Category E Dunnage Bags

Category E dunnage bags are used for extreme heavy loads that are over 92 tones, which are transported in rail cars or ship hulls.

This type of dunnage bags are used to secure very heavy products, like metal coils or especially heavy paper rolls, bricks or plywood.

There is no equivalent for a paper bag on this version, because paper cannot support this type of strength requirements.

They can be inflated using up to 10 PSI working air pressure and 21 PSI burst pressure.

Category E dunnage bags are usually sewed in following sizes, but on request, custom sizes are also available:

With dunnage bags come many advantages like:

  • Safer transport for products, it offers a strong and cushion-like load securement
  • Easy and fast to install/uninstall, the valve is for both inflation and deflation
  • Minimum storage space, no need for special storage conditions
  • Practical and versatile solution, fills different sizes and shapes of the void
  • Minimal risk of injury when fixing them, compared to wooden planks that have splinters or heavy and rusty iron bars
  • Lower transport costs, due to:
    • no added weight on the cargo, in comparison to other heavy securement objects that block or brace the load, dunnage bags are air inflated
    • improvement of the load factor, this solution allows double or triple skids decking in the same safety conditions for the products
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