are used for parts that are fixed inside by means of these partitions.
They are returnable packaging, which due to the strength of the PPE foam, have multiple uses and can be used in the long term, thus reducing the costs of packaging. They can also be produced from material with ESD properties.

They are placed in large transport packages: injected boxes and containers, flat-mounted containers, they can also be placed as such on injected plastic pallets and covered with lids, forming a compact system.

They are used especially in automotive, for very sensitive parts, which also need anti-scratch packaging conditions in addition to anti-vibration or anti-glare packaging, but also for electronic parts and components, fragile instruments, measuring devices, precision equipment, certain types of electronic equipment (such as drones), expensive products, etc.

A plus is that this type of partitioning also allows the nesting packaging of the products, meaning that the internal space of the box is used to the maximum without the products being affected in any way when packaging or transporting. This aspect attracts low transport costs, but also an optimized volume of deliveries.