Cardboard slip-sheet

Slip-sheet cardboard is used to optimize the transportation and storage costs, by eliminating the wooden pallets, and to ensure the load stability.

The load is palletized directly on the slip-sheet with the help of the forklift with push-pull attachment which grips the sheet by the two immediate corners when transferring it on the forks. It offers protection to many load types, successfully replacing different packaging products like cardboard boxes, bags, Big Bags containers, plastic foil, wooden boxes, etc.

The most common ways to use the Slip-sheet cardboard are:

  • using a push-pull forklift attachment: the forklift is equipped with a system composed from a vertical platform, two platens and grips. When loading the products, the slip-sheet is pulled on the platform using the grips. When unloading, the goods are pushed by the vertical platform to the loading surface. During this procedure, the load is stable, and the storage space is wider because the pallet is eliminated.
  • using a roller system: the forklift is equipped with a roll carrying system. The goods are loaded and unloaded by sliding them on the forklift’s forks and tilting them in the desired direction.


  • increases up to 10% the load volume per truck or container
  • increases with up to 2 tons the weight that can be loaded in a truck
  • reduces the transportation and storage costs
  • reduces the costs associated with disposable packaging, by being 100% recyclable
  • storage space optimization by eliminating the wooden pallets and using the actual space at its maximum
  • reduces the consume and waste of wood
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