Corrugated plastic transport boxes and inserts for PBCs and LEDs

These solutions are basically internal dividers and crates with internal separators or partitions, produced completely from ESD corrugated plastic.

Corrugated plastic solutions for PCBs storage and transport can be used as they are or placed inside injected plastic containers, perfectly replacing the one-way packaging for circuit boards.

They are light weighted but have the sturdiness of the alveolar plastic.

They are a cost-effective solution due to the material used which has a great resistance/ protection/ price ratio.

One of their advantages is that they can be produced in smaller quantities and do not require a large MOQ. Also, the production time is short, so these are delivery time-effective solutions.

Being returnable, they can be used for many use cycles, streamlining the costs with packaging and reducing the waste associated with disposable solutions.

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