Cardboard Slip-Sheet

Our cardboard slip-sheets are designed to optimize transportation and storage costs. They represent a sustainable alternative to wooden pallets, while ensuring load stability.

These sheets facilitate direct palletization of various load types. They can interchange traditional packaging solutions like cardboard boxes, bags, Big Bags containers, wooden boxes, and more.

Efficient Usage Methods:

  • Push-Pull Forklift Attachment: This method involves a forklift equipped with a vertical platform, platens, and grips. The slip-sheet is pulled onto the platform for loading and pushed off during unloading. During this process, it ensures stable and efficient handling.
  • Roller System: Forklifts with a roller system slide and tilt the goods for loading and unloading, further maximizing space and efficiency.

Key Benefits of Using Cardboard Slip-Sheets:

  • Increased Load Volume: Enhances truck or container capacity by up to 10%.
  • Heavier Load Capacity: Allows up to 2 additional tons of weight per truck.
  • Cost Reduction: Lowers transportation and storage expenses.
  • Eco-Friendly Solution: 100% recyclable, reducing reliance on disposable packaging.
  • Optimized Storage Space: Eliminates the need for wooden pallets, utilizing available space more effectively.
  • Wood Consumption Reduction: Decreases the use and waste of wood resources.

The cardboard slip-sheets provide a versatile and eco-friendly solution for modern transit and storage needs. They streamline operations and contribute to sustainability.

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